Tammy took the trident from Chuck’s hand and frowned, “I said I needed a pitchfork!  This is a trident!” she nearly screamed at him.

“I’m sorry Tammy, there was nothing left at the costume store, I had to go to a second harn shop to even find that.”

She frowned even harder, it was used to boot?

She turned it over a few times in her hand, it didn’t look like it had been used before and it didn’t quite match the bright red of her dress or “horns”, but she guessed it would have to do.

“Fine, here, take a couple of photos.” she said, handing him her phone and then turning slightly and putting on the most innocent expression she could.

He snapped several photo’s in quick succession until she finally touched the trident to her lips with a wicked little smile.

The flash of the camera went off and she felt a tingle across her lip where the trident was touching and her forehead wrinkled as she tried to remove the trident.

Her eyes went wide as a sudden wave of heat passed over her and she felt her body shift somehow.

“Hey, Tammy, are you alright?” Chuck asked but all she could do was close her eyes and moan as the shifting intensified.

The flash of the camera continued as it caught each and every change; her dress darkening to match the trident, her horns doing the same but also losing their feathers and embedding themselves in to her head, her hair darkening to pitch black, her lips puffing out, her lipstick darkening to match the trident as well.

Then her breasts started to enlarge, her ass tighten up, her waist constrict and a tail start to fall between her legs.

Then the changes stopped and a fire ignited in her mind, burning away everything Tammy had been.

Chuck watched his girlfriend open her eyes and a predatory smile cross her lips as she pushed the trident between her breasts and wrapped her long tail around her waist.

“Thank you master for releasing me, it has been too long since I walked this Earth.” the sexy voice, that sounded vaguely like Tammy’s reached his ears and sent a shiver of fear down his spine.

Whatever stood before him now was no longer his girlfriend though, it’s body oozed sex in every way possible and even with the fear running through his brain, his dick had already started to respond.

It took a step forward and draped an arm over his shoulder, the other arm moving down to his pants and taking his manhood in to it’s fingers.

“I see humans still know how to show respect for my kind…” it said and massaged his dick through his pants, “Let me return the favour…”

It dropped to it’s knees and split his pants in two with ease, pulling his underwear down around his ankles before wrapping it’s blood red lips around him and driving down to his pelvis.

A small voice was screaming in the back of his mind that he should be running for his life, but the pure, unadulterated pleasure coming from his groin drowned it out and he let out a moan as it worked up and down his shaft.

He didn’t last long, his cum bursting forth and filling it’s mouth, it eagerly took it all as he felt a little piece of himself being drained away until his body collapsed in exhaustion.

It stood back up and looked down at him, it’s tail uncoiling and gently caressing his deflating penis and balls, “I shall return Master, rest and recover for we have many more nights to enjoy.  In the mean time, I have many others to visit this night, but fear not, I shall always return to you.”

He knew if he was still there when it returned he would never escape it’s power, but right then, the grip of the afterglow of the best sex he had every conceived of still firmly on him, his only though was how how soon it would before it returned.

Happy Halloween!