“Look Haley, if you don’t want the gig, that’s fine by me.  I’m sure one of the guys will take the easy grand.”

“No, that’s not what I said at all Tom.  It’s just…”  Haley trailed off, scrunching her forehead slightly trying to find the right words to get her out of her the hole she was quickly digging.

Haley knew she should appreciate Tom thinking of her, but deep down a little voice nagged at her that it was only because of her looks and she didn’t want to be known as the “pretty” golf pro at the course, she wanted to be known as the best.

She’d worked far too hard to become a great golfer, all she really needed was the right break, maybe a little bit of sponsorship money and she was sure she’d be on the pro circuit in no time.  Of course sponsors and breaks were notoriously hard to come by and she’d yet to find either.  So instead she continued to work hard on her game and give lessons to lecherous old men and up and coming young women.

“I’ll do it Tom, of course.” she finished off, Tom’s frown returning to his usual wide smile and she returned it in kind.

Tom was relatively new at the course, he came to the club when the old manager, which Haley had grown up with and thought as almost a second father, had finally retired.  Tom was full of new ideas and had really started to bring the standing of the course up in the area.  They were hosting more corporate events, tournaments and there was even a rumor that Tom was on the cusp of getting a pro event.

Tom had been nothing but helpful, well except for the full court press he’d done flirting with her for the first few weeks.  She’d put a stop to it quickly enough and he’d backed completely of, even apologizing to her.  Since then, everything had been fine and she really did appreciate the work he sent her way.

“Ok Haley, I’ll forward you the info the client sent over, make sure to review it thoroughly.  In addition to the event, the client wants you to drop by their offices the week before to give a bit of a pep talk.”

“Sure thing Tom.  Thanks again.” she said as she turned and walked out of the pro shop towards the driving range where her next lesson was waiting.  As she did her phone binged and she saw the message from Tom arrive.

Haley followed the link that Tom had sent her, she was a little surprised to find it needed a login, which had been contained in the e-mail.  It was a regional distributor for lawn care equipment, she’d even see their vans at the club and several other golf courses she’d played at.

It was pretty standard stuff, there was basic background on the company, what kinds of products they sold and some profiles of the executives.  She almost laughed at the photo of the CEO, Chuck, in his suit and power tie, for the life of him trying to look like a fortune 500 CEO.

She continued to click on the links, each one taking her to a new page with more information on it and before she realized it, several hours had passed, but for some reason she had a hard time recalling any of the details on the pages.

She looked at the time and rolled her eyes, it was almost time to hit the sack, 5am always came early as she was always the first pro to the course each morning.

Haley walked in to the company offices as she was lead through them towards the CEO’s office.  She was more nervous than she aught to be due to the fact that even though she’d visited the information site each night, she’d found it impossible to retain anything but the most superficial details about the company.

“Ah, you must be Haley.” Chuck said, it was one of the few things she could definitely remember from the site, Chuck was the CEO.

A sudden tingle in her nether regions caught her off guard and she stuttered out her response, “Y… Yes, I’m Ha… Haley.” she said as she held out her hand.

Chuck took it firmly and the tingle ran straight up her spine and she almost gasped at it’s intensity.

“A pleasure to meet you Haley, I’m looking forward to the company golf tournament next week with you.”

“Uh… huh.” was all she managed to get out as his grib on her hand didn’t abate and the tingle because a buzzing, both in her pussy and the back of her mind.

“I’m sure you’re going to be able to show me all kinds of tricks with my balls.” Chuck said and Haley held in a moan by bitting half of her lower lip.

The rest of her time at the companies office had gone by in a haze, she wasn’t sure if she even talked to the staff.  Or for that matter how she’d ended up back in her car, the details were just a blur.  But what wasn’t a blur was the pleasure her fingers were bringing her as she slide them in and out of her pussy as she sat in the parking lot.

She bucked her hips against them, grabbed her breast with her free hand and cried out in relief as the orgasm washed over her.

