“Please sir, how may your doll serve you?” she said in her quaint accent and held her giant tits in her hands as she titled her head to the side.

The smile on John’s face was ear to ear as he extended out his hand and pressed the button on the remote and Linda froze in place, or at least what had been Linda before he’d started to play with the remote.

He stepped up and slide his finger between her puffy lips and pumped it several times, the expression on her face never changing.  He never got tired of doing that.

He hadn’t believed it at first of course, how could such a device exist let alone fall in to his hands?  He’d almost just passed it over at the garage sale, but something about it nagged at him.

It was too well constructed to be just a gag gift of some kind.  Too detailed to be a prop or some other fakery.  In the end he’d bought it for 5 dollars and put in in the car with the other boxes of stuff he’d bought that day.

It had only been a few weeks later, while going through his found treasures in his garage that it had come back to mind.

He’d read the manual that came with it, found some batteries in the kitchen and then gone in to the living room where his girlfriend was watching some silly singing show.

Pointing it at the back of her head, he’d pushed the pause button and then called out her name.  She hadn’t responded and so he called out again.  There was still no response and he knew she would normally be able to hear him.

He walked around the couch right in front of her and was amazed when he saw here there, drink half way up to her mouth, frozen in place.

His finger had hovered over the pause button once more, as his first instinct was to “unpause” her and tell her all about the remote.  But something stopped him, something told him that doing so would be the wrong thing to do, that she wouldn’t be happy about it.  So instead he walked back round behind her and unpaused her from there and then went back out to the garage.

The next few weeks he experimented with the remote, making small changes at first, taking a few pounds off of her, changing the colour of her hair, slightly increasing her breasts, making her enjoy giving blow jobs, making her a little less head strong.

But as they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and soon he was indulging in every fantasy he had kept bottled up since puberty.

He’d had her as his personal sex doll for the last week or so, he had grown to prefer her like this, but it had been impossible to keep her this way all the time.  After all she had to go to work and see her friends and family.

John pressed a few buttons on the remote and then unpaused her.

Linda stood up straight, pulled her tight white top over her giant jugs and smiled at him, “Are you ready to go?” she asked as she stepped forward and threaded an arm through his.

“I certainly am.” he replied as she looked around the empty room.

“Have we got everything?  Did you double check?”

“You know I did Linda, don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”

She formed her puffy lips in to the best smile she could, “Thanks honey.  I just am so excited to get to Vegas and start our new life!” she gushed as they walked from the living room, through the kitchen and in to the garage where the car was waiting.

He held the door open for her and she took her seat as he walked around and opened the garage door before getting behind the wheel and backing out, stopping only to close the door garage door once more.

Getting back in to the car he left the drive way and drove down the street in the fading light of the evening, “So your not going to miss your fiends or family or work Linda?” he asked and she shook her head.

“God no, I’ve delete my social media accounts already and cancelled my phone, they all know I’m incommunicado until we get settled and I may not even reach out after that quite honestly.  And as for work, god, I can’t wait to start my new job in Vegas!  I mean look at these!” she said, pointing to her tits that strained the fabric of her top.

“Are these the tits of some bank clerk?  God no, these puppies were meant to be shaken on stage an I can’t wait to make friends with all the girls I’m going to meet at work!”

John pulled on to the freeway and set the cruise control, it was a long drive to Vegas, but he couldn’t fly with Linda if he wanted to make sure that nobody in Vegas ever saw her for anything but the big titted blonde bombshell that she was now.

So if that meant spending a couple of days on the road with her, well he could live with that.  After all, once she brought a few of her new friends over after work and he used the remote on them, he wouldn’t have to work another day of his life.

The smile on his lips widened as he looked down to see Linda’s fingers working his pants and then her lips wrapping around him.  She bobbed up and down as her twin blonde pigtails fell to the sides of her head.  

He reached over and rubbed her ass for a moment and her stroking slowed down.  He gave her ass a slap and her pace quickened.  He rubbed it again and she slowed down once more.  He slapped her ass again and she sped up.

It was one of the many triggers he had programmed in to her with the remote which was going to ensure the trip was far more interesting that it had any right to be.