“You know those things are a scam right?” My roommate Sarah said as I opened the box that had just been delivered.

“No they aren’t!” I almost shouted back, “They wouldn’t let them sell them if they were!”

“Come on, don’t be so gullible Jen, how much did you waste on it?” Sarah asked and I blushed, I’d spent too much, but it was finally going to get me that six pack of abs I’d been chasing for years at the gym.

Sarah just shook her head and walked away, it wasn’t like she would have ever understood.  She was a nerd, had a good job and was nearly finished paying off her student debt.  She didn’t depend on her looks for work like I did.

As a personal trainer I spent every day at the gym, either working with clients or on myself.  The fact I’d never been able to get that perfect six pack of abs was a blemish on my life and I would do anything to achieve it!

I flipped the clean white box that had come out of the plain brown shipping packaging over a few times in my hands before opening it up and inspected the device inside.  It was so much more high tech looking than the other ones I’d seen advertised, that’s why I knew it was going to work.

I smiled and let out a little shriek of excitement as I headed to my room to try it out.

“Hey, what are you doing!” I screamed as I entered the apartment and saw Sarah sitting at the kitchen table, my ab trainer in pieces in front of her.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch Jen, I just wanted to see what made it tick.  I’ll have it back together before you get done your shower.” Sarah replied.

“You’d better!” I said and stomped off to the bathroom and turned on the shower.  

I was still fuming when the steam from the shower got to just the right temperature and I stepped inside.  If I was honest, it had been a waste of money just like Sarah had said, after two weeks my abs were no more defined then they had been and I was just about to toss the thing in the garbage.

The hot water ran down over my body, the grime from hours of working out at the gym flowed down my body and finally in to the drain as I frowned just a little.  Now that Sarah had taken an interest in it, I’d have to keep using it for a while, otherwise I’d never hear the end of it.

When I finished my shower and walked back to the kitchen, as promised, it was all back together, though Sarah had left the apartment for her weekly LGBTQ meetup.

“Oh god!  Oh god!  Oh god!” I cried out in to the pillow that I held over my face to muffled my cries of passion as the fingers on my other hand worked in and out of my pussy just below the abs trainer that was sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I didn’t know what Sarah had done to it, maybe she’d put it back together wrong, or maybe she’d put it back together right fixing some manufacturing error, but whatever it was the ab trainer started working afterwards.

I could feel the improvement in my abs, as well as something else, something that made the whole experience so much more intense.  It had only taken a day or two of using it until my fingers had found their way to my pleasuring myself while I had it on.

Each day the orgasm had become more and more intense, today’s was shaping up to be the best so far.  Just as it crested I crird out in to the pillow as an image came to me, “Saaaaaarrrrrraaaaahhhhhh!”

Sarah was sitting on the couch as I stood by the hallway to our bedrooms, the ab trainer slowly pulsing away as I tried my best to look sexy without looking like I was working at it.  I screwed up my courage and walked over to her, flopping down on the couch beside her.

“Hey, whatcha watching?” I asked.

“Nothing much, just a youtube unboxing video.” she replied as my pussy pulsed in time with the ab trainer.

“Oooh, that sounds interesting.” I lied as I shuffled over to her so I could see the screen of her tablet.  As I did the ab trainer seemed to speed up and I bit my lower lip trying to avoid letting out a moan as the twitching in my pussy followed suit.

I managed to get right up next to her and lean my head down on her shoulder to watch the video.  It was dull and boring, but the smell of Sarah’s hair filled me with excitement.

Then, Sarah’s fingers were rubbing my pussy over my pants and I could contain the moan no longer, letting out a low sultery sound that would not be mistaken for anything but a woman in need.

“Does that feel good Jen?” Sarah asked.

“Oh god yes!  If feels so good!”

I closed my eyes just as Sarah set the tablet down on her laps and flicked the screen over to another app.  A moment later the pulsing of the ab trainer increased once more.

“Oh god Sarah, yes, rub my pussy!” I cried out as I bucked against her hand just a little.

Moments later I felt my pants being pulled down and Sarah’s tongue replace her fingers.  Between her ministrations and the pulsing I cried out as an orgasm came over me.

I opened my eyes just in time to see Sarah standing over me on the couch, naked, the tablet in her hand as she took the hat from my head and lowered herself on to my face.

The wondrous smell of her pussy filled my nostrils as I extended my tongue and eagerly licked her sweet juices, the pulsing increased once more and I nearly came just from it.

“God Jen, you’re going to need a lot of practice, you’re a terrible pussy licker.” Sarah said and my heart fell, I pushed in deeper and worked harder to try and please her.

“That’s a bit better.” Sarah said and placed one hand on my head, guiding me from side to side and up and down as the pulsing neared it’s crescendo.

“Yes, that’s it Jen, right theeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeeee!” Sarah cried out as she came and I did as well.

This time when I recovered, Sarah was sitting on my lap, kissing me and I returned the favour until she broke it off.

“God Jen I’ve wanted to get in your pants since we moved in together.  You’ve got such a hot body, I never understood your fascination with your abs, but I’m glad you bought this little gem.” She said running her finger over the top of the ab trainer.

“It was so easy to hack and add in my own, special, features…” Sarah said and leaned it for another kiss and my pussy twitch once more.

“Promise me you’ll never stop using it.” Sarah asked as she pulled back once more.

“Never Sarah, never!” I replied, almost in a whimper.

“Good, now go get cleaned up, we have a meetup to go to and I want to show you off.”

I smiled from ear to ear and head back in to the bathroom and then my bedroom to find the perfect dress to show off to all of Sarah’s friends, I couldn’t wait to meet them all.