Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Barbra rolled her eyes as she watched yet another man start to walk over towards her in the airline lounge.  She couldn’t blame them, well yes she could really, they were only doing what society had programmed to, hit on the beautiful woman alone in public.

“Hi, I’m John.” he said when he finally arrived.

She gave a half smile before answering, he at least hadn’t opened with a cheese pick up line, “I’m not interested.”

“Of course…” he replied and turned to leave, only after taking a few steps adding “bitch” under his breath and she shook her head.

The male ego was so fragile, she just didn’t understand why they even bothered.  Well, she could, she was self aware enough to realize that her model frame and stylish dress attracted them likes moths to a flame, but it was still no excuse.  After all she wasn’t some kind of Barbie doll they could just come over, pick up and play with.

Suddenly something across the lounge caught her eyes, an area of the lounge that she’d unconsciously avoided looking at without realizing it.  There, in a single chair, shrouded in a veil of darkness two red glowing eyes stared right at her.

She felt those eyes penetrate her like no one ever had.  Her body froze in place, her mind spinning out of control trying to look away but unable to.

Then it started, her stylish dress started to change, split in the middle and shrink.  The top half faded in colour until it was a light pink crop top that came to just below her breasts.  The bottom receded away from the top but also pulled up her legs until it was a short blue-green skirt.

She felt her comfortable shoes start to push her upwards just as she felt her hair started to lengthen.  Then those red, glowing eyes, drilled in to her mind and her mind swirled and gurgled until there was nothing left.

Barbie blinked and looked at the hand in front of her, she placed her own in to it and stood up, giggling as she did.  She didn’t know who the man was, only that his touch made her pussy quiver and that he was surly going to play with her.

That was the most important thing to her, to be played with, it was what she existed to do.  She pulled her bot pink case behind her matching hot pink boots as he lead her out of the lounge and on to the private hanger where his plane was waiting.

She didn’t know where they were going, or what she would do when they got there, but as his laid his hand on her ass and gently guided her up the stairs it didn’t matter.

By the time they had taken off and reached cruising altitude, he’d been playing with her for at least 30 minutes.  Moving her arms and legs and head, stripping her clothes off, taking photos with her camera as he did so.

She’d had dozens of orgasms as he played with her, each one confirm how much of a doll she was, existing to be played with, until he finally stood her up, bent her over at the waist and pounded her favorite play hole.

Her mouth hung open and her eyes rolled back in to her head as she silently orgasmed like never before.

Barbie watched the car pull away as she stood on the private landing strip, her hand on her baggaged, as her mind, still filled with the recent play session, tried to think of what to do next.

She didn’t know where she was, she didn’t know if anyone was coming to get her and, most importantly, she didn’t know who would pick her up and play with her next.