“Ugh, like their not big enough?  Are you sure?” Wendy said as she bit her fingernail, holding her top up to expose her tits.

“Oh, definitely not big enough Wendy.  Why you can’t even squeeze them together and give a proper titty fuck with those little things!” Brain responded and Wendy frowned.

“Like, yes I can!” she retorted and bounced over to where it was seated, dropping to her knees and pulling his pants down around his ankles before squeezing her tits together as best she could and wrapping his dick with them.

“See!  See!  I can give a good titty fuck with them!” she cried out as she looked down at his shaft.

“Oh come on Wendy, I mean you’ve hardly got half of my dick covered with those little things.”

She frowned and wrinkled her forehead in thought, he was right, she was doing the best she could but it just wasn’t enough.  That’s when the idea popped in to her head and she titled her head down and opened her mouth, letting his tip plunge in to her her with each stroke down she made.

“Awe, I know, it’s not your fault Wendy, it’s just the way it is.” he said and patted her head, “That first pill just had so much work to do that there wasn’t enough left to give you a big old set of tits too.”

Defeated she dropped the pretence of giving him a titty fuck and just drove his dick in to her throat, giving him a proper blow job instead.

Minutes later he came in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop, keeping him inside of her until there was no more left to suck out.

She looked up at him, her big eyes like saucers as a string of split drew out from her pouting, quivering lips, “I… I… I’m so worthless!  I can’t even give you a proper titty fuck!” she cried as tears ran down her cheeks.

Her tits were all that she was good for, he’d told her as much as the first pill had burned through her and she’d orgasmed like never before.  But now she knew there was no hope.

“Oh don’t worry Wendy.” Brain said and reached down, placing a finger under her chin and guiding her up on to his lap.

She sat there, trying to hold back tears as he held up a small pink pill in one hand and a glass of water in the other, “Just take this and I bet you’ll be able to titty fuck a horse.”

Her eyes brightened as she grabbed the pill and popped it in her mouth, then downed the glass of water.  It only took seconds for her to start to feel the effects.

The pleasure washed over her as she felt her waist start to constrict, her ass firm up farther and then what she had been waiting for, her tits starts to bulge.  Her hands flew up too them and squeezed them together as the grew and grew, she didn’t even notice her lips puffing out at the same time.

Finally she felt the pill hit her mind and Brain reached up and pulled her down and spoke in to her ear, “Wendy Tittyfucks loves to show off her tits.  Loves to play with her tits.  Loves to have her tits played with.  Loves to have a cock between her tits.  Loves to have cum spray all over her tits.  Wendy Tittyfucks is a titty slut that can’t help but cum whenever her tits are used.”

Wendy Tittyfucks came hard as the effects of the pill burned through her mind and she collapsed forward on to Brain’s chest.  She recovered to him sucking on one of her giant tits and she let out a long loud moan.

She felt his teeth lightly bite down on her nipple and then pull away from her, distending it far from her body, “Oh god yes baby!  Yes!” she cried out as her whole body shivered in pleasure.

He held it there and grabbed her other nipple between his thumb and finger, twisting it and pulling it away from her body as well and her head fell backwards, her eyes rolling back in to her head as she grunted from the waves of pleasure cascading over her.

She was so close when he finally let go of both of them, her tits rebounding back on to her chest and a massive orgasm crashing over her.  She collapsed once more on to him, a long satisfied giggle escaping her lips as she gently rubbed her tits in to him, eager for the next time he’d used them.