Tatiana and half smiled and half frowned.  It was a great shot and she looked fantastic, but she could already hear snickers in the press core and knew what the headlines would be, “Phenom or Eye Candy?”

Sure she was one of the top ranked female soccer players in the country but her looks had always kept her back when it came to the press, especially her breasts.  The men just couldn’t focus on her skill when her chest was bouncing all over the place, even in her sports bra.

She’d been dogged by the same kinds of questions since they’d sprouted in high school.  Now, as she started her professional career and the press took notice, it was even worse.

She flipped to the next image and it was just as good/bad as the last, though it showed a little more of her ass, which was just a good, in a bad way.

“Couldn’t we use… you know… the other ones?” she asked, knowing what the answer was but having to put it out there anyway.

“You mean when you were in your warm up gear?” the editor asked.

“Yeah.  Those have some great action shots in them.” she replied back, hoping beyond hope.

“I don’t think those will work, we need the colours to pop off the page if you know what I mean.” the editor replied and she let out a sigh, she did know what he meant and since they were publicity shots, there was no point in arguing.

“Alright, fine.  These look good then.” she said with resignation in her voice and pushed the pile back to the editor.

“Great, we’ll get them over to the print shop.”

It had gone far worse than Tatiana had ever imagined, oh sure, the first few games had been big draws, but even she couldn’t make the team play better than they were.  And they were terrible.

Of course the fan’s wanted a scape goat and soon they turned on her.  She was the new player and “obviously” the cause of all the losses.  The jeers turned to vitrial and the fans focused on the one thing that made her stand out more than any of the other players… her breasts.

It had gotten so bad that the team had to finally let her go, even though she was the best player, with the stats to back it up.  But it didn’t matter, the fans had turned on her and so she packed up her equipment and left the stadium.

To make matters even worse, no other team would take her contract, they all feared the bad publicity would follow her.

And so she’d sat around and sulked for a few weeks, after all, while the team didn’t want her playing, they couldn’t actually get out of their contract and so were still paying her, so money wasn’t an issue.  She’d watching bad daytime TV and browsing the net when she’d come across a story that piqued her interest.  A tennis player had been in a similar situation as her a few years ago and had breast reduction surgery done.

At first she’d dismissed the idea out of hand, she wasn’t going to go under the knife just because men couldn’t see past her chest.  But the idea had stuck with her and every once in a while over the ensuing weeks, it popped back in to her mind.

Eventually, she did some research and found a specialist in the procedure and booked an appointment.  The doctor had been very understanding, going over all the details, where the scars would be, how long the recovery would take, how much pain she might have and what some of the complications could be.

The only thing that had made her uneasy had been the photo’s that adorned his walls.  There were some that were clearly before and after pictures of reductions, but the majority of them were of women with massive implants.

“Doctor, I did have one last question.” Tatiana said.

“Of course.”

“The photos… those women… did they have reductions as well?”

“Ah yes, no.  I imagine you found me thorugh my breast reduction work and website yes?”


“Well you see I do specialize in extreme breast alteration, both reductions and augmentations.  As you might imagine, reductions, while medically required some times, are not a very popular cosmetic procedure.  Where as augmentation is, shall we say, more lucrative.  That side of my practice allows me to provide reduction services to those who need it even if they could otherwise not afford it.”

Tatiana nodded and understood, she could imagine she was one of the few patients that request a reduction for cosmetic reasons, “Thank you Doctor.  When can you book my surgery?” she asked with a confidence she would never have believed.

The doctor smiled and pulled up his laptop to check dates.

Tatiana was lying down on the gurney, the Doctor having just finished up with a marker as she sat upright to ensure he had the proper references to work from, “So Tatiana, all set?”

“Yes Doctor, I’m ready.” she replied as he held her hand gently and smiled down on her.

“Great, I’ll see you in the OR in a few minutes.” he said, released her hand and walked away.  The nurses and orderlies soon wheeled her in to the OR and the Doctor and the anesthesiologist quickly had her under.

Tatiana moaned in pain as she started to come around, she could feel that something was wrong.  Had they finished the operation?  Was she waking up in the middle of it?

