Kira lowered her head slightly and pouted as she gripped her teddy bear in her arms just under her breasts, “But… but… I don’t wanna go to work!” she huffed.

“Don’t worry baby, it’s just one last time.  Then you can stay home and play with your teddy all day long.” Justin replied.

“Like… you promise?” she asked hesitantly.

“I promise, just one last time.”

“Goody!” Kira replied and a broad smile crossed her lips as she bounced up and down, sending her unrestrained breasts bouncing as she flung her teddy bear around Justin’s neck and kissed him.

When he pulled back she giggle slightly, smacked her lips and then dropped to her knees, fishing his dick from his pants and wrapping her lips around it, sucking it in and taking it deeply inside of herself.

By the time his cum hit the back of her throat, all thoughts of work had been pushed out of her mind by the dick in her mouth.

Kira looked down at her Teddy and frowned, her fingers wanted so badly to reach out and take him in her arms again but she had promised Justin and so she somehow restrained herself.  It was same with the awful clothes she had put on, drab colours covered up so much of her pale skin, how could anyone wear such things?

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and turned around, away from Teddy and opened her eyes once more.

Katrina blinked several times and too a step forward towards the bedroom door, just catching a glimps of herself in the mirror.  Her fashionable pants suit hugged her figure just enough to hint at what was beneath but not enough to be inappropriate.  Her long hair was done up in a bun and her fashionable glasses framed her lightly made up face well.  She smiled, ‘Still got it.’ she thought to herself as she left the bedroom and headed down stairs where Justin was waiting.

“Everything set Justin?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am.  Here’s the paperwork…” he said, handing her a folder with several sheets of paper in it, “And your meeting is in 45 minutes.”

“Perfect, I’ll have time to review the papers one last time in the car on our way.  Alright, let’s get going.” she said crisply to her assistant.

He’d been a god send when she found him, his knowledge of the business and ability to always have exactly what she needed, exactly when she needed it was uncanny.

Sure she’d been tough on him, maybe too tough, and perhaps sabotaging his promotion to keep him where he was wasn’t particularly nice, but this was business.  And she didn’t let anything come between her and her work.

She had always been successful at the firm, closing several large funding rounds for various clients at the investment firm that she worked at, but since Justin had started working for her she’d been the top earner for three years running.

Between her commissions, and some savvy investing on her part, with Justin’s help of course, she could have retired at any time.  But that wasn’t her style and after today, she’d take her career to a whole new level.  And she would drag Justin along as well, just to make sure no one else benefited from his skills like she had.

“Ma’am, we’re here.”  Justin said and Katrina looked up, seeing the office tower just outside, it seemed a little strange, the trip usually took 30 minutes but she didn’t recall any of it or reviewing the paperwork.  But looking down at the papers she could see her signature on them, but she brushed it off as just having so much on her mind.

Well, there was no time to worry about that now, she had a meeting to get to.

Katrina sat across from the managing partners and smiled, they hadn’t expected the papers that sat in front of them.

“And you’re sure we can’t talk you out of this Katrina?” the senior parter ask, he was an old fuddy duddy that still thought he was relevant even though it had been 30 years since he’d done any actual work.

“I’m sure.  It’s time for me to leave, I’ve done all I can here.” she replied confidently.

“Katrina, you know you’re on track to make partner here, we could move that up if that is what it would take to keep you on.” one of the younger partners said, even as old fuddy duddy shot him daggers.  He was no fool, he knew loosing her would be a major blow and even worse, if she went to one of their competitors.

“Thank you for the offer, but I just don’t see myself staying here for the next 2 years, let alone 20.  I thank you for the offer though, I do appreciate it.” she replied, as she stood up and extended her hand.

“In that case, good luck Katrina.  And if you change your mind, don’t hesitate to give us a call, you’ll always have a place here.”

“I will, thank you.” she replied, shook his hand and turned and walked out the door, a great weight lifted from her shoulders.

She closed the door behind her, pulled out her phone and texted Justin to bring the car around and with the news that it was done.

She stepped from the elevator in to the lobby and glanced out of the glass facade of the building to see Justin standing beside a limo.  She frowned and quickened her pace, why was he wasting her money on a limo?

