“Awe, but I wanna be the unicorn!” Jenna whined.

“No way, it’s my turn!” Terri cried as bounced up and down on the spot that she stood beside Jenna.

I shook my head, “Girls, girls, girls.  You can both be unicorns.”

They both pouted as they looked over to me, “But… but… but…” they cried in unison.

I gave them a stern look, “Or… perhaps neither of you want to be a unicorn?”

Their eyes widened in fear and the shook their heads, “No Sir… We’re sorry Sir.” they both said together and hung their heads.

“Alright, kiss and make up then.”

Jenna looked in to Terri’s eyes, “I’m sorry Terri.”

“I’m sorry too Jenna.” she replied before leaning in to meet Jenna’s lips and they kissed passionately as their hands roamed over each others bodies.

I smiled as the two sisters made out, they had always been competitive and the changes I had made to them hadn’t diminished that one bit.

I’d spotted Jenna in the mall as she charged through in her power suit with no regard for anyone else, bumping into several others on her way.  She’d immediately caught my eye, her tight body obvious even in the business attire and her long blonde hair done up in a bun.

I had immediately reach in to her mind and redirected her towards several other stores, including a clothing and shoe store.  She spent several hours shopping for a whole new wardrobe without even realizing it before she made her final stop of the day at the salon for a make over.

I was already back at her house when she arrived and for several days I made good use of her, then her sister had shown up.  Terri hadn’t been concerned about her sister per say, just annoyed that they were supposed to get together for drinks and compare accomplishments to see who was better this week.

The look on Terri’s face as I rearranged her mind was priceless and she bolted out the door, flustered and on the way to the mall to try and outdo her sister once more.

“Well ladies, if you’re both unicorns, I guess I should see which of you makes a better unicorn.” I said and stepped towards them.

“Like, I’m the better unicorn!” Jenna cried.

“No way!” Terrie called out just a second behind.

They both spun around, stepped back from the counter, reached out and grabbed hold of it as they leaned over sticking their asses in the air.

I stepped between them and too a hand full of ass from each of them, “I don’t know, you’re both pretty fine asses.”

I raised my left hand from Jenna’s ass and gave her a slap.

“Oh my god Sir, yes!  Yes!” she cried out.

I set my hand down and gave her ass a good rub before raising my other hand and slapping Terri’s ass.

“Neigh!!!!!!” Terri cried out and I watched Jenna’s head turn to her sister and shock wash over her as she knew she had been outdone.

For her part, Terri turned to her sister and stuck out her tongue.

“Like, no fair!” Jenna whined.

“Now Jenna, Terri won fair and square.  You just stay right there.” I said and reached down and pulled Jenna’s skirt up over her hips.

I grabbed Terri by the hips and pulled her back away from the counter and then over in front of Jenna, pushing her forward just a bit until her face was buried in her sisters sopping wet pussy.

Then I pulled Terri’s skirt up over her hips as well and rubbed her equally as wet pussy.

“Now don’t be a sore winner Terri, make sure Jenna gets the consultation prize.” I said as I positioned myself behind Terri and slide my dick in to her.

Jenna, having learned her lesson, neighed as Terri’s tongue probed her pussy as I rocked back and forth into Terri.

The neighing kept pace with my thrust until I finally came inside of Terri and they both experienced orgasms themselves.

I pulled out and gave Terri’s ass another slap, sparking another neigh from Terri which was followed by one from Jenna.

“That’s my good unicorns, now go get cleaned up, we still have a party to go to.” I said as they scampered away towards the bathroom.

It wasn’t really a party per say, oh there would be lots of drinking and fun to be had for sure, but it was more of an auction.  The sisters had been fun, but it was time to move on and I’m sure they will catch a decent price and find a new owner that will enjoy them.