Victoria leaned against the railing, her fake smiled still plastered on her face, but inwardly she sighed.  She’d come to the party, all decked out with her best “assets” on full display knowing the competition was fierce at these shindigs and finding a new sugar daddy would not be easy.

Oh, there were lots to choose from, many that had made the first move, but none of them fit her requirements.  They were all too young, the oldest being maybe in his early 40’s, for what she was looking for.

George, who’d just passed away a few weeks ago, had been the perfect sugar daddy for her.  He’d been supporting her for the last three years, the last 18 months of which she hadn’t even had to have sex with him after his doctor had cancelled his Viagra prescription due to his heart condition.

He’d showered her with gifts, and cash, and attention, but she’d never been able to get him to change his will.  His family had blocked her at every turn and now, here she was, looking for her next paycheck.

She almost let her smile slip as a man started towards her, he was the oldest one she’d seen, maybe in his late fifties, but still a little young for her taste.  But he was dressed well and oozed a confidence that she hadn’t seen in the others.  That was always a good sign, the more confident they were, the easier it was to pander to their ego and slip right by their normal defences.

He held out his hand, palm up, and smiled, “Hello, I’m Henry… and you are?”

She placed her hand on to his, “Victoria… oh!” she replied as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it, a tingle running up her arm and nuzzling at the base of her skull.

“A pleasure Victoria.  Might I ask what such a beautiful young woman is doing out here all alone?”

Her smile widened, in a practiced manoeuvre that had ensnared many men over the years, “Well I found the boys in the other room to be boring and stale, but then you weren’t there were you?”

He smiled back, still holding her hand, “I must apologise Victoria, I was fashionably late, I find these parties to be filled with young girls that have little idea how to treat a man.  I was so relieved to see you standing out here, I could tell you were far more than those inside.”

Victoria stepped up to him and deftly manoeuvred his hand around so that their arms linked together, “Perhaps then we should go somewhere a little more private?”

“I know just the place.” he replied and stepped forward as she hung off his arm.

He wasn’t quite what she was looking for, but that little tingle that still reverberated at the back of her skull intrigued her and she wanted to see where it lead.  At least for a little while, she could always use him for a few dates and dump him afterwards.

Victoria checked herself in the mirror one last time before heading out for her second “date” with Henry, the first had gone far better than she had expected.

He’d taken her to one of his clubs, he said he owned hundreds across the country and a few dozen around the world, it was very up scale and he’d taken them to one of the private rooms where they talked and laughed for hours.  Each time she’d touch him or he’d touch her, the tingle at the base of her skull would intensify just a little more and a euphoric sense of happiness would permeate her entire being.

She still had some misgivings about his suitability to be her next sugar daddy, oh he certainly had the money and as far as she could tell, no family to speak of.  Those were two big pluses in his favour to be sure, but his relative youth meant he had enough stamina to go the distance she was sure.

Of course, that might not be a bad thing either, there was something about him that made her stomach flip flop and a genuine smile come to her face whenever she thought about him.

She turned from the mirror and walked out of the bathroom, to her condo’s entrance and picked up her small hand bag and headed down to the front lobby.  He was already there, standing by the limo door, holding it open for her.

“Why thank you Henry, you’re such a gentleman!” she exclaimed as she took his hand at the tingle shimmied down her spine and landed in her pussy.

“My pleasure for such a beautiful lady.” he replied as he stepped from behind the door and steadied her as she slipped in to the back seat.

He sat down beside her and she moved over to be right next to him, her hand gently landing on his leg as she smiled and stared in to his eyes.

They made small talk during the drive, eventually coming to a stop outside another one of his establishments.  It wasn’t quite as upscale as the last one, but for some reason that didn’t bother her.  They left the limo and walked in, Henry guiding her to a large booth at the back and ordered for both of them.

She would have normally said something about that, a man assuming they knew what she wanted to eat, but Henry’s hand was on top of hers and the tingling just made everything so good that all she did was smile and thank him.

It was several hours later when they left, heading back to the limo, Victoria once more sitting right up against Henry, but this time her hand didn’t land on his leg, but right on his crotch.  She leaned in and kissed him, her tongue probing his mouth as the buzzing in her pussy would no longer be ignored.

“God Henry, I’m so horny!” she whispered in to his ear and then straddled his lap, pulling her top to the sides so her breasts came free.

Henry smiled and leaned in, taking one of her hard nipples between his lips and the other between his fingers.

Victoria gasped and wiggled her torso from side to side as she held his head firmly on to her breast, until finally he pulled away, distending her nipple with his lips as he did so until it slipped from between them and bounced back to her breast.

Her hands flew to his belt and pants, working the clasps on both until they were free and then she slide off his lap and pulled his pants and underwear down with her.  His dick sprung free and she dove on to it, her lips wrapping around it and sliding down half way as waves of pleasure washed over her.

