“Oh my god mom, your ass looks soooo amazing!” Chrissy squealed as Tina flipped through the photos from the gym.

“I know, right?  Like, I’m sooo happy with it! *giggle*” Tina replied as she stepped back and gave her daughter’s ass a slap.

“Ya know that thing isn’t going to get tight all by itself!” Tina said.

Chrissy pouted, “Like, I know, but studying is so totally taking up all my spare time…”

Tina rolled her eyes, “Are you still going to class?  Like, what ever for?”

Chrissy scrunched her forehead, “Like, cause, I’ve got to be totally smart and stuff…”

“Chrissy is a smarty pants!  Smarty pants!  Smarty pants!” Tina cried out and drover her fingers down in to her daughter’s panties, tickling her sensitive pussy.

“Oh my god mom!  hahaha Don’t hahaha… don’t stop!  hahaha” she cried out and her mother pushed her back on to the bed and pulled her panties completely off before diving head first between her legs.

Moans came from Chrissy lips as her mother’s tongue probed her young pussy, sending a haze of pink pleasure over her mind.

Dave looked in to the bedroom at his wife eagerly eating out his step-daughter and smiled.  They had been easy targets, well Tina at least having been recently widowed and having more money than she knew what to do with.  Christine on the other hand had been more of a challenge than he expected.

Tina had been self conscious already about her looks and age it had been easy to worm his way in to her life with a few complements from a younger man.  They’d been married after only a few months of dating to Christine’s horror.

But neither had noticed the new software on their phones and after just a few weeks Tina had succumbed to it.  It had worked it’s way in to her mind and prayed on her insecurities.  Sending her to the gym and the clinic to try and turn back the clock.  And as she did, her intelligence went right down with it.

Christine had been more weary and more intelligent than her mother to start with, but like all young people, she was filled with insecurities about the future and everything else.  He’d had to customize the program a bit, but in the end she’d succumbed to the idea that the only way to ensure her future was to trust her family.

And her mother was providing the perfect example for her to follow.

There was still a bit of resistance there, some small part of Christine left in Chrissy that still thought that school and hard work was the answer, but each orgasm her mother brought her too pushed that part of her deeper and deeper under.

He figured it would be another week or two before she dropped out of school and a week or so after that before she joined them in bed.  After that the sky was the limit, he was looking forward to her first round of surgeries.  By that point the idea that her body was her only asset would be firmly root in her mind and she’d gladly accept his offer to upgrade it so that she was a more valuable part of the family.