“Awe, but Ms. Cleavage, I’m reaaaalllyy sorry!” Crystal said as she twirled her pig tails in her fingers.

Camey wasn’t having any of it though, “I don’t want to hear it Crystal.  I told you last time if you flashed your pussy at me again in class I’d be taking you to the principals office, so here we are.”

Crystal pouted and stomped her foot on the ground.

“And to make it worse…” Camey said as she looked down over her massive rack that was barely contained by her top, “You’re out of uniform too.”

Crystal looked down to where Mr. Cleavage was pointing, her sneakers.

“Oh my god!  Like I’m so embarrassed!  I totally forgot to put on my heels after gym class!”

“Ms. Cleavage, Crystal?  The principal will see you now.” Candy said, calling over to them from behind her desk in front of the principals office.  The blonde secretary wasn’t as stacked as Camey but made up for it with the two large pillows that were stuck on her face.

Camey grabbed Crystal’s hand and dragged her in to the principal’s office behind her, the clicking of her shoes against the wooden floor echoing throughout the room and in to the hallway.

“Ah, Ms. Cleavage, what can I do for you?” Dean asked, as the two women entered his office.

“Well Dea… I mean Mr. Hardcock, Crystal here has been flashing me her pussy in class again.” Camey replied, “And she’s out of uniform.”

“Is that true Crystal?” the principle asked and Crystal lowered her head.

“Yes sir.” she replied, barely audibly.

“Pardon me?  I didn’t quite catch that… and make sure to say what you did as well.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Hardcock,” Crystal replied, her cheeks aflame with embarrassment, “I was flashing my pussy at Ms. Cleavage in class again.”

“Thank you Crystal, why don’t you have a seat and show me how you were doing that.  Have a seat as well Ms. Cleavage.”

The two women sat down and Crystal’s cheeks flushed even more as she gingerly reached down and pulled up her skirt, revealing her bare pussy.

“Is that how she did it Ms. Cleavage?” Dean asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No Mr. Hardcock, not at all.”

“Now Crystal, show me exactly how you did it.”

Crystal didn’t think her cheeks could get any redder, but they somehow did as she flipped her skirt back down.

She parted her legs, pushed herself lower in to the seat, pulled her skirt up once more and slide her finger up and down her glistening slit as she met Mr. Hardcock’s eyes and slowly extended her tongue and ‘flicked’ it up and down slowly in time with her fingers.

“Yes.. yes that’s how she did it.” Camey said sternly.

“Alright.  Well Crystal this behaviour can’t go unpunished.  You well know that Ms. Cleavage is on probation for licking one of her student’s pussies without the requisite sucking of one of her student’s cocks.  So as punishment, you’ll need to get down on your knees and lick Ms. Cleavage’s pussy for 30 minutes.”

“But, like, that’s so unfair!” Crystal whined.

“Would you like it to be 15 minutes instead?” Dean asked.

“No sir.  I’m sorry sir.” Crystal replied, once more letting her head fall forward until she slipped from the chair and crawled over to the one Ms. Cleavage was seated in.

Camey pulled up her skirt until her bare pussy was accessible to Crystal she crawled between Camey’s spread legs and started to lick.

“How’s she doing Ms. Cleavage?” Dean asked a few minutes later as Crystal continued her punishment.

“God, she’s really improved since last time Mr. Hardcock!” Camey said through her heavy breathing, her tits rising and falling as she did.

Dean stood up from behind his desk and walked around it, standing just beside Camey.  He reached down and brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from her forehead as he stared down at her tits.

Camey turned to the side, stared at his long hard shaft for a moment before looking up in to his face, “Oh Mr. Hardcock!” she exclaimed before wrapping her lips around him and sucking him deep in to her throat.

He reached down and slide his hand under her top, ‘popping’ one of her gigantic tits free and taking a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, giving it a hard twist as Camey continued to give him a blow job as Crystal worked as hard as she could to bring her to orgasm.

Some time later, well after Crystal’s 30 minutes of punishment were up, all three orgasmed in unison.

Dean watched the swaying ass of Camey leave his office and smiled at yet another successful “disciplinary meeting” with one of his students and teachers.

It was the third today and he expected several more before the bell rang, to speak nothing of the after school clubs and sports teams that always seemed to need something from him as well.

If he had to be honest, using his first wish to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”, might not have been the most logical choice.  But between Ms. Cleavage, Ms. Legsformiles, Ms. Hover and the rest of the facility as well as the “student body”, he was happy with his choice.

And besides, he still had two more wishes if he ever got bored.