She managed to pull herself together and make her way home where she cleaned herself up and once more opened the link to the company profile.  She was determined not to embarrass herself again by not knowing anything about the company but the CEO’s name.

Haley could feel the cool vinyl on her bare ass as she sat in the golf cart.  She was wearing a tiny little top the exposed her mid rift, a tiny white skirt that barely covered her ass and a pair of wedge heels that were certainly not proper golf attire.

A week ago, she hadn’t even owned such an outfit, but on Thursday she’d suddenly come to the realization that she had nothing to wear for the corporate even and in a panic taken off from the golf course early and headed straight to the mall.

She’d gone to her normal stores, mostly sporting goods stores, but hadn’t been able to find anything she liked.  Then, scouring other stores in the mall, had come across the skirt and top.  She’d immediately know that it would be perfect and even wondered why she hadn’t even come to the store before.  But there was still something missing and she’d headed back out in to the mall until she’d come across a shoe shop and found the white wedge heels that seemed to feel like heaven as she walked around the store in them.

She closed her eyes for just a moment, revealing in the feeling of the shoes on her feet and her fingers started to move towards her pussy when the golf cart suddenly rocked to the side and her eyes opened wide.

“Well hello there Haley, you look ready and rearing to go.” Chuck said and Haley smiled at him and let out a little giggle.  It was true of course, her pussy had been moist all morning as she’d flounced around the club, all of the men’s eyes on her barely covered ass.

“Well, let’s get started shall we?” he said and Haley just nodded in agreement.

Chuck hit the peddle and the hum of he electric motor seemed to shoot straight through Haley’s bare ass and in to her already buzzing pussy.  She couldn’t hold back the moan that seemed to emanate from the deepest parts of her mind.

By the time they arrived at the first tee, Haley was a dripping mess, the seat beneath her was slick with her juices and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to stand, let alone swing a club.

Chuck swiftly got out of the cart, tee’d up a ball and hit a drive off to the right hand side and in to the woods.

Then he jumped back in to the cart, drove it forward to the front set of tees and waited.  Haley managed to swing her legs around and stand up, using the cart to steady herself.  Getting around to the back of the cart to her bag, she pulled out whatever club was first at hand, wobbled her way to the tee block and managed not to fall down as she placed her tee in to the ground.

Her swing was wild, the ball barely making it to the fairway and she had to use her club to stop herself from falling over, but for some reason Chuck clapped and Haley felt a wave of pleasure roll over her with each strike his hands made.

To her surprise, she’d somehow managed to out drive Chuck and so once she was back in the cart, he steered it towards the trees that he’d gone in to.  Before she even realized it, they were deeper in to the trees than they were supposed to be with the cart, hardly able to see the fairway.

“Ah, there I am!” Chuck declared and Haley turned to see where it was pointing.  It was a ball, but she wasn’t sure it it was his or not.

“Tell me Haley, what club do you think I should use?” Chuck said from behind the cart as he ruffled through the clubs in his bag.

“I… which clubs do you have?” she managed to get out.

“Oh, I don’t know, a few.  Why don’t you come and take a look.”

Haley held firmly to the cart and once more managed to get herself around to the back of it.  She placed one hand on each bag at the back and leaned over to take a look inside of Chuck’s bag.

She managed to glimpse a 5 iron before she felt Chuck’s hands grab her ass and her eyes rolled back in to her head as she gasped and moaned.  Soon his fingers were sliding between her dripping wet pussy lips and she pushed her ass up as high as she could in to the air as her tiny skirt flipped over on to her back.

“Such a wet and needly little pussy you have there Haley.  I bet no one has been balls deep in it in a long time, isn’t that right?”

“Oh god no, no one!” she cried out as she buck back against Chuck’s fingers.

“Tell me Haley, do you want me to be balls deep in your tight little pussy?”

