“What do you mean there’s nothing you can do!?!” SolarMan said with indignation in his voice to MentalMaiden as he looked over at his cousin standing by the apartment window.

“I mean there’s nothing there for me to work with, whoever wiped her mind did a through job of it.  There’s nothing left of the old SolarGirl left for me to recover.” MentalMaiden said with sympathy as she reset a hand on SolarMan’s shoulder.

“But… but how did this happen?  I mean… look at her… her…” he responded, waving his hands in the general direction of SolarGirl’s breasts.

“*giggle* Like, you mean my titties? *giggle*” SolarGirl replied and jiggled her tits from side to side.

“Yes… yes… those!” he said exasperatedly.

MentalMaiden just shook her head, “I don’t know, everything from before she woke up in this apartment is just… not there.  Well that’s not exactly true, there’s a constructed fiction there, how she moved here from the mid-west, trying to be an actress, getting the job at the strip club, having the surgeries, etc.  It’s all there, but clearly fake.  It’s not until she wakes up here in the apartment four weeks ago that any of her memories are real.”

“But you’re the most powerful mentalist in the world… surely there’s something… something you can do…” SolarMan pleaded with MentalMaiden, but the look on her face told him everything he didn’t want to know.

“And.. and how did they… you know.. even cut in to her skin to… to…”

“Oh my god, that was like, super painful for the first week or so!  But like it was totally worth it!” SolarGirl said as she grabbed her giant orbs and gave them a squeeze.

“I’m sorry Mal, unless you want to break the time directive… again… there’s nothing I can do.”

“Can’t you just… I don’t know… overlay something close to how she was?”

“You know I can’t Mal, that’s against the rules.  I can only recover her memories if they’re there.  I can’t go overwriting her new memories, even if they are fake, with another set of fake memories just because we think they’re better fake memories.”

“Like, my memories aren’t fake!  My titties are fake, but like, not my memories!” SolarGirl said pouting at SolarMan.

“It’s time to leave Mal.  Maybe if we can track down whoever did this, they might have kept her old memories, but for now we have to leave.”

SolarMan’s shoulders slumped as he accepted what MentalMaiden said, he walked over and took her in his arms and floated toward the window, “I promise Kiri, I’ll get you back somehow.  You have my word.”

“Like god SolarMan, you can come back anytime! *giggle*” SolarGirl smiled and giggled as she waved to the two hero’s as they flew from her apartment window.

As they flew off, she slipped her glasses back on and checked her calender on her computer, she had another hour or so before her next appointment, lots of time to masturbate for a while she decided and headed back to her bed.

Kiri trotted over to the door and flung it open, “Like, hiya babe!” she cried out and through her arms around the man’s shoulders before pulling him in to the apartment and slamming the door closed.

His name was Steve… or maybe Scott… or maybe Sergio?  Whatever, it didn’t matter, he was one of her regulars from the club and she was excited to see him whatever his name was.

She giggled and then planted a firm kiss on his lips as her tongue darted in to his mouth.  His hands wrapped around her and grabbed her ass and she let out an excited moan.

It wasn’t long before she was on her back, spread out on her bed, his hands squeezing her tits as he pounded her pussy and she was begging him to go harder and faster.

He didn’t last long of course, none of them did, but the instant his cum flowed in to her she cried out with her own orgasm that lasted far longer than his had.

SolarMan hovered several miles away from the apartment, his enhanced vision giving him a perfect view of his cousin being used like a blow up doll for the latest in a long line of men.

He’d spent every extra minute he had watching her; at her apartment, at the strip club, even at the gym.  Like she needed to go to the gym, her Raytonion DNA only needed to spend a few minutes in the sun to maintain her in peak physical form!

He balled his fists and ground his teeth as the man flicked the last drops of his cum on to Kiri’s abs and then went to the bathroom to clean up, leaving his cousin laying there, one hand on her breast, the other between her legs.

It didn’t matter how long he had to watch his cousin being degraded, he’d keep going until whatever villain had done this to her returned.  Then… then he’d…

His eyes started to glow red until the sound of the emergency alert filled his ears.  He relaxed his hands, turned his head towards it and flew away once more, knowing he would return as soon as he could.