God she couldn’t believe she’d been blackmailed in to this!

It was so humiliating!

She glared over at Tom as she grabbed the bottom of her torn shorts and tried to pull them down just a bit more without revealing any more of her ass crack than she already was.

“Wipe that grin off your face Tom!” she shout at him over the country music as she crossed her arms under the “Land of Dreams” cut off that he’d picked out for her.

She hated country music and Tom knew it, but he’d caught her cheating on her finals and even had snapped a photo of it so she’d agreed to go to the concert with him.

She’d almost balked when she saw the outfit, and if she knew how many men would be staring at her in it, she might have even said no.  But it was too late now and Tom stepped up to her and threaded his arm around her waist and jostled her gently.

“Come on, it’s not that bad is it LeeAnn?” he said with a smile and she frowned even more.

“No, it’s not ‘that bad’, it’s worse!” she sniped back at him as he walked her towards the back of the event where the music was thankfully a little less loud and there were a few less people.

“Hey, you want something to drink?” he offered and she licked her lips, it was a warm day and a cold drink would be good.

“Ok, just an ice water for me.”

“You got it, be right back.” he said and hurried over to one of the vendors.  A few minutes later he came back with two bottles of water dripping in perspiration.

She grabbed one from his outstretched hand and brought it to her lips, sipping the cold water before taking a larger gulp.  Then another, and another, until she was downing the entire bottle all at once.

She felt it hit her like a ton of bricks, how could she have been so stupid?  Why would she have trusted Tom?

She looked at Tom and opened her lips as if to say something but the changes were already starting.  She felt her t-shirt tighten around her as her breasts started to grow, her wasist constrict in and  the gap between her legs grown even more.  Her hair flowed down her back until she felt it tickle the tops of her ass cheeks and her lips ballooned outward.

Then she fetl it hit her mind and she let out a moan just in time for Tom to lean in to her ear.

“Doesn’t that feel good LeeAnn?  I mean it’s not like you were ever smart enough to pass your courses anyway, that’s why you had to cheat, right?  It’s better to just let that all go and let me make all the decisions for you from now on.  Just be my little country girl that’s eager to please me in every way she can.”

The words crashed in to her mind as her orgasm rocked her body and when it was over she let out a soft giggle.

She blinked several times and then smiled at Tom and threw her arms around him as she wiggled her hips in time with the music in the background, “So Tommy boy, are you going to explore these land of dreams of mine?” she asked, shaking her now large tits from side to side.

Tom smiled back at her and snaked a hand up under her shirt and grabbed one of her tits, then leaned in and kissed her.  LeeAnn returned the favour and stuck her tongue in to his mouth while her hands dove down to start to undo his belt.

“Not yet LeeAnn, soon though.” Tom said after pulling back and slapping her hands away from his belt.

LeeAnn pouted, “Ah, but Tommy!” she whined as he grabbed her hand and dragged her away from the concert and towards he new life.