Lauren looked over at Terry and scowled, “Look, you can’t get ahead if your not fucking on the ball with this kind of thing.” she lectured Justin for the twentieth time that week at least.

She’d hired him because he was young and ambitious, but after two years working for her he’d really start to let things slide.  He was late to work, often coming in 2 or 3 minutes after she arrived at 7:30 and he’d even starting leaving early, just after 7pm, of all the nerve!

She sighed inwardly, as she pushed a stray strand of brown hair back over her ear.  Maybe she’d been to easy on him, giving him that raise at the beginning of the year, he certainly had shown any gratitude for the extra 50 bucks a month that he was getting.

“Yes Miss.” he replied and simply nodded his head.

“Did you at least get me the new phone?”

“Of course Miss, it’s right here.  I had them transfer all of your information over to it.” he replied and handed her the shiny new device.

She didn’t really need it of course, it was just something she did every year.  Justin even had the nerve to ask if he could have her old phone last year, but she’d said no, when he’d brought the new phone to her, she’d dropped the old one on the floor and given it a good hard stomp with her boot.

“They even gave you a new smart watch with the purchase, it has all kinds of health monitoring features on it.” Justin said and handed her the new phone and watch.

“Good, now get back to work.” she barked at him and he’d just turned and left her office.

She looked at the watch, it was the latest gadget from the company and was high end.  She’d never had a smart watch before but they seemed to be all the rage so why not?

She slipped it on and unlocked the phone, the screen popped up with a message and a slight tingle ran up her arm from the watch, “Welcome to uHealth!  New user detected, will you be the primary user?”

She selected yes and played with the app for a bit before getting back to work.

Lauren looked at her smart watch and frowned, she’d had it for just over a week, at first she’d just used it as a watch, but it continuously prompted her to get up and walk about or do some other exercise if she was stationary for very long.

She’d dismissed them for the first few days, but then after it’s incessant nagging had broken down and decided to try on of the suggested exercises.  When she finished it a slight wave of pleasure seemed to flow over her, starting from her wrist.

Over the next few days she’d started to do more and more of what the watch suggested, but the thing was demanding to say the least.  Never satisfied with what she had done, it kept increasing the amount and frequency of the exercises.

How was she supposed to get any work done when it all it wanted was more?

Lauren walked in to the office, it was almost 9:30 and she’d had to rush from the gym.  Her morning exercise routine had been getting longer and longer over the last couple of months, but it had really been paying off.  The little extra weight she’d been hiding under her clothing had melted away and she’d been able to start wearing some of her clothes that she’d been unable to for years,

“Hi Justin!” she chirped as she walked past him and in to her office.

“Good morning Lauren.” he replied and a slight shiver pulsed up her arm from her watch.

She’d dressed him down so many times when she’d first hired him and he’d tried using her first name, but now it made her feel so good when he did.

She got to work but it wasn’t long before her smart watch chirped and she took a look at what it wanted her to do next, “Just for you a special offer: 25% off a salon visit!  Add to your calendar now?”

She wrinkled her forehead, it wasn’t an exercise but an advertisement.  She’d never seen one before on the watch and her finger hovered over the no button but something in the back of her mind scratched at her consciousness.  She’d said yes to everything the watch had displayed for weeks, it had always felt so right as soon as she’d tapped ‘yes’ each time, did she really want to say no?

Her fingers started to drop down to the watch face and at the last moment slide over and selected ‘yes’, a tingle running up her arm, down her spine and right to her pussy.  A smile crossed her lips as she let out a small moan.

Lauren sat on the workout ball and heard her watch chirp once more, she looked at it and read the message, “Selfie time!  Show off your progress to your friends!”

She let out a slight giggle and reached down to the floor where she had set her phone, picked it up, turned to the mirror along the wall behind her and snapped a photo.

She posted it to her social media feed, she had never had one and Justin had set it up for her.  She didn’t want just anyone to see it so she’d asked him to make it private.  He’d added himself of course but she hadn’t given it to anyone else yet.

She looked at the photo and giggled as a shiver of pleasure flowed along her arm once more, she’d come so far in the last six months.  Gone was the stuffy boring old Lauren, replaced with the happy fun new one!

The new Lauren loved the way her hair cascaded over her shoulders and shimmered in the early morning light, how her ass looked in the tight purple workout clothes, how her lean legs held her steady.  If there was only one thing wrong it was her foot wear, but workouts did take sacrifices and she’d be back in her heels soon enough.

She was about to set her phone down when she heard footsteps from behind her, she turned to see Justin walking in to the workout room.

“Hi Justin!” she said in a cheerful voice.

“Hello Lauren, how’s the workout going?”

“Great!” she replied as she watched him tap on his phone.

Her watch chirped a moment later and she looked down at it, “Next workout: Oral and then vaginal sex.” she read and bit her lower lip, her pussy buzzing as her finger hovered over the ‘yes’ button for just a second before pressing it.

“Uhm, like Justin?  Could you help me with my next exercise?” she said turning towards him, still sitting on the ball, after setting her phone down.

“Sure, what do you need?” he asked and she smiled, raising her hand and using her finger to call him over.

A quick couple of steps and he was right in front of her, her fingers moved to his zipper and she had his pants and underwear on the floor, her lips wrapped around his hardening shaft.

Lauren pushed him deep in to her throat and felt another buzz of pleasure run up her arm.

“God Lori, that feels so good.” he said allowed.

She nearly orgasmed as he did, why hadn’t she thought of that?  Lauren was such a stuffy old name, Lori was so much more fun!

Lori reached up and pulled her top down, setting her tits free as her hair flew from side to side with each stroke down Justin’s shaft.

He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her off, her lips smacked together as they tried to stay firmly attached to him, “I can’t take much more of that Lori, what’s the next exercise?”

Lori spun around on the ball, getting herself on to her stomach and pushing her ass up on to it.  She reached back, grabbed her ass and threw her head over her shoulder with a giggle.

Justin reached down, grabbing her outfit just above her ass and gave it a hard yank to each side, causing to split right down the middle, exposing her wet pussy to the cool air of the gym, “Oh god Justin yes!  Yes!  Take me!” she cried out as he pushed up against her outer lips and then in to her.

“Is this what you want Lori?  A big hard cock in your tight little pussy?”

“Oh god yes Justin!  Fuck me!  Fuck me harder!”

“That’s right Lori, am I ‘fucking on the ball’ enough now?”

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  You’re fucking on the ball!  Your fucking me on the ball!  Fuck me on the ball Justin!  Fuck me on the ball till I cum for you!” she cried out and Justin rammed harder in to her, causing the ball to bounce, forcing him even deeper.

She felt him release inside of her and she cried out as a massive orgasm crashed over her.  Her eyes rolled back in to her head and she slide off the ball, Justin’s cock slide out from her as she did.

Several minutes later as she recovered her smart watch chirped again, she lazily turned her head to see the message, “Accept Justin as your Master?”

Her finger didn’t hesitate at all to press yes and another orgasm came over her.