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Faith fluttered her eyes open as the bright light of the room washed over her, she could feel her arms and legs bound as she was reclined on some kind of medical table.

Once the room had come in to focus, she could see Hope similarly restrained across from her, her twin’s eyes similarly fluttering against the light.  There was also an IV drip on a stand beside her, a clear liquid making it’s way down the tube and in to Hope’s arm.  Faith could feel a slight pain in her own arm and knew a similar IV must be beside her.

“Hope… Hope, are you ok?” she managed to get out between parched lips.

“Faith?  Yea, I’m ok… you?”

“Fine, but do you have any idea wasn’t going on?  What’s the last thing you remember?”

Faith looked around the sterile white room, there were several tables with various pieces of equipment on them, some high tech, other medial in nature.

“I… I remember being at the club…” Hope replied.

“Right… and there were… two guys hitting on us?” Faith said, scrunching her forehead trying to remember.

“Dave and… and… Don?” Faith half asked, half stated.

“Yea!  And then…”


“Yea, me too.”

Faith pulled at her restraints but they didn’t budge, she could see her sister doing the same thing.  Faith was about to say something when the she heard a click of a door followed but a slight squeak of hinges as it opened.  Then several sets of footsteps followed and grew closer.

“Don!  Help us!  Get us out of here!” Hope cried out as she obviously had a view of whoever had come through the door.

By the time Hope finished her plea, both Don and Dave had come in to view and stood between them.

“Oh Faith, I am helping you.” Don said with a chuckle and he stroked the side of Hope’s face.

“I’m Hope you idiot!” she cried out and Dave quickly laughed out loud.

“See, I told you man.  That’s Hope, this is Faith.” Dave said, pointing to each of the sisters in turn.

“Damit, how am I supposed to keep track of them?  Next time I’m writing their names in marker on their foreheads!” Don said in frustration.

“Dave… what’s going on?” Faith asked, her voice trembling.

“Oh, I’m sorry Faith, my bad.  You see Don and I, well, we specialize in a very niche market.  We brainwash twins.”

“What!?!” Faith cried out, follow by her sister just a moment later.

“That’s right,” Don said, “our clients pay very well for a very specific product.”

“You can’t do that… brainwashing doesn’t work!” Faith cried out, thrashing as hard as she could in her restraints.  Her sister was similarly trying to break free.

“Oh, we can.  And you know what?  It’s not even that hard really.  In fact we’ve already started the process.” Dave replied as he walked over to one of the high tech consoles and tapped it a few times.

Don, for his part, pointed to the other side of the room where a small red light slowly flashed, “You see, our clients like to have a full recording of the process.  That camera started just a few minutes before you too came back around.”

“No, no no!” Faith and Hope yelled at the same time.

The smile that crossed Don’s face sent a chill down Faith’s spine that shook her to her core.

“How are they looking Dave?” Don asked.

“Looking good Don, the drugs are at the perfect level, we can start any time.  Who do you want to start with?”

“Oh, we’re starting with this one, Hope or Faith or whatever her name is.” Don said, once more stepping towards Hope.

“Fine with me.” Dave said and walked up beside Faith.

Don grabbed a pair of bandage scissors from the table just to the side of Hope and started to cut off her clothing.  Hope thrashed from side to side but all that it accomplished was to delay the inevitable.

“See how much she’s fighting it?” Dave said to her, “It won’t be long before she’s begging Don to touch her, among other things.”

“Never, she’ll never do that!” Faith replied, nearly spitting out the words.

“Really?  Take a closer look at your sister.  Look at how hard her nipples are already and all he’s done is to remove her clothing.”

Faith focused in on her sisters nipples and realized what Dave had said was true, they stood firmly out from her chest, something that only happened when the sisters were turned on.

“That’s… that’s no possible.” Faith said as her sister screamed for Don to stop.

“It really is.  You see there’s a whole cocktail of drugs running through her, and you, right now.  One has heightened her pleasure centers, another has increased her libido, another has reduced her inhibitions and another has increased her suggestibility.”

Faith watched Don placed the scissors back on to the table and pick up vibrator, turning it on and lightly running it over Hope’s nipples.  Hope cried out in pleasure.

“See how her screams have changed already, just from a little light stimulation?  Can you imagine what it’s going to sound like when Don gets down to her clit?”

Faith’s body shivered in response to Hope’s cries of pleasure as her own nipples suddenly hardened.  She could only imagine what the device must feel like, let alone what it would be like to have it somewhere more sensitive.

Don pulled the vibrator away from Hope’s nipples and Hope’s body relaxed, “Did you like that Hope?” Don asked.

Hope’s head, drooped to the side and Faith could just hear her say “Yes”.

“Would you like some more Hope?” Don asked and a smile crossed Hope’s lips.

