Kelly struggled against the bonds as the hissing in her ears and the image was projected across her eyes inside of the visor.

She recognized the image, it was from a few weeks ago when she’d gone out clubbing, her friend had snapped it and sent it to her, she figured whoever had kidnapped her must have gotten it from her phone.

She tried to cry out once more, but the gag in her mouth muffled anything she might have said.  The gag was large, round and pushed her jaws apart, forcing her lips to come in contact with it as well.

Her eyes were drawn to the flashing text across her tits… no… breasts… she had to remember to call them breasts… it was so hard though.  She didn’t know how long she’d been there, it had seemed like weeks, but it might have only days or even hours.  Suddenly the vibrator in her pussy started up again and the bubbly voice came over the static in her ears, “Hi! My name is TITS!” it said as she moaned in to the gag.

The voice repeated over and over again as the vibrator worked it’s magic, eventually causing her to orgasm and the voice to once more disappear.

It was only between these cycles that she had any time to think, to reason, to fight.  She’d often used a vibrator when masturbating, but this was unlike that in every way, it was so much more intense, there was no way for her to fight it.

She had just managed to regain her thoughts when suddenly the devices on her tits… no tits… no BREASTS she screamed at herself as her nipples hardened and waves of pleasure came over her once more as the voice returned, “Hi! My name is TITS!”

Kelly struggled to resist it, she’d never liked her tits played with, but just like the vibrator in her pussy, the stimulation of her nipples was unavoidable.  Soon she was coming once more.

Each time it took her longer and longer to recover, the pleasure and the image and the sounds digging deeper and deeper in to her mind.  This time, when the gag started to vibrate and the pleasure pulsed from her lips, she didn’t even have time to wonder how many orgasms it had been.  Instead the pleasure pulsed in time with the voice repeating over and over again, “Hi! My name is TITS!”

Kelly managed to regain some semblance of coherence after the orgasm from her lips subsided and she tried to remember if it was the start of the cycle or the end of it.  It was so hard to think, she was exhausted, her head pounded from the constant static, her mouth was dry and her tits heaved as she tried to draw in enough air through her nose.

How much longer could she last?  She’d just thought of her tits as tits and hadn’t tried to correct herself… they were tits after all.  Fun bags, sweater puppies, flotation devise, tatas to be sure, but first and foremost they were tits.

The word sent a shiver of pleasure through her and if she’d been able to, a smile might have crossed her lips at the thought.  But it would have quickly dissolved in to a frown as she realized her breasts were none of those things.  She shook her head, trying to clear her mind once more from the invading thoughts but it was too late.

The vibrator in her ass started buzzing and her whole world exploded in pleasure as the voice started repeating once more, “Hi! My name is TITS!”

She cried out, the muffled sounds of her pleasure barely audible to anyone but herself as the vibrator brought her to orgasm once more.

Tits tried to remember what was happening… she could feel the pleasure of her last orgasm fading in to the background and the image in front of her of the flashing words made her giggle as she tried to repeated them through the gag.

That just made her giggle even harder until Kelly shook her head and brought herself back to reality.  She was Kelly, not some silly bimbo named Tits!  She had a job, and a boyfriend, and a great set of tits, and a hot little bod!  The giggling returned just in time for the vibrator in her pussy to come back to life and the voice start repeating once more, “Hi! My name is TITS!”

“Hi! My name is TITS!” Tits said followed by a giggle as she clasped her hands behind her back and pushed her tits out as she wiggled her ass slightly.  The tight white top with the writing on it barely covering her giant mounds.

It wasn’t quite the same as the photo that she masturbated to all the time, the top was just a bit shorter, ending just below her tits.  The skirt was shorter too, barely covering her pussy, and the two items didn’t meet in the middle so her abs were clearly visible.

Likewise her hair, while still blonde, was now bleached out to almost white.  Her makeup was different too, heavier and brighter, her lipstick matched her skirt and nails to perfection.

“Obviously.” the man said with a hunger in his eyes as he stared at her tits.  A jolt of pleasure shot right out from her nipples and buried itself in her pussy.

Tits took a step forward, her pink high heels clicking against the hard tile of the floor of the club and she pushed up against the man, rubbing her tits in to his chest.

“Like, do you want to play with Tits?  Tits loves to be played with!”

“I’m sure you do.  Tell me, do  you like anal?”

Tits brought her arms up to her sides, her hands balled it to little fists as she bounced her arms against her tits and squealed like a little girl, “YES!  Tits loves her ass fucked!”

The man reached around behind her with both hands and squeezed her ass hard, Tits moaned in appreciation and rubbed up against him pelvis as hard as she could.

He twirled her around, slapped her ass to get her moving and followed along behind her as she headed to the private room in the back of the club.

Tits giggled in excitement as they walked, maybe he’d let her suck his cock for a bit and if she begged him a little maybe he might even fuck her titties before he fucked her ass.  Either way she was going to have a screaming orgasm from it so it really didn’t matter if fucker her mouth, tits, ass or pussy, just as long as she got a cock stuffed in her.