The sun hit Beverly’s face through the cover of the trees and she soaked it up, leaning her head back and closing her eyes as the smile crossed her face from ear to ear.

She let out a soft moan, “God, this feels so good!” she whispered to no one in particular as her nipples hardened and she stood there enjoying herself.

“Like, come on Bev!” Kandy called out from just ahead and Beverly opened her eyes and looked to her new friend who was quite a bit farther a long the path than she was now.

“Hey!  Wait up!” Beverly called back to her and bounced down the path after her.

Kandy giggle and twirled around, walking backwards, before sticking her tongue out at Beverly, “Slow poke!” she shouted back and Beverly marveled at her friends giant tits and how they hardly moved even with all of her friends bouncing and twirling.

Beverly looked down at her own tits as the jiggled up and down as she almost ran towards Kandy, not so much that anyone would have mistaken then for being natural of course, but just enough that it felt good.

By the time she caught up to Kandy, they were almost back at the main building and the two friends wrapped their arms around each other waists and smiled and laughed as they headed back in after their morning “nature” walk.

Coming to the retreat had been the best thing Beverly had done in years, she had to grudgingly admit.  It hadn’t been her idea, and in fact she had been against it at first, but she had reluctantly agreed to it after the second law suit had been filed against her and the firm.  Brandon Marsden, the CEO had personally suggested it and she knew it wasn’t really a suggestion.

It wasn’t like it was the first ones the firm had defended against, but it was the first ones to be filed against a female executive.  The two men involved both claimed she had passed them over and promoted lesser qualified women in their places and one had even claimed she’d propositioned him.

It was all true of course, just like the men before her had done, she’d prompted her own agenda.  It was poetic justice as far as she was concerned.

And just like the men before her, she’d been sent off for sensitivity training.  In this case to a private retreat, that while she’d never heard of it before, had come with the highest recommendations.

She could still clearly remember the day she had arrived… 4 weeks ago?  Had it been that long already?  She had been abrasive and nasty to the staff, sulking in her room for the entire day.

It was only when she’d emerged the next day to get some food and bumped in to Kandy that her attitude had changed.

She’d gone to bed the night before in a foul mood, not knowing what she was going to do with herself for 6 weeks of “sensitivity training”, but when she woke up, things seemed different.  Friendlier.  Happier.

She even had a small smile on her face as she headed to the cafeteria to find some breakfast, that was right up until she turned the corner and ran right in to Kandy.

She’d seen Kandy, or at the time Candace as she preferred to be called, at the check in counter just before Beverly had arrived.  The svelte blonde had her hair tied back in to a short pony tail and a grimace on her face that Beverly imagined mirrored her own.

They’d both given a quick fake apology and immediately recognized the dishonesty in each other’s words.  It had brought a smile to both of their faces and they ended up chatting over breakfast.

Unlike Beverly, Candace had come to the retrieve of her own volition, of a sort.  She’d married young, not for love or money, but to have the right husband to help her climb the corporate ladder.

She’d found the perfect man, not too bright or ambitious as to outshine her, but affable and well liked by other men.  It had worked out well for several years, she’d climbed up high as he’d worked away on whatever project had captured his attention at the moment.

But a year ago he’d gotten lucky, he’d partnered with one of his acquaintances and their silly little mobile game had gone viral, selling millions of copies.  He had become an overnight success that dwarfed Candace’s years of work.

The problem of course was that to protect herself, she’d had both of them sign pre-nups, effectively making any success that either one of them had be excluded from the marital assets.  At the time she’d thought nothing of it, but now…

So, to try and keep the marriage together, and the cushy new lifestyle she had become accustomed to, Candace had agreed to come to the retreat.

Each day they’d meet for breakfast, chat a while, head to the pool, attend one of the morning session together before heading off to one of the physical activities in the afternoon.

Neither were really sure who had brought it up first, but they had both picked up one of the pamphlet for the retreats plastic surgery services.

By the end of the first week they’d both made appointments, and if Beverly was honest, that had been the hardest few days at the retreat.  Not because of the pain from surgery, but because she hadn’t been able to talk to Candace.

When they’d finally recovered enough to leave their rooms, they’d quickly found each other and compared the results.  Beverly had to admit that she was a little jealous, she’d gone as large as she thought she could.  But Candace, or as now insisted on being called, Kandy, had outdone her.

It was one of the reasons that Beverly had spent more time on the physical activities since her surgery, making sure that Kandy didn’t out do her at that as well!

Beverly’s free hand ran over her taught abs and naturally headed for her bare pussy as the two friends walked naked through the main building towards their rooms.

God, had that ever been a revelation!  A few days after they were recovered, Kandy had come to breakfast topless and Beverly had hardly believed it.

But Kandy had just gone on and one about how good it felt, how freeing it was, how Bev should give it a try.

