“Uhm, like what?” Sindy asked as she looked to her side, her fingers gently touching her lower lip as the confused expression on her face revealed how little was going on inside of her head.

“I said, pop those tits and don’t forget to give them a good squeeze as you do.”

“But… like… Sindy’s not… not a… not a nude model?” she tried to say with confidence but the man’s face frowned and she lost what little she had and by the end of the sentence it was more of a question than anything.

“You’re not Sindy?  Then why did you get those big fake tits?  Or that big wide ass?  And why are you on your knees in an outfit that you can almost see through?”

Sindy looked down at her tits, they were big, and fake.  She looked farther down at her ass, spread wide as she knelt on the floor.  Her hand came down from her lips and squeezed her one tit, while the other snaked down her side and rubbed her ass.

She let out a moan and closed her eyes as she titled her head back, “That’s better Sindy, now both hands on those tits.” the man said as several flashes of light brought her eyes opened once more.

Without even thinking about it, her hand rose from her ass and joined her other one massaging her tits.  Both nipples hardened and threatened to poke through the thin material of her outfit.

“Good, now pop those tits out Sindy.”

“Mmmmm… But… but… oh god…” she tried to protest but her hands seemed to have a mind of their own and her fingers slipped under the neck of the outfit and pulled it down over the two massive globes that were stuck to her chest.  Another flash went off and a shiver ran down her spine, causing her pussy to buzz with pleasure.

Her fingers moved back up and grabbed her nipples, pulling on the two eraser like nubs until they were distended from the globes beneath them.

Her legs spread apart as she leaned back against the wall, one hand staying on her tit, the other reaching down between her legs and rubbing her clit through the outfit as her breath quickened and the pleasure built.

“Pull it aside Sindy, let’s see that pretty little pussy of yours.” the man said and her fingers did so, her mind lost in the pleasure of it all.

Before she knew it, her fingers were deep inside of herself, causing even more pleasure to wash over her.

“Good Sindy, good.  Now what were you saying about nude modeling?”

“Sindy… Sindy… Sindy loves… loves it!” she cried out between moans.

“That’s right, you love showing off those big fake tits, that big phat ass, that pretty little pussy.  You love people looking at your naked body.  You love people watching you masturbate.  Tell me Sindy, what kind of girl likes those things?”

“A… a… slut… a horny slut!  Oh god, Sindy’s such a horny slut!”

“Almost there Sindy, just one more thing… what else do horny sluts like to do other than show off their tits, ass and pussy?”

“Oh god… oh god… please… Sindy needs to cum…”

“Then what else do horny sluts do Sindy?”

“They… they…” her mind was buzzing with pleasure, but she knew the answer was there, she had always know the answer, “they love to suck and fuck!  Sindy loves to suck and fuck!”

The massive orgasm washed over her and with it a flood of memories.  The first time Cynthia had gone to the photographer, her short brown hair kept up neatly in a bun, her flat chest and stick like hips that were so popular in the fashion world, her strict no nudity policy.

They all came back in an instant, along with the trips to the salon, the plastic surgeon, the mall and the dozens of photo shoots that document her progress at each step of the way.  Even the times she’d realized what had been happening popped back in to her head, even though she still couldn’t understand how he was doing it, she knew he had been changing her each time she came to him.

Then, just as quickly they left her, gone in to the distant past and only Sindy remained, “Like, Sindy’s suck a horny slut!  Do you wanna fuck now? *giggle*”

“Not right now Sindy, but I’ve got a friend who is very interested in meeting a horny little slut like you, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy sucking and fucking him.”

“Oh my god yes!  Sindy loves sucking and fucking! *giggle*”