Leslie leaned back against the wall, waiting to be called in to the doctors office and looked down at her swollen breasts and worried that they would start leaking again.  The waiting room was filled with young women with the same concern.

Finally she got in to to see her doctor but could only frown at the diagnosis, “But, I’m not pregnant!” she said exasperated as she waved her hands at the two wet spots forming  on her shirt.

“I know, I know, but it was part of that chemical spill from a few weeks ago.  No one knew it at the time, but some of the chemicals leaked in to the water table.  They passed through before anything could be done about it, but as you can see, there are some symptoms from their presence.” Dr. Ecklson said, sympathy in his voice which didn’t really help the matter.

“If it makes you feel better, you’re not the only one…” he said but it didn’t help at all.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad if the other part of the problem hadn’t been there, her nipples had become ten times more sensitive.

“And… and the… sensitivity?” she asked as her shoulders slumped in resignation.

“Yes, several others have reported that as well, as I said, it all should clear up in a few weeks.  At most a month or two.”

“Months!  What am I supposed to do about…” she whined as she waved her hands once more at the wet spots on her shirt.

“Ah, well, as the chemical company is responsible for the spill and are well aware of the side effects, they’ve provided something to help.” Dr. Ecklson said and reached to the side of his desk and picked up a mid size box and handed it to her.

“Breast pumps?” she said, reading the box and raising an eyebrow.

“Not just any breast pumps, top of the line, latest tech.  Completely self contained, you wear them in your bra and they automatically turn on when needed.  Completely silent as well.”

Leslie was sceptical but there didn’t seem to be any other option.  She stood up from her chair and thanked the Doctor before she left.

“Oh, and Leslie, why don’t you make an appointment for two weeks from now for a checkup.” he said as she left.

Leslie had quickly discovered that she wasn’t the only one sporting the latest in breast pump technology at her office, there were a least a dozen other women all wearing them.  It was a little odd as the pumps required the women to wear a larger bra size to fit them in and so they all seemed to be sporting over sized chests in comparison to just a few days ago.

The other strange thing about it was how often the women wearing them, include Leslie, would suddenly stop mid sentence as the silent pumps would start up, sending waves of pleasure through their overtly sensitive nipples.

Everyone knew what was happening and they were all very polite about it as Leslie or one of the other effected ladies would zone out, waiting the few seconds before the pumps would shut off and they would continue on, pretending that nothing had happened.

But after a week or so Leslie had begun to notice that she and the other’s with the pumps seemed to be called upon less and less to speak or assigned work that didn’t required them to interact with the public.  She’d wanted to say something about it, but each time she’d gone to do so the pumps had started up and she’d been unable to complete her thought.  It was another side effect everyone politely ignored, Leslie and the other had been having more and more trouble keep a train of thought going after the pumps had done their work.

It was almost as if the pumps had a mind of their own, but Leslie knew that was ridiculous.

It was during the second week that she and the others had been sent home on “medical” leave as well.  It wasn’t that their condition had gotten worse or anything, but at some point, one of the other ladies had started moaning, softly at first, when the pumps had turned on.  By the middle of the second week they were all doing it, and much louder as well.

If she was honest about it, she didn’t mind getting sent home, the ongoing pleasure that the pumps caused her sensitive nipples had become more and more of a “problem”, she’d been masturbating several times a day to relieve the build up, but it was harder and harder to get time alone in the bathroom with all the other ladies doing the same thing.

At home, she had no problem finding time to masturbate whenever the need hit her.  And not having to do any work made it so much easier to just let the pleasure wash over her from the pumps and not think about anything else.

Leslie walked in to her Doctor’s office, a broad smile on her face as she sat down in the chair, “Hi Dr. Ecklson.”

“Good morning Leslie, how are you feeling?”

“I’m feel so… ooooooo mmmmmmmmmm…” she started to say as the pumps suddenly kicked in and her speech devolved in to a low moan that reverberated throughout her body.

A moment later they stopped and Leslie blinked, “… what was I saying?” she asked, a confused look on her face.

“Oh nothing, but would you mind taking your top off as well as your bra and pumps?”

Leslie’s forehead furrowed in thought, “Both… both… of the pumps?” she replied, she hadn’t taken the both off in over a week.  She loved wearing her pumps, they made her feel so good.

“Yes Leslie, I need to examine you.” he said with a firm voice and Leslie hesitantly started to remove her top.

It took longer than it should have, but eventually Leslie was sitting in her chair, naked from the waist up.  Her eyes were firmly fixed to the two pumps sitting on the doctor’s desk, her face filled with longing as the Doctor pulled his chair up in front of her’s.

Doctor Ecklson reached out and gently took Leslie’s breasts in his hands and she let out a low moan as she closed her eyes for a moment.

“Any new symptom’s Leslie?” he asked.

