Sharon half stuck her finger in her mouth as she looked over at Tom with her permanently surprised looked on her face, “Like Tom, wwwwhhhyyy can’t I go in the hot tub again?” she whined.

Tom walked over to her and put his arm around her tiny waist and pulled her in close.  Sharon popped her finger from her mouth and placed her lips on his, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth as he grabbed her ass and gave it a good hard squeeze.

He broke their kiss and smiled at her, she giggled and smacked her lips as Tom scanned down her body, his eyes landing on her tits.

“Like, my titties *really* liked the hot tub Tom!” she said as she shook her tits from side to side.

Her thoughts drifted back to the night before, she’d seen the hot tub being delivered during the week to her neighbor and when she’d heard the splashing she’d dropped by to see what was up.

She hadn’t planned on going in, but unlike any other hot tub she’d seen, this one didn’t smell like chlorine, in fact it smell wonderful.  Before she knew what was going on, she’d dipped her finger in to it, then her toe, then she’d stripped off her clothes and was naked with the bubbling water all around her.

The bubbles had seemed to flow straight up her nose and in to her brain and she burst out in a fit of giggles, which was very unbecoming of the captain of the local neighborhood watch!

But it was the farthest thing from her mind at the time as the bubbling water made her whole body tingle.  So much so that she didn’t notice her dull brown hair lighten and length, her modest chest balloon outward, her excess weight melt away, her skin tighten and years drop off of her.

When the delicious looking cock had appeared right beside her head at the side of the hot tub her lips had just wrapped around it almost as if on their own, but the pleasure that course through her was all hers.  When the cum had flowed down her throat, her orgasm had rocked her and the hot tub bubbles had consumed her.

She had remembered walking home, naked and giggling like a freshly fucked silly bimbo, which wasn’t what she was, after all she’d just given Tom a blow job.  He hadn’t touched her pussy with his cock at all!

And that had been a problem for her, she’d spent most of the night masturbating to the though of Tom pounding her needy little slit.  When the sun had come up, she’d gone right to her closet and found boring drab outfits that would never get her laid.

She made due with what she could find, an old jeans skirt she hadn’t fit in to for decades that she cut off at a more appropriate length, an old hoodie that she couldn’t quite get the zipper done all the way up and a pair of heels from her clubbing days.

She’d spent a lot of time in the bathroom, trying to find the right makeup to put on, but she just didn’t have anything that really popped so she’d had to settle for what she had.

Sharon glanced back at the hot tub and whimpered just a little, she really wanted to feel those bubbles again, but what really had her attention at the moment was the feeling of Tom’s hard shaft pushing up against his pants.

Tom pushed her back slightly and grabbed her at the hips with both hands and twisted her around so she faced the  hot tub.  Then he grabbed her hands and pushed them on to the hot tub cover and kicked her feet apart.

“Oh Tom!” she cried out as he grabbed the “hem” of her tattered jeans skirt and pulled it up over her ass, revealing her naked pussy.

The cool breeze sent a shiver up her spine and she let out a moan just in time to hear Tom’s pants hit the ground.

The next thing she knew his cock was pushing in to her pussy and she pushed herself back from the hot tub to push him in deeper.

“Oh god yes Tom!  Deeper!” she cried out as Tom put his hand on her back and pushed her down on to the top of the hot tub, her giant tits squishing against it.  A sudden wafe of air from beneath the cover assaulted her nose, the sweet smell of the water sending more ripples of pleasure through her.

She orgasmed once, then twice, then three times, then she lost count as they continued to crash over her.

But the only one that mattered was the earth shaking finale when she felt Tom’s seed enter her pussy and her whole world exploded in a million tiny bubbles.