Shelly looked down at her watch as she held on to the car door and then turned towards the girls, “Alright girls, time to go, get in the car.”

“Awe, but Mommy, I don’t want to go yet!” Krissy whined as she stood in the back seat of the car and poked out of the sunroof.

“Yea, come on Mrs K., we want to hang out longer!” Missy said in support of her friend, twirling on of her long pony tails with her fingers.

“Puuhhhhlleeeeaassseee Mrs. K.?” Prissy chimed in, turned around from where she was seated on the front of the car, leaning in and pushing her arms together as she arched her back.

“Don’t doddle young ladies, it’s time to go, so get in the car.” she replied, tapping her watch as she did so and all three faces drooped in frowns as they made their way in to the car.

All three took seats in the back, with Krissy in the center and Missy and Prissy sitting beside her.

Shelly pulled out of the parking lot and before they’d even made it half way home Missy and Prissy had Chrissy’s shirt off and were suckling her breasts as Chrissy’s hands were under the other two girls skirts.

Shelly smiled and made sure to take her time when stopping at traffic lights, ensuring anyone who looked it had a good view of the three girls making out.  If one of the men that saw them was rude enough, she might even invite him to follow them back home so that she could record another video to put up for sale on the Internet.

Priscilla looked over at her partners, Christina and Michelle, their black cat suits nearly invisible if not for the night vision goggles she wore.  She held up her hand and signalled them to move forward, deeper in to the secret base they had discovered during their undercover investigation.

They’d been on the trail of Shelly Knot for months and it had taken them all over the world; Marco, Thailand, London, Cape Town, Panama.  It was strange that they’d ended up here, a small suburb out side of LA, at what appeared to be nothing more than another cookie cutter home.

But they’d found the secret entrance in the basement, leading to a deep underground lair and now, after defeating the security system, all they had to do was sneak in and get the evidence they needed to put their nemesis behind bars.

Priscilla fell in behind her partners with a sense of relief that it was almost over, they’d been out in the field without contact with home base for so long that she was even looking forward to doing the mountain of paperwork this mission was going to require.

With all three of them inside, Michelle moved across the room to a table with high tech looking equipment on it, including a computer console.

Michelle carefully looked for any hidden alarms or traps but not finding any, powered up the computer and started to work on it.  As soon as the display came to life the lights flooded the room.  All three of them groaned as their night vision goggles failed to adjust quickly enough and they were blinded temporarily.

Priscilla pulled the goggles from her head and blinked, “We’re compromised!  Abort!  Abort!  Abort!” she said and turned back to the door just in time to see it slam shut.

“Damnit!” Christina shouted just in time for the high pitched wailing to start.

All three covered their ears, “Where’s that coming from?!?” Michelle yelled at the top of her lungs to over come it.

“Ugh… I don’t know.” Priscilla said, looking around and loosing her balance, falling to the floor she held out a hand to try and stop herself, but it only made the dizziness worse as the high pitched sound no longer had any barrier to pass through.

She managed to see her partners on the floor, just like her, before the sound overcame her and she passed out.

Shelly Knot walked in to the room, three black clad women on the floor and a smile across her lips.

She’d been trying to give these three the slip for months, they were persistent, she had to give them that.  Even if they weren’t nearly as smart as they thought they were.

She’d finally had enough of the cat and mouse game and called ahead to an associate to setup the trap, something she knew they wouldn’t be able to resist was an underground hideout.

Knelling down to the one closest to the door, Priscilla, Shelly brushed her jet black hair back from her face and ran her thumb across her lower lip, “Oh you’ll do just fine.” she said aloud but didn’t hear herself speak due to the earplugs she wore.

“Well, time to get to it.”  she said and stood back up, walking over to the table and picking up three cases that sat on it.

She knelt down to Christina, who had fallen closest to the table, and repositioned her crumpled form until she was laying on her back.  Then, opening the case, removed a helmet and placed it on her head so that it covered her eyes and ears.

She repeated the process with Michelle and Priscilla and all three were laid out in a row, their heads in the helmets.  She returned to the table and started typing on the computer, a moment later the high pitched whine stopped and Shelly removed her earplugs.  Then, with another few keystrokes, a soft sound and light could be seen coming from under each of the helmets.

Shelly looked at her watch and set a timer, eight hours should be more than enough, before heading back up to the house above.  She had time to kill and there was no point staring at the three immobile bodies on the floor while the programming took hold.

Prissy slammed her strap on in to Chrissy pussy and smiled as she grabbed her friends hips, holding on tightly to her.

“Oh god Chrissy, I love ramming my strapon in to your tight, wet little pussy!” she said.

She raised her hand and gave Chrissy a good hard slap on the ass, “Get that tongue in there Chrissy, eat Missy’s pussy!” she cried out as Chrissy did just that.

The three of them were on the bed, eagerly performing as Mrs. K. operated the camera on the tripod at the foot of the bed.

“Ugh hun… Yeah Chrissy, eat my pussy… my fans love it!” Missy cried out as her hands played with her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples, slapping them gently as she bucked her hips in to Chirssy’s face.

Prissy watched Chrissy’s body shiver and shake as Chrissy’s pussy spasmed on to the dildo.

“Oh my god Chrissy, did you just cum again?  Bad Chrissy, bad Chrissy.  Missy and I haven’t cum yet!” Prissy cried out and spanked Chrissy several times in quick succession.

She watched Chrissy’s body spasm with another orgasm and Prissy sped up her pounding of her pussy, reaching out and grabbing her own tit, “Oh god Chrissy, I’m going cum… I love fucking your tight little puuuusssssyyyyyy!”

She managed to see Missy’s orgasm cresting just before she through her head back and held Chrissy’s hips firmly with the strap on buried deep inside of Chrissy.

All three collapsed on to the bed and held each other tightly, Priscilla knew the other three were thinking the same thing as she was, after spending so much time globe trotting, they’d finally found their home base.