Karen looked around the room, it was filled with all kinds of trinkets and bobbles that looked expensive and she knew they were as her aunt Jillian didn’t have anything that wasn’t.  She turned her head to the left and took a strand of blonde hair in her fingers and twirled it a bit as she blew a bubble with the gum she was chewing on.

She was bored out of her mind, she’d been at her aunt’s place in the country all week and had resorted to exploring every nook and cranny of the place as there was no Internet or cell service this far away from the city.  She’d finally stumbled upon the hidden room that she now stood in after going through every other room in the place.  And it was a large mansion with several other buildings on the property.  No one in her family would talk about where their aunt had gotten her money, it wasn’t like anyone else in their family had any, but wherever it had come from she didn’t shy away from spending it.

She’d always liked her aunt well enough, at least in small doses, the woman was a little eccentric to say the least.  But this summer her parents had decided it was best she get out of the city and experience the country the before heading back to college.  In all honesty Karen thought that what they really wanted was some time alone so she hadn’t complained and gone along with it.

A sudden sparkle from from across the room caught her eye and she headed over to a shelf on the far wall, on it were several bottles one of which had an expensive looking jewel on it.  She picked it up and turned it over in her hands, it felt cold and dark, if something could feel dark that is and a shiver ran up her arm as she held it.

Suddenly her aunt’s voice filled the room, “What do you think your doing!”, it surprised Karen and she almost jumped out of her shoes.  As she turned towards her aunt, the bottle slipped from her fingers and headed towards the floor.

Karen saw her aunt’s eyes widen and her mouth open in another scream as if in slow motion as the bottle hit the floor shattering in to a thousand shards.  The room, brightly lit, suddenly darkened as smoke poured upwards from the remains of the bottle.

Sparks few around the walls of the room, streaking towards aunt Jillian as they jumped from spot to spot until the leapt from the walls and struck aunt Jillian full in the chest.

Karen screamed as her aunt did as well, her aunt’s body stiffened as a blue glow engulfed it, rising her from her feet and suspending her in the air.  Suddenly her aunt’s voice fell silent and her whole body slumped as it floated in mid air.

“If you would please stop screaming young one, I would surely appreciate it.” a dark simmering voice boomed from beside her.

Karen’s voice instantly fell silent as she turned to see the muscular, half naked man standing beside her, he almost looked like some kind of genie in the baggy pants he wore and the scarf wrapped around his head.

“No, not a genie young one, a demon.  I wish to thank you for releasing me, your Aunt imprisoned me many centuries ago.”

Karen finally found her voice, “Centuries… but…”

“Oh your aunt has told you nothing of your families past has she young one?  She is not your aunt really, she has walked this earth fighting against the things in the dark for millennial.  Though she always seems to keep her family close by.  It had been foretold that it would be her downfall, though none of us could have foreseen this particular end.” the demon said with a wicked grin as he stepped towards Karen’s aunt.

Karen felt compelled to follow along behind him, she wasn’t sure if it was of her own free will or if the demon had done it, but either way they soon stood in front of her aunt’s limp form floating in mid air.

“She has stood up well after all this time, hasn’t she?” the demon asked rhetorically, as Karen viewed her aunt with new eyes.  Her short black hair, her penetrating eyes, her thin body had always made it hard to pin down an age for her, but even so she was clear that she was not in her twenties, but likewise no one would have said she was over forty.

The demon waved his hand through the air and suddenly Aunt Jillian’s body stiffened as her clothes faded from view.  Another wave and her body seemed ripple like the surface of a pond after a stone had been tossed in to it, with each passing wave things changed.

The little lines around her eyes, the slight sagging of skin, the small pockets of fat, all shrunk and disappeared at the same time as the few grey roots in her hair darkened as her hair lengthened and twisted in to a new style.

Then, just as her clothing had faded, new garments came in to view, but unlike the stylish clothing she had worn, the new ones were shiny and form fitting.

The demon snapped his fingers and Karen’s aunt’s eyes snapped open, her mouth wide as she let out a gasp, then a moan and then a cry of pleasure as she fell from the air and landed on high heels that now adorned her feet.

