Darla smiled as she took the selfie and a quiver of pleasure ran down her spine as she checked it before hitting the send button.

She looked at her wide eyes, perfect smile and large tits… it had been quite a journey from where she had been just six months ago.  Back then her dark hair had been horrendous, her smile had faded from all the coffee she drank and her chest had been, well not flat, but she’d never had this kind of cleavage.

Of course at the time she’d been working long hours at her company, micromanaging her staff, trying to please the investors, and working herself to an early grave.

She turned away many offers from her competition to buy her company, even several from Don… Mr. Gregson she corrected herself, she hoped she wouldn’t make that mistake in the interview.

He’d scheduled a meeting with her, to once more try and buy her company from her, and as always she listened, it was after all never a good idea to dismiss the competition out of hand.  You never knew when they’d slip up and provide some piece of information that could prove to be valuable.

He came in and sat down, placing he phone on the edge of her desk before he started in to his pitch.  For some reason her eyes had kept being drawn to the phone and before she knew it she had been nodding her head in agreement with him.  

It had almost been like his phone had been some kind of mind control device.  She giggled out loud at the idea, there was after all no such thing as a mind control device!  He’d simply made a lot of sense, made a compelling argument and by the time he left, she was dialing her lawyer to start drawing up the paperwork.

She’d felt so free a few weeks later when the deal was done, no more responsibility, no more long days at the office.  She had time and money and so she decided to spend some of both on herself.

And without even realizing it, she’d started texting Mr. Gregson quite a bit, in fact she’d been asking his advise on all kinds of things.  Like if she should change her hair colour, what clothing she should wear, if she needed to lose some weight and even if she should see a plastic surgeon.

It had been just a couple of weeks ago when she had ‘complained’ to him that she didn’t have enough to do, that she was getting a little bored with all the time at the gym and he’d helpfully suggested that she might want to take on a new job of some kind.  Nothing as stressful or complex as her old one of course, but something where she could do some simple tasks to keep her busy without having to think too much.

She’d thought that was a great idea and he’d even sent her a link to a job posting that looked perfect!  She’d gotten a call back just the other day and scheduled the interview that she was now on her way to.

She pulled out of the driveway and made her way through the city until she pulled up to her destination.  She walked in to the front door, her heels clicking against the hard surface of the foyer floor, and right up to the receptionist.

“Hi… uhm… I’m here for an interview?” she said nervously, the butterfly’s in her stomach were trying to escape.

“Of course, just follow the hallway here, and go to meeting room 6, they’re waiting for you.” the receptionist said, pointing down the hallway on the left.

“Thank you!” she replied and wiggled her way down the hall until she found a door with the number 6 on it.

She knocked tentatively as she opened the door and stuck her head half way through.

“Ah, Darla, please come in.” a calming voiced called out and her smile broadened even more.

“Hi D… Mr. Gregson!” she chirped as she swayed her hips and tits as she walked up to the table and extended her hand.  Mr. Gregson stood and took it in his own and a shiver of pleasure ran up her arm.

“Thanks for coming in Darla, I’m glad you applied to this position.”

“Oh Mr. Gregson I just couldn’t help myself, this looks like the perfect job for me!” she replied as she sat down and adjusted her dress, making sure her new cleavage was clearly visible.

“Yes, yes I’m sure you couldn’t…” he said chuckling slightly, “Well, if you don’t mind, let’s get started.  I have a few interview questions to ask you, please answer honestly and completly.”

“Yes Mr. Gregson, I will.” she said, nodding her head.

“Great.  Question number one, you arrive early to the office and make coffee.  When your boss arrives he heads into his office and you quickly get him his morning cup just the way he likes it and take it to him.  You hand it to him and he takes a sip before nodding.  What do you do next?”

Her nipples hardened as he asked the question, her boss had liked the coffee she made and that sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine, the answer came to her lips easily, “I drop to my knees, crawl under his desk and give him his morning blow job of course!”

“Very good Darla.  Now question number two, your boss storms back from a meeting, he’s clearly not very happy with how it went, and slams the door behind him.  A few minutes later he calls you on the intercom and tells you to come in to his office.  You do so and before you have a chance to say anything he takes you by the waist, bends you over his desk and pulls up your skirt.  What do you do?”

Her wet pussy was distracting her so much it was hard to answer but she managed to, “I… oh god… I ask him if he wants to fuck my pussy or my ass… whichever will make him feel better after such a stressful meeting.” she replied with a moan.

“Alright Darla, just one last question.  It’s seven o’clock and your still at work because you boss hasn’t left yet, he comes out of his office and tells you he’s going to meet a client for dinner and needs you to come along to ‘be some eye candy’.  During dinner your boss excuses himself to go to the bathroom, while he’s away the client slips his hand up your skirt and starts playing with your bare pussy, what do you do?”

Darla pulled her dress up and started playing with her bare pussy and she leaned her head back and moan before answering, “I… I… I tell him if he wants to do more than just play with me he can come back to my place and fuck me any way he wants!” she cried out as a small orgasm crested.

“Congratulations Darla, you’ve got the job.” she heard Mr. Gregson’s voice say from just above her and she opened her eyes to see him standing over her.

Then she turned her head to the side and wrapped her lips around his hard shaft and he grabbed the back of her head as he pounded deep in to her throat.

God she couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her pussy and ass, but right now she had to thank him properly for giving her her dream job.  And that meant swallowing every last drop of cum he was about to give her.