“Yes.. please.” she said sheepishly and Don placed the vibrator back on one of her nipples.  Hope’s body spasmed once more as she cried out.

“You see how quickly the change happened?  She’s no longer scream out in anger, she’s docile, answering the questions she’s asked.  In a moment he’ll stop again and ask once more if she wants more.  But this time a simple yes won’t suffice.  She’ll have to ask him specifically what she wants.  Then the next time she’ll have to beg him to do it.”

Faith only shook her head in disbelief.  She could see it in Hope’s face already, what Dave was saying was true, whatever concoction of drugs was sending her sister wild with pleasure.

Her sister’s body relaxed once more and a moment later Faith heard Hope’s voice speak more confidently, “Please Don, rub the vibrator on my nipple.” she said.

The next time her voice was almost panicked, “Please Don, I need it!  I need you to put that vibrator on my tit and rub it good!”

Dave removed it one last time and the words that came from Hope’s mouth shocked Faith to the core, “Fuck yes!  Put that big bad vibe on my tits and rock this slut’s world Don!”

“See how easily she’s become compliant?  Eager to do whatever Don requests to get the pleasure the vibrator brings?”

Faith wanted to look away, to closer her eyes and cover her ears, but she found it impossible to do either.

“Now watch what happens when Don moves the vibrator down to her clit.” Dave said and Don did exactly that.

Faith watched Hope’s body spasm like never before as a massive orgasm shook her.

Don removed the vibrator and Hope collapsed, her body ravaged by the force of the orgasm, Don spoke softly in to her ear and Faith could not make out what he was saying.

A moment later Hope’s voice echoed through the room once more, “Yes Don, I’m a slut.  A complete and total slut that will do anything to expereince that orgasm again!”

The process repeated again and again as Faith watched her sister change before her eyes.

“Yes Don, I’ll fuck and suck a thousand dicks for you!  I’m your slut, I’m your whore, I’m whatever you want me to be!”

“Yes!  Yes!  Fuck my pussy, fuck my mouth, fuck my tits, fuck my ass!  Whatever you want!”

“Yes I’ll lick my sisters pussy!  Yes make her a slut whore just like me!  Make us both your eager little slaves!” Hope called out as Don placed the vibrator on her pussy one last time before securing it there.

Faith watched Hope’s body orgasm again and again as Don picked up the bandage scissors from the table and walked over to join Dave standing beside her, “How’s she doing Dave?”

“Pretty good so far, you can see the wet spot on the front of her dress already.” Dave replied and for the first time Faith felt her own juices running down her thigh.

“No… no…” she mumbled out.

“Oh come on Faith, it won’t be so bad, I mean take a look at your sister, she seemed to be enjoying herself.”

Don made quick work of her dress with the scissors and Faith weakly protested, “I’m… I’m not… oooooohhhhhh!!!!!”, her train of thought was lost as Dave placed a vibrator on her nipple and her whole body exploded in pleasure.

“See, isn’t that nice?”

“Yes…” she mumbled out as she came down from the pleasure high.

“Do you want me to do it again?”

“Yes.. please.” she replied and the memory of her sisters voice just a few minutes before saying the same thing, in the same way almost brought her to her senses, but Dave placed the vibrator on her nipple and she was lost.

Each time the vibrator stopped it was worse and worse, the need to feel it once more growing deep inside of her.  She heard her own voice echo her sisters in her decent farther and farther down.

Faith stood with her sister in front of the white wall in the tight little black dress, they turned to each other and gently touched each other for a few seconds as the three men stood a few feet away from them.

“As you can see, they are all ready to go.” Dave said to the thrid man that Faith didn’t recognize.

“And on time as always.” Don added.

“Yes, they do seem acceptable.  What were their names again?” the thrid man said.

“Faith and Hope.” Dave responded.

“And which is which?” the third man asked.

“I can never remember which is which.  Fortunately there’s an easy way to find out.” Don replied, “Hope, lick your sisters pussy.”

Faith leaned back against the wall as Hope dropped to her knees and nuzzled her pussy with her tongue through the thin material of her dress.

Faith moaned and reached up and pulled her top down around her tits, squeezing her nipples with both hands as the pleasure coursed through her.

“The one on her knees is Hope.” Don said sarcastically and the other two chuckled.

“Perfect, have them delivered to my villa.” the third man said and stepped forward and started to unbuckle his pants, “Well, after I’ve tested them out of course.”

“Of course.” Dave replied and turned to head for the door.

After his pants fell to the floor, the man reached out and squeezed Faith’s tits and she let out a coo as her hands dropped to her sides.

Then she dropped to her knees to join her sister as they turned to the man’s harding shaft and wrapped their lips around each side of it.  They grabbed threaded their arms around each others waists as they slowly rocked from side to side, sliding their lips along his shaft in a perfect mirror image on each side of him.