As she tried to open her eyes she couldn’t feel the mask over her face and the sheets felt different as well.  There was something else too, something pushing down on her.

“Doctor, she’s coming around.” a voice said.

“Put her back under, she’s not ready yet.” another voice replied and she managed to just see the blurry outline of a nurse adjusting her IV drip before darkness consumed her once more.

Tatiana’s eyes shot bolt open but blackness still filled her vision.  Suddenly bright white light overwhelmed her and then a myriad of colours replaced it, followed by loud noises and confusion.

She didn’t know how long it lasted, but at some point the blackness returned as he eyes closed and consciousness left her once more.

Tatiana’s eyes fluttered open to the smiling face of her Doctor, “Welcome back Tatiana.” he said.

Confusion filled her mind, where had she gone?  Why was she in a room that clearly wasn’t the recovery room or her own bedroom?

Then the confusion turned to panic as she looked down at the two massive globes that suck out from her chest, “Oh my god what have you done to me! I’ll kill you, you motherfucker!” she screamed.

The Doctor chuckled as she continued to yell obscenities at him, “Alright Tatiana, calm down now.”

A sudden wave of calmness washed over her and she stopped yelling.  Then she realized that what she should be doing was getting out of bed and kicking him in the balls.  The attempt failed when she found her wrists were restrained along with her ankles.

“Now then, that’s better.  As you have obviously figured out, your ‘reduction’ didn’t quite go as planned.”

“No shit Sherlock.” she spat at him in a even voice.

“Yes, well, as I said, I do do reduction in medically required cases, but I find it very difficult to do them in purely cosmetic situations.  And well, in your case, even more so.”  He said, pulling a baseball hat from his coat pocket and putting it on his head, the logo for her former team emblazoned on the front of it.

“It wasn’t my fault.” she said matter of factly.

“Perhaps not.  They certainly haven’t gotten any better after you left, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a little revenge.”

“As soon as I get out of here I’m going to call the cops, have you put in jail and then sue you for every penny you ever even dreamed of earning.” Tatiana said with a steely eyed glare towards him.

“Yes, I’m sure you would.  However I’ve taken steps to ensure you won’t.”

She raised an eyebrow which said a thousands words for her.

“You see the other side of my business deals with all kinds of people, some not quite so scrupulous.  And one of them has agreed to take you off my hands once I’m done with you.”

A chill ran down Tatiana spine, she could only imagine the kinds of people involved with women that had the enhancements she’d seen in the photos.

“You’ve actually been recovering for just over two weeks now, spending most of your time either in a medically induced unconscious state, or being working on by a group of specialist in… well there’s only one way to put it… mind control.”

“You’ve got to be kidding right?  Mind control?  If your not then they’ve obviously failed as I’m still me.”

“Oh I’m not kidding, it’s not the first time I’ve seen their work.  They are very good at what they do, as you’ll soon see.  By the way, haven’t you noticed how calm you are?”

She winced at the question, she had noticed, and noticed it had happened when he’d told her to be calm.  She’d been trying to put that thought out of her mind, but she hadn’t been able to.

“I can tell you have, that’s just one of the things they did.  But let’s not get to that quite yet, let’s take a look a my handiwork first.” he said and step over to her, reaching behind her neck and undoing the tie strings that held her hospital gown on, pulling it down to her waist.  He then took a large mirror on a stand and set it in front of her so she could see his work.

“There huge.” she tried to exclaim but it only came out as a statement.

“A perfect 28 inches round in fact.”

The number hit her like a ton of bricks, the exact size of a professional soccer ball.  It meant she had two soccer balls stuck to her chest now.

“After all, a professional soccer player should never be without her balls should she?” the Doctor said with a laugh.


“Oh come on now, don’t you appreciate the work I put in, look, there aren’t even any stretch marks!”

She studied the mirror and looked down at them herself, he was right, there were no stretch marks, “How… how is that possible?”

“The latest technology, a genetically targeted drug, crafted just for you, that not only increased the elasticity of your skin, but dramatically increased your tissue growth.  It’s effects have worn off now, but it allowed me to go far beyond what your normal tissue would have accepted.”  He literately beamed with pride as he spoke.

