Tilda walked in to the kitchen, the prospective client trailing behind a bit, he was the only person to show up at the open house, but she could understand why.  The place was a dump, in the wrong part of town and over priced.  But she had to do her best to try and sell it and if that meant spending an entire afternoon on an open house and only having one person show up, and a neighbour at that, well that what she was going to do.

She turned back to face him as she stood behind the island counter and held up her hand as she started to speak, “Now don’t stop me trying to sell you on this place until you’ve heard everything I have to say…” she started off and only then noticed the small black device in the man’s hand.

He pressed a button as she spoke and suddenly she froze in place.

She tried to move but her body refused to budge.  The man pressed another button and then tapped a third button and suddenly her outfit changed.  Gone was the plain blue pants suit that she always wore to the open houses, replaced with a lighter coloured blue that had a long skirt instead of pants and was tailored to hug her body.  Another press and the skirt shortened and the jacket disappeared.  He pressed the button several times in quick succession, her clothing changing and morphing with each press until he finally stopped.

Gone was the business suit, replaced with a pair of tight white jeans, an almost see through pale yellow top and a pair of running shoes.  The top was ridiculously low cut and would have shown off her cleavage if her small breasts could form any.

The man pressed another button on the remote and then the same one he had pressed repeatedly just a moment before.  Tilda felt her whole body shuttered as he held it down and she realized what was happening, she could see the back of her hand growing smoother, the years of work in the garden disappearing, her skin tightening as years were shaved off of her 42 year old body.

Another quick set of button presses and she similarly felt the few extra pounds she had been carrying around since college melt away.  

The next change fixed the problem with her new top as her breasts ballooned outward to fill it to perfection.  The she felt her normally short hair falldown on to her shoulders and pull in to two pony tails to the sides of her head.

Finally she could feel her face tingle slightly and everything seemed to shift just a bit.

He came around behind the island and inspected his handy work, Tilda screaming at the top of her lungs inside of her own head to no avail.  He stood behind her and extended his arm with the device in his hand in front of her, his thumb hovering over a red button with “Rec” on it.

He depressed it and spoke, “You bought this house six months ago with the money you make at the strip club.  You’ve been having work done on it ever since you moved in.”

Tilda watched the entire house shift and morph, the kitchen suddenly emptied out and was replaced with a clean, if incomplete build for a new kitchen.

She could also clearly remember working at the local strip club, shaking her tits on stage, rubbing them up against clients, taking every cent she earned and putting it back in to the house.

“You are desperate to hide your job from all the neighbours, but you were taken by surprise after you had bought it and found out that I lived next door.  You’d seen me in the club a few times and knew I’d recognized you right away.”

Tilda blushed as the memories filled her, she’d nearly tripped and fell running back in to her house the first time she’d seen him on his front lawn.  How could she live right beside someone who knew what she did for a living?

“You avoided me for as long as you could but eventually we bumped in to each other and you begged me not to tell anyone else.  You offered to give me free dances at the club next time I was in, but you could see it in my eyes that that wouldn’t be enough.”

She could so clearly remember the incident, she’d lowered her head, unable to make eye contact with him at first, then she’d looked up and bitten her lower lip as butterflies swarmed in her stomach.

“Eventually you offered me the only thing you know would ensure my silence, the use of your body any time I liked.”

She shuttered and the memories of him coming over to her house, never knocking, just coming in and grabbing her tits or ass or whatever else he liked.  At first it had been strange, but soon it started to turn her on and she started to look forward to his visits.

“And it turned out to be a good thing since your always horny, you just can’t get enough dick inside of you.”

God her pussy was on fire, it had been hours since she’d last had a dick inside of it!  Why wasn’t he fucking her already?!

He let his thumb up from the button and then moved over to the one beside it, it was labelled “I.Q.”.  Her eyes would have bulged if they had been able to as he slide his thumb over to the down arrow and press it hard.

Tilda felt a wave of static crash in to her mind as she could feel it pushing out so much of her old intelligence.

Tily blinked and smiled, “Hi Mr. E!  How do you like the new kitchen?” she asked as she waved her hand from side to side.

“Don’t you think it’s missing a few things?” he replied.

“Like duh!  The… the, oh you know… the thing that cooks… will be here next week!”

“The oven?”

“Yeah!  That’s it!”

He took a step towards her and her nipples hardened as her pussy quivered.  He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in tightly to him, bring his head down and placed a kiss on her lips.

She pushed up in to him with her fake lips squishing on to his as she darted her tongue in to his mouth, god she was so glad he was here, she really needed a good hard dick inside of her.

He placed his hands on her hips and spun her around, then pushed her towards the wall, she dropped her purse and placed her hands on the fresh paint, still wet, as she half bent over at the waist.

His hands reached around her waist and unbuttoned her pants, pulling them down to her ankles in one swift motion, exposing her bare pussy.  Then he reached around her again, grabbed the neckline of her top and pulled it down over her tits, setting them free of their confines.

She moaned as she shook her ass and tits, looking to the side through the open window hoping the neighbours on the other side of them wouldn’t look in.

The next thing she knew his dick was pushing up against her outer lips, “Oh god Mr. E., I really need your dick inside of me!  Push it all the way in to my horny little pussy!”

She cried out in pleasure as he buried himself deep in to her, her arms gave out and her whole body fell against the wall, her tits squishing up against it.

He pounded her repeatedly as waves of pleasure coursed through her, without thinking she leaned her head forward, her lips touching the wall and then her nose and finally her forehead.

He grabbed her two pony tails and gave one last hard push deep inside of her and exploded, her orgasm did the same as she fell backwards on to him and they both fell to the ground, his dick still inside of her.

She felt his hand slap her ass as he rolled her to the side, his dick popping out of her and she groaned at the loss.  She managed to get herself upright without transferring too much of the paint on her hands to the new tiles before slipping out of her sneakers so she could remove her pants without touching them.

She started to head towards the bathroom to clean up when he called out to her, “Hang on a sec Tily.  Plant those wet hands on each of your ass cheeks.  Make a nice clear palm print.”

Tily turned around as far as she could to one side to see her ass and placed her palm right on the cheek, then did it on the other side as well.  Then she wiggled her ass to show him the result.

“Very good, I want to see those still in place the next time I see you, got it?”

“Yes Mr. E.” she replied, resigned to the fact she had to pretty much do anything he said or she’d be outed to her neighbours.

“Oh, and one more thing Tily… I kind of like this, don’t paint over it.” he said waving toward the wall.

Tily looked over to the clear out lines of her hands, tits, lips, nose and forehead on the wall.  Maybe… maybe she could but the… ah what did you call it… the cooling thing there to cover them up.

“Well, I like the new kitchen Tily, keep up the good work.  Maybe I’ll drop by tomorrow to see how tings are going.” he said as he headed for the front door, a small black device sticking out of his back pocket.