Renee pushed her fingers through her hair, closed her eyes and moaned as she dropped down on to all fours having finished putting on her outfit, the pink latex offset by the furry white ruffs around her ankles and wrists and neck.

Her pussy tingled as her fingers pushed in to the plush carpet and her ass wiggled, sending her tail wagging from side to side.

“That’s a good girl Ruby, a good girl.” Derek’s voice called out and she looked up to see him standing over her, a leash in his hand and a smile on his lips.

He reached down and clipped the leash to the pink collar around her neck and she instantly felt her nipples harden.  His hand came over her head and patted it gently, “Arf!  Arf!” she cried out.

“Come on girl, time to go for your walk…” he said and tugged at the leash as he stood up and Renee eagerly followed along behind him.  Each step she took seemed to heighten her need, little waves of pleasure coursing through her as each of her “paws” touched the ground.

As he lead her from the house to the backyard Renee had time to reflect on the situation.  Just three months ago if you’d told her she’d be on all fours being led around like a poodle, she’d have laughed in your face.  She was a senior partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city, she had money, power and command respect from everyone she met.  She couldn’t count the number of times men had tried to get the upper hand with her, assuming she was nothing more than a pretty face, only to fail and end up being led around by the nose at her whim.

Derek had been a client of her’s, fighting a civil lawsuit from a woman that claimed he had taken advantage of her at a party, but Renee had quickly discredited the poor woman and she’d dropped the suit within a week.

But there had been something about Derek, his was strong and casual, assured but vulnerable.  He seemed to be a series of contradictions and when he’d asked her out for drinks, she’d said yes without thinking much of it.

They’d ended up back at her place, in her bed, her orgasms coming strong and often as he worked her body in ways she’d never dreamed of.

By the end of the first month of their dating he’d introduced her to all kinds of new things in the bedroom; latex, bondage, role playing.  She’d soaked it all up, eager to learn in a way she’d never had been before.

After the second month she’d spent so much of their time together on her knees, he’d given her her first pet play costume.  It was black and relatively simple looking back on it now, but she’d been hesitant to put it on.  But his smooth reassuring voice had eased her concerns and when he’d fucked her on all fours in it, all hesitation had vanished.

She’d gone online and ordered several more outfits, finding more and more elaborate ones until she’d finally come across this one.  When it had arrived she’d ripped open the packaging and put it on immediately, when Derek had dropped by a few hours later, he’d approved and she’d almost orgasmed right then and there.

Since then she’d ensure she was wearing it each night before he arrived and for the last week, she hadn’t even spoken to Derek in anything but little barks and whimpers.  It had just felt so right.

Renee felt the leash tug to the side and she turned around, back towards the house as Derek led her back inside.  Her pussy was dripping wet, her nipples hard against the latex, she was eager for him to fuck her once more.

When they entered the living room she was surprised to see another woman standing there, she turned to Derek with wide eyes, “Arooo?”

“Sit Ruby.” he commanded and her ass hit the floor immediately.  She pushed her arms together and straightened up, pushing her chest out.

The woman smiled and stepped forward, she was elegantly dressed, obviously a woman of status.  She looked down her nose at Renee and then over to Derek, “She seems… well trained.”

“See for yourself.” Derek replied and held Renee’s leash out to the woman.

She took it and Renee’s world suddenly shifted, no one else had ever held her leash but Derek.  Suddenly she was looking up at a new owner, an owner she knew nothing about, how would she be able to please her new owner?

The woman leaned down a bit, “Shake Ruby.” she commanded and Renee reached up with a “paw” and shook her hand.

“Good Girl.  Chase your tail.”

Renee got back up on to all fours and circled around several times.

“Roll over Ruby.” the woman commanded and Renee did so, returning to her sitting position afterwards just like she had done so many times for Derek.

Each command sent her deeper and deeper in to heat, her pussy buzzing, needing attention.

The woman knelt down so that she was just slightly above Renee, then she used her thumb and finger on Renee’s chin to raise her eyes up to hers.

“You don’t recognize me do you?” the woman asked and Renee whimpered in response, a wave of despair with her failure, the woman’s face looked familiar but Renee couldn’t place it.

“You’d think you’d remember the woman you call a ‘bitch in heat’ in open court.”

Renee’s mind flashed back to the case, a nasty divorce that she’d earned a large fee on.  It hadn’t started out that way, the husband, her client, had just wanted a quick settlement and figured a pretty female lawyer would get him sympathy from his soon to be ex-wife.

Renee had taken offence at that and quickly wrapped the man around her little finger and convinced him to drag it out.  Renee had even arranged for a male escort to come on to the wife and have him record it.  She’d shown the footage in court and described the event as a bitch in heat rutting around with whatever dogs she could find.

“Ah there it is… who’s the bitch in heat now?” the woman said, Renee still could place her name but the question sent a tingle down her spine right to her pussy.

The smile across the woman’s face was cold and wicked as she stood back up and started towards the couch, “Come Ruby.” she commanded and Renee followed along behind her.

The woman sat down and spread her legs, her short skirt pushing up to reveal her naked pussy.  She gently tapped her pussy, “Kisses Ruby, Kisses.”

Renee wanted to stop, but she crawled forward, her pussy growing more and more desperate with each command, until her outstretched tongue touched the woman’s pussy and Renee eagerly started licking.

“Oh that’s a good girl Ruby, such a good puppy girl.”

Renee let out a little whine as she licked, her ass swaying from side to side until she felt Derek’s hands steady it.

His dick slide into her and she whimpered in to the woman’s pussy as Renee buried her tongue in to her.

The woman kept telling her how good she was, Derek’s dick kept pounding her, she was so close and she wanted it so desperately.

Then, just when Renee thought she could take no more, the woman’s voice gave one last command, “Cum Ruby, cum.”

Renee felt the orgasm burst forth, crashing over her body and leaving her spasming on the floor.  She knew it wasn’t from Derek’s dick or the pleasure of licking the woman’s pussy.  No, it had been the command itself that brought on the orgasm.

A smile crossed Renee’s lips as she let out a little yap and she basked in the pleasure of it.

“She’s perfect.” the woman said.

“Not quite.” Derek responded.


“She still needs another week of training, then she’ll cum on command no matter what you’re doing to her.”

“I see, well I guess I can wait another week to ‘adopt’ her.  What about her position at the firm?”

“Already taken care of.  She hasn’t gone to work for almost a month and doesn’t even realize that she signed her resignation papers two weeks ago.”

“Very good, you have been well worth your price Derek.  I have to admit I was sceptical at first and I still don’t know how you’ve done it, but I’ll be sure to recommend you to my friends if they ever have a need.”

“I appreciate that, word of mouth is my only advertising… for obvious reasons.  And as for my methods, I will only say they have been passed down through the generations of my family.”

The woman only smiled and walked towards the front door as Derek picked up Renee’s leash once more and gave it a tug.  Renee reluctantly got back on to all fours and wobbled slightly as her limbs were still weak.

“Come on girl, time to go for a walk.” Derek commanded and Renee followed along behind him, the heat in her pussy growing once more as they made their way to the backyard and what she knew would eventually be more training on the latest command Derek was teaching her.