She was just about to open her mouth as she arrived at the limo when Justin beat her to it, “I know, I know.  But I thought it was a minor indulgence on such a historic day…” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

Katrina’s frown softened, he was right, it was a big day, why not splurge a little bit.  She almost smiled as he held the door open and she stepped inside.  Justin followed behind her and closed the door as the limo driver pulled away from the curb.

That’s when she noticed her teddy bear sitting in the seat across from her.  Her brow furrowed, what was he doing here?  Why wasn’t he back in her bedroom?

Her brow furrowed even more as strange thoughts started to creep in to her mind.  Why did she want to reach out and touch her teddy bear so badly?  Why did her arms want to wrap around him?

She glanced over at Justin, then back at the teddy bear, then back to Justin and back again as confusion spread across her face.

“What… what… Justin…” she managed to get out as she lifter her hand to her forehead and rubbed it.

“Something the matter Katrina?  Why don’t you tell Teddy all about it?”

Katrina’s hand left her forehead and extended out as she leaned forward, tell Teddy about it?  Why did that seem like such a good idea?

Before she knew it, her fingers touched his soft fur and an electric tingle ran up her arm, through her neck and right in to her mind.  A smile crossed her lips as a small giggle emerged from them.

Then, in one swift motion, she left across the seats and wrapped her arms around Teddy, “Teddy!” she screamed out in joy as her face buried in to teddy’s soft fur.

“Oh my god teddy it was soooooo horrible!  All those old men, all that totally boring talking!  I just wanted to scream and run away!” she blurted out in one quick outburst of energy.

Justin smiled as he looked down at Kira, still in her business suit, arms wrapped around the teddy bear as she knelt on the floor of the limo, “But it’s all better now, isn’t it Kira?” he said.

Kira looked over and up at Justin, her face twisting slightly in to a concerned look as she bit half of her lower lip, “Like, is it?  You promised, was it really the last time?”

“It was, no more work for you little one.  Now you just get to play with Teddy and me.”

“Yeah!” Kira squealed and quickly started to get undressed, throwing the terrible clothes across the limo until she was naked and strattling Justin’s lap.  Her fingers worked his belt and zipper until she could get his pants pulled down and his hardening shaft upright and in to her pussy.

She bounced up and down, pluging him deep in to her, “Like, I’m going play all day!  Play and play and play!  ‘Cause I love to play all day!” she cried out as Justin sent a load of sperm deep in to her.

Justin looked down at Kira/Katrina suckling his deflating shaft as she sat at his feet in the limo and leaned back and smiled.  Life was good, much better than just six months ago when the bitch had torpedoed his promotion.

He’d been doing everything for Katrina for two years; research on companies, presentation for the investors, to even picking up her dry cleaning and dropping it off at her home.

It was in one of those research projects that he’d come across a shady character that had developed a technique to influence others at a very deep level, so deep that it could pretty much change long held beliefs that the subject held as sacrosanct.

There were only two problems with the technology; first it was highly illegal, and second it required weeks of significant access to the subject.

At the time he’d filed it away in the back of his mind as a curiosity more than anything, but in a drinking binge after discovering Katrina’s betrayal he’d been venting to a drinking buddy and in a fit of spite, had brought up the fact that one day when he’d dropped off some cleaning to her, he’d noticed she still had her teddy bear in her room.

With his inebriated state it had taken another half hour to put the two things together.  He’d payed his bill and grabbed a cab back home, almost running in to the door on his way out he was rushing so fast.

Tracking down his old contact had been the hardest part, after all he’d made the man millions in stock with the buy out Justin had recommended.  Then getting the technology in to the teddy bear was just a matter of dropping by Katrina’s house when he knew she wouldn’t be home.  After all, he had a key to her place.

Now, looking down at her naked form, the technology having done it’s job to perfection, he had everything he deserved.

Kira was his happy, giggle little sex toy who had just resigned from the firm.  Among the other papers she had signed for him on the way over to the office included a power of attorney along with other documents that transfered all of her assets in to his name.

He had been just a little disappointed that he hadn’t been able to do a legal name change on her, but he intended to continue to use her trading license and other professional credentials to continue working in the investment banking field, just for himself instead of someone else.

Perhaps in a few years when he was bored with working for a living he’d wrap up the lose ends and then he could unveil Kira to the world.  But until then, he was happy enough to keep her his private reward for his years of hard work under her.