“Yes!  Yes!  I need it so bad!” she cried out and felt Chucks fingers slide out of her.  She whimpered at the loss but it was soon replaced with his dick and she squealed in joy.

“Yes Chuck, I need you balls deep in my pussy!  Please, please, push your dick all the way in!”

She felt him push deep and hard in to her, his abdomen coming in contact with her ass and then a slight slap as his balls bounced off her thigh.  A small orgasm crashed over her and she let out a guttural moan as he pulled out and repeated the motion.

She held on to the golf bags for dear life as he pounded her pussy, each slap sending another orgasm through her until he held on tightly to her hips and she felt his hot seed fill her pussy, a massive orgasm cresting as it did.

“Hi ya boss!” Haley chirped as she walked up to Tom and Chuck with Tom’s golf bag over her shoulder.  Chuck was sitting in a cart as Tom talked to him.

“Ah Haley, just in time.” Tom said as he stepped away from the cart and on to the first tee.  Chuck stepped out of his cart and grabbed a club before doing the same.

“Haley, give me my hybrid would you?”

“Sure thing boss.” she said and smiled, standing the bag on to the ground, turning around so that they both got a good view of her nearly bare ass and pulled the club from the bag while giving her butt a good wiggle.

She knew they were both looking at her and it sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine right to her tiny little brain.

She handed the club to Tom and stepped back, crossing her hands behind her back and jiggling her tits that strained against the thin fabric of her top.

She marveled as Tom line up the ball, take a big swing and drive it down the fairway.  How had she ever thought she could do such a thing?

It just boggled what little bit of a mind she had.  Of course once she’d accepted that she was never going to be any good at golf, Tom had been a god send.

He’d given her a new job at the snack shack, where she got to flirt with all kinds of guys every day.  Of course that only made her hornier than she already was, but Tom had been a dear and agreed to take care of that problem too.

She’d been spending so many night after work at his place that she’d finally moved in with him just last week.

“Are you coming Haley?” Tom called as he walked away and Haley giggled as she picked up Tom’s bag and hurried after him in the wedge heels that she wore.

Of course once in a while, Tom would play and round and have Haley caddy for him.  She wasn’t any good at selecting clubs or anything, and once in a while she’d mix up those stupid 6 and 9 irons, but Tom didn’t seem to mind.

6 and 9… 69… *giggle*, good she couldn’t wait to get back to Tom’s place tonight and take him balls deep yet again.

Tom looked back at Haley trying to catch up as she tottered along in her needs, “You know I never get tired of watching her trot around the course like that.” Tom said to Chuck who had pulled up beside him.

“Yea, but it must be a killer on the pace of play.”

“True, good thing I’m the manager then isn’t it.”

“That it is.  So manager, I assume our deal is, ah, consummated?”

“Of course, you get free play here any time you like and the yearly company event is free to.”

“Very good, I’m glad we could come to an agreement Tom.”

“Not nearly as glad as I am.” Tom replied just as Haley was walking up to the cart.  Tom smiled, reached around behind her and grabbed her ass, giving it a good hard squeeze.

Haley moaned and nearly dropped the bag from her shoulder, “Give me the 6 iron Haley.”, he said and she set the bag down once more, going through each of the clubs until she found the one she was looking for.

Tom took the club and setup to take his swing when he suddenly stopped, titled the club up and checked the number, “Haley, Haley, Haley… the 6 iron, not the 9 iron.” he said shaking his head.

“Oh my god boss, I’m sorry!” she squealed and grabbed the club from his hand, placing it back in the bag and pulling the other one out.

Tom let out a chuckle and shot a knowing glance towards Chuck before taking his swing.

Haley felt the impact reverberate up her legs, in to her pussy and felt her juices start to flow down her thigh as she let out a giggle and followed along behind Tom.  

She knew it was going to be a long hard round, but that was what she enjoyed most because she knew Tom would follow it up with a long hard pounding of her needy little pussy, and that was all she wanted in the world.