She moaned as she slide up and down, eagerly sucking him in deeper and deeper with each cycle until she finally felt her nose nestled in to his pubs.

Her pussy twitched in response and she almost came.  Her fingers dove down and reached under her dress, sliding her panties to the side before slipping in to her dripping wet snatch.

Soon her fingers and her mouth were in unison; down and in, up and out as her breasts bounced up and down as well.

Then she felt Henry’s hands take her head and push her down farther than she thought possible and hold her there as his cum spurt forth in to her throat and she orgasmed.

Victoria looked over at Henry, her nipples hard and her pussy wet already as they stood by the table at the festival.

Henry’s event management company was behind it and he’d invited her along for their third date, only saying to wear something “casual”.

She hadn’t known what to expect so had but on the thin top and tight pants and hoped for the best.  She was still a little over dressed for the festival, but no one seemed to mind all that much, there were several men that had been staring at her but her eyes were firmly fixed on Henry.

Any lingering doubt’s she’d had about him and been washed away with the massive orgasm she’d had in the back of the limo.  Henry was going to be her next sugar daddy for sure.

Henry smiled and stepped in to her, wrapping his hand around her waist and placing his hand on her ass as she let out a gasp as the tingling spread all over her body.

He pulled her close and spoke softly right in to her ear, “Come on Victoria, I’ve got a surprise for you…”

She smiled and giggled as he lead her through the crowd until they arrived at a large tent that had three sides open and several booths near the back.  They walked straight to the one in the middle and Henry sat down, taking her hand in to his as he did and pulling her down on to his lap.

Victoria closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Henry’s cock up against her ass, then pulling her hair to one side, leaned back in to Henry’s chest.

Her moans continued as the tingling of Henry’s touch made her hardly notice him slide his fingers in between her breasts and pulled her top to the side until her breasts popped out and were visible to anyone walking by.

Nor did she complain when his fingers, after playing with her nipples for several minutes, slide down her abs and unbuttoned her pants, working their way down to her pussy and sliding in to her.

A small orgasm rocked her as his fingers worked her clit, “Oh god Henry, yes!  Yes!  YES!” she cried out as she bucked her hips against his fingers.

His free hand reached up and squeezed her breast as her own hands flailed around uselessly.

Finally one of her hands found the side Henry’s face and she turned her head to meet his as she pushed towards him.  Her tongue darted out of her mouth and into his as the kissed and he finger fucked her in plain view of all those around them, but that didn’t matter.  All that mattered was the pleasure coming from Henry’s fingers, his hand, his mouth and then finally, the orgasm that rocked her.

Victoria looked over at Henry from all fours and smiled, then giggled as she flipped her hair to the side and then pushed herself back on to her haunches and squeezed her tits together between her arms.

She had come over to Henry’s penthouse, with the roof top pool, as soon as he had called and suggested it.  She’d found the perfect little bikini to wear that she knew would please him.  He’d been sitting in the shade as she sunned by the pool, but it was time he came and joined her and she knew exactly how to entice him to come over.

She leaned back and spread her legs, sliding her fingers in to her bikini bottoms as she steadied herself with the other one, then she extended her tongue and slowly licked her lips.

It only took a minute or two until he stood up and walked over to her, placing his hand on her cheek, she leaned it to it and moaned as the tingling overtook her once more.

His fingers intertwined in to her hair and pulled her forward once more on to all fours, bringing her face right up to his crotch.  She nuzzle her face in to him as he reached around and grabbed her ass, squeezing it and then rubbing it and finally giving it a smack.

She cried out, not in surprise or shock, but in pure bliss as her ass wiggled and the tingling came in waves over her entire body.

He took a few steps back and twirled his finger in the air and Victoria knew exactly what to do.  

She leaned back on her haunches once more and half tuned to him as she undid her bikini bottoms, then slowly slide them from between her legs and dropped them on the ground, her bikini top followed as she stood up and turned around slowly, almost like a little dance, several times.

Finally, as she was facing away from him, she felt his hand take her hips and hold her in place.  She leaned forward a bit and placed her hands on the wall as his hands ran up her back and she moaned all the way until they reach her shoulders.

Then he was inside of her, pounding her as her breasts bounced too and fro and she looked out over the city.  But she didn’t see the buildings or the people below or the cars or anything else.  Her vision was clouded with a haze of pleasure that was coming from Henry’s cock inside of her.

Finally he grabbed her hair, pulled her back hard on to him and she felt his hot cum fill her, her own massive orgasm causing her body to spasm and go limp, with only Henry’s firm grip on her keeping her upright.

She snapped the selfie, her tan lines clearly visible on her tits from all the time she’d been spending at his pool, but he didn’t mind so neither did she.  In fact the number of times he’d fucked her by the pool, she was pretty sure he liked them.