Tatiana didn’t know how to respond, but it didn’t matter as he continued on anyway, “There are a few side effects of course, nothing too serious, in fact they were very beneficial really.”

“What do you mean beneficial?”

“Well I guess it’s time to get on with it anyway, here, let me show you…” he said, reached down and gently squeezed her closest breast.

The pleasure shot through it, up her spine and right in to her mind, “Oh god!” she cried out as it flooded her and confusion washed over her.

“See, the drug has made any tissue it had to grown, much more… sensitive.” he said as he gently massaged her breast, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her sending her head spinning farther and farther in to confusion.

“It made it so much easier for them, I mean I was always going to have them tie your new personality to your tits, but as soon as they saw the reaction to the nurses massaging your implants, it was almost too easy.”

“Please… please.. don’t…” she managed to stammer out as he finally stopped touching her.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s not going to take long and your going to enjoy it.  They’ve set it up so that their programming started to emerge as soon as I touched your tits.  I imagine you can already feel part of it now.”

“Nh… nh… no…” she sputtered out but she knew he was right, the confusion was still there, unnaturally invading her mind, making it hard to think.

She watched him reach out and place his hands on each of her tits, sending pleasure through her once more, “Oh god!  That feels so gooooood!” she cried out.

“It does doesn’t it?  You really like your soccer ball tits being played with don’t you?”

“Yes!  Yes!  I love my soccer ball tits played with!” she cried out in all honesty, the pleasure coming from them was like nothing else she had ever experienced.

“As a soccer player you want everyone to see your soccer ball tits don’t you?” he said, moving his hands down over her tits and taking her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

“God yes!  Everyone should see my soccer ball tits!  That’s what they’re for!  That’s what I’m for!”

“And everyone likes to see you bounce your soccer ball tits up and down when you play with them don’t they?”

“Oh god yes!  Love to bounce them up and down for everyone to see!”

“Sure, you’re not supposed to touch soccer balls with your hands, but these are soccer ball tits, it’s ok to touch them right?”

“Yes!  I want to touch them!  I need to touch my soccer ball tits!”

“And if some of the people you play with want to touch them as well?  Maybe give them a little slap and tickle?” he said as he pulled her nipples hard away from her.

“Oh my fucking god yes!  They can play with my soccer ball tits!  Slap them!  Suck them!  Fuck them!  Anything they want to do to them!”

She felt one of her nipples be released and she almost orgasmed as it sprang back.  A moment later she felt and heard his hand come down and slap her tit, the orgasm wiped away what little was left of her old self, leaving room for her new self to settle in.

“Yes! Yes!  Slap my big fat soccer ball tits!” she cried out as her other nipple was released and a succession of slaps landed on to her tits until the series of orgasms left her gurgling with drool running down her chin.

“Holy fuck, your Tatiana, the soccer player right?” the man said as she smiled at him.

“Like, yep, that’s me.  But I totally go by Titiana now! *giggle*” she replied, wiggling her giant tits from side to side.

“You were an amazing player, it’s too bad what happened to you.  What are you doing working in a strip club?” he asked, trying to avoid looking at her massive rack.

“Oh my god thank you!  You’re so nice!  Ya know, all those mean people said I couldn’t play with soccer balls, so like I decided to prove them worng!” she replied and grabbed her two soccer balls that she always carried with her and gave them a squeeze and then a little slap as she winked at the man.

“I… I can see that…” he stammered as he failed to keep from staring at her massive tits contrained by the overstretched jersey of her former team.

“So, like, do you want to play with my soccer balls?  I could totally return the favour and play with yours! *giggle*” she said with a wink and reached out to take the man’s hand, pulling him up from his seat.

She nearly dragged him to the VIP area and her mind raced with thoughts.  Would he suck on her nipples, or maybe give her tits a good slap or two?  Maybe he’d let her get his cock out and slide it between her two soccer ball tits?

Whatever happened, she knew that as long as he played with her soccer ball tits, she’d be the one to score.