“N… no Doctor.” she replied as she bit her lower lip, the doctor’s hands still in contact with her sensitive breasts.

“And your nipples are still overtly sensitive?” he asked as he took both of her nipples between his thumb and finger.

“Oh god yes Doctor!  My nipples are so sensitive!”

“You don’t mind me playing with them do you Leslie?”

“No Doctor, please play with them!  I love them being played with!”

“That’s right Leslie, I bet you love it so much you find it hard to think of much else these days, don’t you?  Especially when those pumps keep sucking out all that milk from your tits.”

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  I love my pumps on my tits!”

She felt a small squirt of milk come from her nipples as the doctor pulled on them hard and then released them.  An orgasm crashed over her and she slumped back in to the chair.

Leslie walked in to the doctors office and was waved through to the waiting room.  There she saw several of the other ladies that had been effected by the chemical spill and she waved at them.  They all look so different then they had before, but then again so did she.

Gone were her boring old clothes and style, replaced with bright colours, tight fitting outfits and an attention to her hair and makeup that she’d never had before.  Since she’d been on medical leave for almost three weeks she’d had to find something to occupy her time and for some reason she’d been drawn to Internet video’s on fashion and style.

“Leslie, Dr. Ecklson will see you now.” the nurse called out and Leslie stood up, the clicking of her heels against the hard tile surface of the doctors office floor.

She enter his office and sat down in her chair and simply smiled until he finally was finished with whatever paperwork he had in front of him and turned towards her.

“Well Leslie, how are things going?  I see you don’t have your pumps on any more.”

“That’s right Doc, my tits stopped leaking, like almost a week ago!”

“Very good, do you mind if I take a look?”

“Of course not Doc!” she beamed as she undid her top and bra quickly and stripped for him.

“I see there’s still some… swelling?” he asked and she just giggled in response.

As her tits had slowly stopped leaking milk, they had also started to swell up, taking her old C cup up to at least a set of double D’s.

“And the sensitivity?” he asked as he reached forward and grabbed one of her nipples, squeezing and twisting it.

“Oh god yes Doc!  My nipples are even more sensitive now!  Please.. please… my other one too!” she cried out and the doctor obliged her, taking both nipples in his fingers and playing with them.  It wasn’t long before she cried out as an orgasm came over her.

“Alright Leslie, any other symptoms?” he asked.

“Well… I’m always horny Doc, is that a symptom?”

“It could be… anything else?” he asked as he stood up in front of her.

“Well…” she said, her eyes narrowing as she stared at his crotch, her fingers reaching out to take the zipper in between her fingers, “I got this terrible oral fixation…” she trailed off as she managed to free his dick from his pants and take it between her vividly red painted lips.

She sucked him all the way in, just like she’d been practising with her dildo and it felt so good to finally have a real cock between her lips.  It wasn’t long before he had her bent over the chair, his dick plunging deep in to her needy little pussy as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

Eventually she felt him cum in her pussy and one final orgasm rocked her unlike any of the others.

Dr. Henry Ecklson watched Leslie walk out of his office, her ass swaying as she held the company business card that he’d given her in her one hand and a clearly satisfied smiled on her lips.

When the company had first come to him after the chemical spill in the small town he’d been reluctant to say the least, but they had been very convincing.

He’d seen the data from their studies, once a woman showed symptoms of exposure to the chemical there was nothing that could be done for them.  If they were left on their own, they’d be little more than mindless sex dolls by the time the chemicals cleared their systems.

At least with the companies plan, they would retain some semblance of a life, even if that life look little like the one they had before.

The breast pumps did take care of the most immediate problem of lactation, but they also contained an AI algorithm that steered them away from conversation by applying stimulation at just the right times.  They also contained an ultra low frequency speaker that sent vibrations through their bodies that would vibrate their ear drums at just the right frequency to simulate a set of headphones.  The ULF speakers only ever came on when the pumps did, creating a perfect feedback loop of positive re-enforcement of the messages they were receiving.

He sighed and wondered where Leslie would end up.  Now that she was finished, the company would relocate her somewhere else in the country and find her a job more suited her her new outlook on life.

Perhaps as a trophy wife, or an erotic dancer, or maybe just as a good old secretary at a big company somewhere.

Whatever the case, it would be the last time he saw her so he marked her file closed and pushed the button on his intercom, “Can you send in my next patient please?” he said and opened up the next file in the stack.

He looked up a moment later to see Stacey, a stunning blonde who was still wearing the pumps.  She sat down and he turned to his computer, clicking on the “start pumps” button and he watched her eyes glaze over.

Stacey was high on his list of possible “compensations” for his work with the company, but then again so was Heather, his daughter’s best friend that had been one of the last to exhibit symptoms.

He’d have to decide soon, both were in getting close to the final stages and then they’d be relocated just like Leslie was on her way to be.