Lana typed away at the form as she stood in front of the counter, it was highly detailed and had dozens of questions, “Are all of these questions really necessary?” she asked the sales woman behind the desk.

“Well as you can imagine there are those that would like to… keep the nanosuit beyond the agreed rental term and so we have to do a thorough background check on you.”

Lana could only imagine, the cost of the nanosuits was so high that rental agency, like this one, had popped up all over the country.  The rental agency let someone like her use a nanosuit for a few days without having to commit to the high cost of ownership.

So she dutifully filled in the questions, even the ones she couldn’t quite figure out why they were asking.

Lana walked from the rental agency with the nanosuit tucked under her arm and a smile on her lips, she wasn’t sure that her fake ID would fool them and she really needed the money she’d get for selling the nanosuit on the black market.

Of course that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a bit of fun with it first and so she was now hurrying home to spend a day or two with it before handing it over to her underground contact.

Lana slipped the nanosuit on and powered up the controller, the company logo flashing on the screen before the main screen came up and she logged in with her fake credentials.

She quickly selected several options, the nansuit flowing up over her head and the rest of her body until she was completely encased, then she felt her body changing.

Her waist constricting, her breasts enlarging, her skin smoothing as she lay down on her bed, setting the controller to the side and letting her hands start to explore the changes.

Her hands came up to her now larger, more sensitive breasts and squeezed them, a gasp escaping her lips as the pleasure flowed through them, down her spine to her pussy.

One hand snaked down her front to her latex covered pussy and her fingers gently pushed the material inwards, the nanosuit forming a dildo that pushed deep in to her and mimicked the motion of her fingers.

She moaned loudly as the pleasure washed over her, the feelings from the nanosuit unlike anything she had experienced before.

The next few hours were spent with orgasm after orgasm coming from her finger dildo pushing in to her pussy, between her lips and even in to her ass until suddenly everything stopped.

The pleasure, her fingers, her ability to move, everything.  She lay in her bed, completely unable to do anything.

Then, just as suddenly, she sat upright, threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up before reaching down and picking up the controller.

On the screen she could see the red flashing message, “ALERT: Falsified user details detected, returning to rental agency.”

Her body still not under her control, she walked from her apartment and back towards the rental shop.

Lana stood in front of the sales agent once more, the nanosuit having forced her to fill out the form truthfully this time, looking at the bold rejection notice on the screen, “Credit check failed!”

“Third one this week.” the sales lady said, shaking her head, “Alright, follow me.”

Lana walked just a few paces behind her as she headed for the back of the store, through the storage area and out in to an adjoining store behind the rental agency.

Stepping in to the new space Lana saw another woman wearing a nanosuit standing behind a small counter, then looking out to the rest of the store, she saw several more women kneeling in nanosuits.

“I’ve got another one for you.” the sales lady said as the other woman turned to them, “Paperwork is all done, here…” she continued and extended Lana’s controller for her to take.

“Yes ma’am, we have just had a spot open up.” The nanosuit clad woman said and took the controller.

The sales agent simply nodded and turned back towards the door and the rental shop, disappearing from Lana’s view.

The new woman tapped on the controller a few times and then walked over to one of the empty spaces between two other nanosuit clad woman and pointed at the floor.

Lana’s body knelt down and the other woman walked behind her, reaching down and moving her arms and hands so they were crossed in front of her pussy.

Then she stood behind Lana and tilted her head back and adjusted several other small points until she was satisfied with Lana.

Then the woman walked back to the desk, retrieved the controller and stood in front of Lana, once more selecting options.

That’s when she felt the nanosuit invade her mind and start erasing things.  She couldn’t tell what of course, they were gone, but she surely must have gone to school at some point, hadn’t she?

She could still remember she had a huge student debt, but not ever having attended university.  Or high school, or public school for that matter,

A nanodrone didn’t go to school though, so why did she think she had?

She wasn’t a nanodrone though was she?  She looked around at the other nanodrones, posed just like she was and her pussy moistened, they look so hot, just like she did.

She must be a nanodrone, she was just like the others, kneeling in the nanodrone store, waiting to be sold to an owner.

A sudden wave of relief washed over her as the realization settled in, yes, she was a newly manufactured nanodrone, waiting to be sold.

Relief turned to euphoria as unit L4112 watched the door to the store open and a man walk in.  Perhaps he would purchase her and she would then be complete, a nanodrone with a user.