She giggled at the thought of the last time he’d bent her over that wall and pounded her pussy, her voice, literally, crying out from the rooftop for more.

“Your little girl misses you Daddy!” she added to the photo along with several hearts and other emoji before sending to Henry.

She couldn’t remember exactly when the first time she’d called him Daddy was, but she definitely remembered the first time he’d called her “his little girl”.  She’d almost orgasmed as the words floated from his lips.

And it did make sense, after all he was her sugar daddy and she was his sugar baby, it felt so natural now that she wondered why she’d ever called him anything else.

Her phone binged and she looked at the text from her Daddy, “My little girl better tan naked today!” he replied back and she smiled as a tingle ran over her as she read the words.

“Yes Daddy!” he sent back with a giggle as she spun towards the door and headed out to the pool once more.

She’d moved in to his place last week and she couldn’t have been happier, she was his little girl full time now and he fucked her each day when he got home.

Her phone binged once more, another message from her Daddy, “And Vicky, don’t forget to go shopping for an outfit for this weekends festival.”

“Yes Sir.” she replied, Daddy only ever called her Vicky when it was important, she knew just the place to go after she got done tanning.

Vicki, leaned against the railing as the music thumped in the background, Daddy was talking to some men and she pouted slightly as his attention wasn’t on her, though several of the men he was talking to were staring at her tits and so she jiggled them from side to side to make sure.

Finally Daddy stopped talking and dismissed the other men, turning his attention to her as he walked towards her.

Her smiled beamed from her face as she jumped up and down, “Hi Daddy!” she cried out before throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionately.

He broke it off and smiled at her, “How’s my little girl making out?” he asked and her knees wobbled but managed to hold her upright.

“Oh my god!  Vicki loves it here! *giggle*  All the guys look at my tits and ass, it’s so great!  But not as great as when you do it Daddy!”

He reached down and grabbed her ass, then gave her a good hard slap, “Oh god yes Daddy!  Spank me!  Spank me!” she cried out as she threw her head back, pushed her tits out and wiggled her ass under his hands.

He took her by the hips and spun her around, then pulled her shorts down and pushed her forward.  She grabbed the railing and spread her legs as he landed another slap on her ass before running his hand between her legs and over her pussy.

“God yes Daddy, Vicki’s so horny!” she cried out before she felt his shaft push up against her outer lips.

“Are you my little girl Vicki?” he asked.

“Yes!  Yes!  I’m your little girl!” she cried out as she tried to push back against him and push herself on to his shaft.

“Are you my good little girl?  Will you do anything I ask?”

“Oh god yes Daddy!  Vicki’s your good little girl, she’ll do anything, anything!”

“And what does my good little girl want more than anything?”

“Your cock!  Your cock in Vicki’s tight little pussy!  Please Daddy!  Please!  Stick your cock in your good little girls pussy!”

She felt him push in to her and her world exploded in pleasure as he stroked in and out of her, her tits bounced, her ass wiggled, her voiced cried out in pure pleasure as the crowed below cheered her on.

Henry looked at the photo that Vicki had sent him that morning and smiled, she still sent him her morning nude and attached a message begging her “Daddy” to come fuck her, but he hadn’t seen her in months and he had no plans to.

After all, he had dozens of others just like her sending him nudes each day and he didn’t visit them either.  No, he had a new project he was working on, a cute little blonde he was sure was going to make a great hostess at one of his upscale clubs.  She had the right look and bearing for it and by the time he was done with her, she’d make sure that the VIP guests always left satisfied.

But Vicki, like so many others of her ilk, he’d sent to one of his strip clubs where she was in high demand and virtually all of her earnings went straight to one of his “management” companies he’d set up just for her kind.

Perhaps he would drop by one day for a visit, after all he’d spent a lot more time on her than he did most.  Usually he was done with them in a week or two and often had several on the go at once, but Vicki had been special for some reason.  Maybe it was because he’d recognized another predator, some glint in her eye that first night on the balcony of the party, but whatever it was he’d spent months on her and he had to admit it was very enjoyable.

A predatory grin crossed his lips as his fingers hovered over the virtual keyboard on his phone, then they typed out a message and sent it, “Vicki needs bigger tits before Daddy will come and visit.”

He reached out and pushed the intercom button on his desk phone, “Like, yes Sir?” Bambi’s voice came over the speaker.

“Make a note in my calendar to check on Vicki in three months.”

“Of course Sir.” Bambi replied and the speaker fell silent.

He grinned, three months should be enough time for Vicki to go under the knife, who knew, he might even visit her after that.  Or he might just tell her to go even bigger, it was hard to tell, but he was pretty sure Vicki wouldn’t disappoint him either way.