She dropped to her knees, bowed her head and breathlessly intoned, “Master, how may I serve you?”

Karen shuttered in fear as the dark magic subsided and the hairs on her arms laid flat once more, though they still stood at attention on the back of her neck, as the demon truned once more to her.

“And now young one, I will show you my thanks for releasing me…” the demon said as he smiled and Karen suddenly felt herself lifted from the ground.

Just as with her aunt, the demon waved his hand in front of her and her clothing faded from her body.  A second wave and the ripples washed over her, but unlike her aunt who had been unconscious for it, Karen felt the pleasure of each one, her lips parting as she moaned softly as the changes happened.

She could feel her body tighten and shift, her hair move up her neck and on to her head and then the coolness of the shiny material that wrapped around her body.

The snap of the demon’s fingers brought her back to the moment just in time for the pleasure that filled her mind to overwhelm her.

The click of her heels against the floor awoke her to her new life as she fell to her knees and bowed her head, “Master, how may I serve you?”

The words felt so right, her master stood above her and her whole body shivered in pleasure as she waited for his response, “Look up at me my servants.” he intoned.

Karen looked up with wide eyes, joy in her face, just as she knew her aunt was doing, the demon stood naked before her, his large dick fully at attention.

“Service me and bask in my gratitude.”

Karen shuffled forward as her aunt did as well, they each placed their lips on one side of his dick and slide up and down his length.  After several strokes, Karen moved down and took his balls in to her mouth while her aunt wrapped her lips around him and took him in to her throat.

The both worked him for several minutes, switching positions, taking turns servicing him until they finally knew it was time.  Together the moved in to position, placed thir faces close together and worked his shaft with their hands until the demon’s gratitude splattered across their faces and they both orgasmed together.

“And so this it the great Jillian Masters, scourge of the darkness?” the demon with the two large horns protruding from her forehead asked.

“Yes, brought over to the darkness at last as it was meant to be.” the muscular demon replied, waving at Karen and her aunt as they stood by the wall, her aunt with one hand on Karen’s ass as Karen lightly ran her fingers along the black and white material of her dress.  They both looked over at their master with wanton desire in their eyes.

“And the other one?”

“Ah yes, her niece, the one who released me from my prison.  As it was foretold, brought low by her own family.” the demon said as he leaned back in the leather couch of the club, a place were demon’s were more than welcome.

“I am impressed, when you were captured it was a great loss, but now you have returned triumphantly, and with such a prize as well.” the she demon said with a flicker of wickedness in her eyes.

“Would you like borrow my prize for a while?  Jillian, come over and service my friend.”

“Yes master.” her aunt replied as she stepped forward and walked to the she-demon, knelling down between her legs and nuzzling up to he pussy.

The demon stood up and patted the couch, “Karen, come over here.”

“Yes master.” she replied and walked over to the couch, kneeling on to it and bending over at the waist until she was on all fours, looking directly at the she-demon.  Her master raised up her dress and she felt him slide in to her pussy.

She moaned and cooed as she felt him penetrate her, as she watch her aunt lick the she-demon’s pussy, the she-demon’s tail flicked around behind her aunt, slipped under her skirt and invaded her.

The she-demon rose her hand to Karen’s face, placing it on the side and brushing her lower lip with her thumb, “Tell me child, do you enjoy servicing your master?”

“Yes mistress, I exist to serve.”

The she-demon turned her head slightly towards her aunt, “And your aunt?  Do you enjoy watching her serve as well?”

“Yes mistress, we exist to serve.”

The wicked smiled came across the face of the she-demon as Karen watched her tail snaked out from under her aunt’s dress, slick with her aunt’s juices on it and make it’s way to Karen’s lips.  The she-demon pushing it between Karen’s lips and Karen eagerly sucked on it, the familiar taste of her aunt’s juices filling her mouth.

Moments later she felt her master cum inside of her and her body shuttered with her own orgasm.  The she-demon followed shortly afterwards along with her aunt.

The demon’s returned to their conversation and Karen joined her aunt on the floor, pulling her aunt’s dress up and strattling her in a 69 position so they could each bask in the taste of each other and their demon masters.