Beverly had hesitated at first, but by the time they left the cafeteria, Beverly’s top was draped over her arm and her nipples had been as hard as rocks.

Kandy had been so right about it, the looks from the other guests and staff made her pussy dripping wet and she soon stripped off her skirt as well.

Kandy had gasped and giggled and then followed suit and the two of them hadn’t worn any clothing since.

They arrived at Kandy’s room first and opened the door, Beverly had stopped expecting Kandy to go in alone, but her friend dragged her forward and closed the door behind them.

Then, Kandy turned to Beverly, snaked her other hand around Beverly’s waist as well and pulled her in close, planting a passionate kiss on her lips as their tits pushed up against each other.

Beverly’s knees wobbled as the Kandy’s tongue pushed in to her mouth and her own tongue did the same.  The two friends stumbled towards the bed and fell on to it, exploring each other’s bodies until Kandy snuggled between Beverly’s legs and got to work in earnest.

Beverly stood in the lobby of the retreat, her tight green dress pressed her tits together before parting and running around behind her to hug her ass and end just below her bare pussy lips.  She hated it of course, it covered far too much but she knew that she had to wear *something* in public so this was the best she could come up with.

As soon as Kandy stepped in to the lobby, Beverly’s face beamed with a smile as the sound of her heels echoed through out the room and the two friends embraced each other and gave kisses on each other’s cheeks.

“Oh my god you look amazing Bev!” Candace cried out as she stepped back and took in her friend.

“You too Kandy!” she replied, her blonde friend was a walking wet dream.  The tight white top barely covered her massive tits and the tiny pink skirt matched her sky high heels.

They both giggled and laughed as they signed out of the retreat and then they shared a cab right to the airport.

Beverly was sad that they had to go their own ways, but she knew they’d stay in touch, their’s was the kind of friendship that would last a lifetime.

She spent most of the plane ride back fantasizing about Kandy’s tongue on her pussy and even managed to get a quick masturbation session in the bathroom.  When she landed and finished getting through customs and retrieving her luggage, there was a limo driver waiting for her, just as she had expected.

He politely greeted her, took her luggage and quickly showed her to the limo.  It surprised her a little that it was a stetch limo, the one she had come to the airport in had just been a regular one, but she paid it little mind as she ducked in to the back seat.

“B… B… Mr. Marsden!” she squeaked as she looked up to see the CEO sitting across from her.  Her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened as soon as a smile cross his face and he stared at her tits.

“Hello Beverly, how was the retreat?” he asked.

“Oh god Sir, it… it was amazing!” she blurted out before even thinking about what she should say.

“I’m glad to hear you like my recommendation.” he replied and Beverly smiled at how happy she had been at the retreat.

“Oh, yes, thank you Sir.  I’m sorry Sir, do you mind if I get a little more… comfortable?  It was a long flight.”

“Of course not, be my guest.” he replied and she hooked her thumbs under her dress and pulled it down over her tits before arching her back and sliding it all the way down to her ankles and removeing it.

“Oh god, thank you Sir, that feels sooooo much better!” she said as she slumped back in the limo seat, one of her hands going to her tit and the other to her pussy.

“Mmmmm… you know Sir, I haven’t had a chance to properly thank you for suggesting the retreat…” she said with a wicked smile and slipped from the seat and pushed between his legs.

Her fingers quickly worked his zipper and pulled his pants down around his ankles, then her lips wrapped around his shaft and she sucked him all the way in to her throat.

She bobbed up and down several times until he was fully erect and then she popped off of him, pushing herself upwards slightly to wrapper her tits around him and continue working his shaft between them.

“Oh god Sir!  Your cock feels sooooo good between my big fake tits!” she cried out as she quickened her pace.

His cock between her tits felt just like it was sliding in to her pussy and she was quickly approaching the edge of her orgasm when his cum sputtered forth and hit her chin.

“Oh god yes!  Cum all over my big fake tittiiiiiiieeeeeesesssssssss!” she cied out as her own orgasm crashed over her.

When it finally subsided, she dove back down on to his shaft and suckled every last drop of cum she could from him.

Brandon looked down at the mass of red hair sucking his dick for all she was worth and smiled.  

If it had been a few years ago and one of his male executives that had crossed the line, he would have been able to pay off those involved and moved on.  But in this day and age, it was no longer possible to get away with such things and the fact that it had been a woman seemed to make it even worse somehow.

Instead he’d had to protect the company in the only way he could, call in a few markers he had accumulated over the years to find a solution.

The retreat had certainly lived up to it’s billing and taken care of Beverly for him, and that left just the two gentlemen who had launched the law suits in the first place.

The first had been easy enough, a quick promotion and a small cash settlement with an NDA had taken care of that.  But the second man knew he had hit a gold mine and was holding out for more.

Brandon was pretty sure the new Beverly would be more than enough to placate him though, especially since the private investigators had found the stash of large breasted porn on his computer.