MindStorm poked her head over the side of the pool and saw Dr. Taylor sitting there with another man that she didn’t recognize.  She didn’t see anyone else around, which was good as Dr. Taylor’s legion of corrupted super heroines was nothing she wanted to tackle.

She raised her hands to the sides of her head, touching her long blonde hair as she concentrated her power on the two men.  It wasn’t like she had to of course, it was just for show and until recently she hadn’t even bothered.  But having been the most powerful physic in the city for so long, it was an idiosyncrasy that no one was going to fault her for.

She focused harder on the two men, it was critical that she managed to gain control of them before she revealed herself.  She looked for any indication that she was being successful when suddenly her lips curled in to a smile, there it was.

She could clearly see her control starting to take effect, the tents the two men’s shorts formed over their crotches left little doubt.

MindStorm carefully stood up and stepped on to the deck around the pool, once more raising her hands as the light of the evening sunset glistened off of her skin tight purple uniform.

She focused harder for several moments before turning to the left and taking a step forward, the sound of her heels click against the stone work of the patio.  She focused as hard as she could on keeping the men unaware of her presence and it was working as she took each step towards them.  They continued chatting away as if nothing was wrong, by the time she was half way there, they had even taken their pants off, letting their hard dicks free of their confines.

MindStorm stood in between the two cots as the two men reclined in them, they were both naked and she knew she was in total control.

She stepped forward, lowered herself on to her knees, took her hands from her head and wrapped them around each of their hard shafts as she closed her eyes and focused all of her will on to them, letting out a soft moan as she did so.

She knew what she had to do, Dr. Taylor had to be stopped and so she turned her focus to him.  Both of her hands wrapped around him, her lips parted and she took him inside of her mouth, sucking his will to fight from him with each stroke down his shaft.

The other man was still in her control, but she needed to make sure he stayed that way.  She focused on him and felt his hands take her hips and lift her up, then she spread her legs and she felt him slide her uniform to the side of her pussy and his shaft slide in, just as she had controlled him to.

She worked her lips up and down Dr. Taylor’s shaft, she felt the other man’s shaft slide in and out of her pussy and she focused all her will on making sure she was in control.

It wasn’t long before they both succumbed to her will, losing control of them selves and sending their seed deep in to her throat and pussy.  But just as she knew she had won, her own body betrayed her and she lost control, orgasms crashing over her and destroying her focus until she passed out from the pleasure that washed over her.

“So as you can see, she’s been fully conditioned to believe she’s still in control, she can even still use her powers in… specific… instances.” Dr. Taylor said to Major Stevens.

“Yes, quite impressive, I was hard and naked before I even realized what was happening.” he said, rubbing his chin as they both looked down at the crumpled body of MindStorm, a blissed out expression on her face.

“Might I ask why you’re looking to… unload… her?”

“Simple numbers I’m afraid, I have so many now that I can’t use all of them so it’s time to do a bit of house cleaning.  And this one wasn’t really one of my enemies, she was just collateral damage when she showed up with one of the other heroes, so I don’t have any attachment to her.” Dr. Taylor replied.

“Well then I’ll be happy to take her off your hands.”

“Fantastic, I’m sure the government will be happy with it’s purchase.”

“Oh, I’m no longer in the military, all because of her actually, though I doubt she would even remember me.” the Major said as he waved his hand towards MindStorm.


“Yes, on one of her undercover missions she used me to get in to a highly classified area, I was let go with a dishonourable discharge when she disappeared after her mission was done.”

“Well, even better then, I’m sure you’ll enjoy ensuring that she receives your discharge every day Major.”

“Yes, yes I will.”