Tandy stood up as I entered the office, swinging her hip to the side and looking at me with her lips slightly parted, “Welcome back Mr. Rowlands.” she purred as she stepped out from behind her desk and followed me in to my office just two steps behind carrying the portfolio that had been on her desk.

“Thank you Tandy, do you have those papers ready for me.”

“Yes sir.  Right here sir.” she said as I sat down and she unfolded the portfolio in front of me, leaning over and brushing up against my arm as she did so.

I took the first sheet of paperwork from the stack and looked it over, it was her resignation as CEO, needly signed at the bottom by her own hand.  Of course she hadn’t been CEO in anything but name for months, but now that the quarterly board meeting was coming up, it was time to make it official.

The next sheets were her paperwork from the court, the legal name change was official now.  Gone was Tanya Goodrich replaced by Tandy Goodhead.

I flipped to the next sheet, her new offer letter, signed just as beautifully as her resignation, but now with her new name and job title.  Secretary to the CEO.

The final sheets were for the sale of her home, a rental agreement for a one bedroom apartment not that far from the office, the transfer of most of her assets in to a trust and the final one was for the power of attorney.

I shuffled the papers and placed them back in the portfolio, “Very good Tandy, everything looks in order.”, I said as she leaded over once more and picked up the portfolio.

This time I snaked my hand around behind her and placed in on her ass.

“Oh god sir, that feels so good!” she said in a soft sultry voice as she stayed bent over at the waist while I squeezed her ass.  Finally I lifted my hand and gave her ass a smack.

“Alright Tandy, get your cute little ass and those papers down to legal.”

“Oh!  Yes sir!  Right away sir!” she said as she sprung upright and wiggled her ass out of my office.

I watched her all the way out until she turned the corner in the hallway and headed to the legal department.  A smile crossed my face as once again I couldn’t believe my luck.

Just a few months ago, Tanya had been my worst nightmare.  She had founded the tech startup right out of college, with some help from her family’s money, and been aggressive in pursing the best of the best in the VR field.

That’s where I had come in, my credentials were top notch and she pursued me to join with the promise of making me rich with stock options.  That and the not so subtle flirting didn’t hurt either.

Once I’d joined, the flirting stopped and I realized just how cold and calculating she was, well at least I got a hint of it at least.

I spent the next two years spending nearly every single waking moment working on “the next big thing”, and when I and my team had finally done it, we knew we were all going to be rich because of it.

Then, the other shoe dropped.  Tanya had added legal weasel words to all of our employment contracts that basically made our shares in the company worthless.  She had stood right where I was, with a smirk across her face and offhandedly dismissing my anger with a simple “You should have gotten a lawyer to read over your contract.”

Once word spread throughout the company, it was nearly a mob scene, but once everyone had taken their contracts to lawyers, they, like me, realized there was little to be done.  And to make matters worse, turning in our resignations now would have had significant penalties.

And so, we’d gone out and done the only thing we could, gotten drunk.  It had been an epic night at the local pup, drinks flowing freely, there were several hookups that I never would have expected, perhaps a little bit of self loathing on the individuals parts lowered their standards even farther than the alcohol had.  Whatever the case, I managed to avoid any mistakes and headed home relatively early.

But between my mix of anger and resentment I felt as I slept, a dream came to me, one with a crazy idea that surly couldn’t work.  When I woke up, I felt a fevered need to write it down and quickly grabbed the pad of paper from my nightstand.

Then the feeling passed and I took a shower and got dressed.  I grabbed the top sheet of paper from the pad, stuffed it in my briefcase and headed in to the office.

It was after lunch that the paper came to mind again and I pulled it out to see what madness I had written down.  At first I had laughed at my own silliness, then on a second look, saw a few ideas that might work.  By the tenth review of it, I was sure I was on to something.

Several weeks later I was ready to show some of my team what I’d come up with.  At first they’d laughed it off, then as I was clearly not joking, at taken a harder look at it.

Evan had been the first to speak after that, “This… this might work.  But, I mean, the moral implications…”

Others had echoed their concerns and I agreed with them, we had all agreed to destroy the research when I played my trump card, “You know, there might be one circumstance that we might consider using it… perhaps with Tanya.”

The team all looked at me, wicked grins on their faces as I watched their minds plot their revenge.

Of course integrating it in to the VR system was tricky, the hardware and software changes were not straight forward.  The team had spent many late nights in the lab, but once it was done, we had the worlds first subliminal VR system.  If watching subliminal messages on a TV could make someone by a product or crave a certain food, in VR it was so much more potent.

Getting Tanya to try it out had been easy and watching her body slump in to her chair as the messages penetrated her mind had been rewarding in ways I had never imagined.

The team had agreed upon a set of instructions to give her; to resign as the CEO, to hire me as her replacement, to take a job as my secretary.

They didn’t know about the other instructions I had added; the sale of her home, the trust, the myriad of sexual responses she now had to me.

Of course, they didn’t need to know and now that they had destroyed code and hardware, they were sure that they no longer had to worry about the ramifications of it.

I looked around the office, the light wood desk and decor filled the room.  Tanya had been a glass and metal kind of woman, where even thought I was a technology specialist, I still liked the feel of wood under and a more traditional style.

I looked out to Tandy’s desk just in time to see her return from legal, “Tandy, come in here and close the door behind you.” I called out to her.

“Right away sir!” she called back as she walked through the doorway and closed it behind her.  She sashayed her way over to my desk and stood before it, her hands clasped behind her back, her chest thrust out and her head slightly bowed.

I rose from my chair, walked around behind her and ran my hands over her ass.  Then I reached around and unbuckled her belt, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.  Without missing a beat she leaded over on to my desk, spread her legs apart and pushed her ass up in to the air as high as she could.

I ran my fingers over her wet pussy and she moaned as I invaded her.  She rocked backwards slightly, pushing my fingers in deeper until I pulled out and landed a slap on her ass.

“Thank you sir!” she sang out in a gasp as the moistness started to drip from her lower lips.

I undid my own pants and slide in to her, “Oh god Mr. Rowlands your so big!  Push your big cock deep in to my pussy Mr. Rowlands!”

I stroked in and out several times, speeding up as I reached down and grabbed her wrists, lifting her from the desk by just a few inches.

She toss her hair back over her shoulder as she looked back at me, “Yes!  Yes!  Yes Mr. Rowlands, fuck me!  Fuck your slutty little secretary!”

I pushed in harder and faster as her hair tossed from side to side until I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“Oh god yes!  I’m cumming for you sir!  I’m cummmmminnnngggg sssssssiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr!” she cried out as my seed entered her and I collapsed on top of her and the desk.

She moaned and whimpered as my shaft softened, “Thank you sir… thank you.” she mumbled out as I pulled myself off of her and looked down at Tandy’s body still glowing in the after effects of the orgasm she’d had.

I was quite impressive really, the subliminal VR tech had completely rewritten the old Tanya, she no longer even thought of herself as anything by Tandy, my slutty little secretary.

It was too bad the team had destroyed the equipment and software, well too bad in the sense that it had been a lot of work to recreate it, but really good in the sense that I’d been able to get rid of the hardware dependence all together.

The whole company had been experience his new version of the software for the last few weeks as they worked on it and I was quite sure the board members would find the demo at the upcoming meeting just as effective as Tandy had.