Jade walked in to the office and headed behind the receptionist’s desk towards her station to get read for the first patient of the day.  It was a standard cleaning, he was one of her regulars and she didn’t mind his broad smile even if his sidelong looks gave her the creeps once in a while.

It wasn’t that she was exceptionally beautiful or anything, just a little above average if she had to say, but she found that all of her middle aged clients gave her the same kind of look.  She figured it was something about her mixed heritage along with their mid-life crisis that made them do it.

None of them had been a problem or anything, a few half joking/half serious suggestions had been made but nothing that would cross any lines.

It probably didn’t help that she was single, having just graduated from her dental hygienist program two years ago.  She’d considered wearing a ring just to dissuade some of them, but hadn’t gotten around to do it.

She checked her supplies, cleaned up her station and put on her smock just in time for him to arrive and take his seat.

It had been a long day and Jade was ready to go home, just as she was about to walk out of the office, she heard Dr. Roberts call out to her, “Jade, do you have a minute?” he asked.

“Sure…” she replied with a half sigh.

It was the one thing she didn’t like about her job.  She’d started at the small office just after graduation, there were two dentists and three hygienists there.  For the first year and a half everything had been great, then Dr. Johnson retired and the Dr. Roberts had come on board.

Like her, he was a recent graduate and he’d hit on all three of the hygienists.  The other two, Kimberly and Joanna, were both married and he’d backed off immediately.  She hadn’t been so lucky and every few weeks he made another pass at her.  It was just about that time again she thought as she walked back in to his office.

To her surprise, he was hold up a bottle of mouth wash, “Can you do me a favour Jade?  One of the companies we get our mouthwash from has a new brand and want some feedback, could you try it out for a week or two and write up some comments?”

She smiled, glad it was something work related, “Sure Dr. Roberts.”

He let out a sign, “Please Jade, I’ve told you before, call me Chris.”

She frowned slightly, “Well… it’s just… I prefer to call the doctors by their last name… you understand right?” she said.

He simply shook his head, “Alright, fine.”

Jade swished the pink liquid around in her mouth and was surprised that it didn’t have any strong taste to it, in fact it almost tasted like a sweet candy of some kind, and it smell just the same.  It did send tingles through her mouth and lips though and she jotted down a few notes on her phone just before she spit it out.

It swirled around her sink and she almost felt a pang of remorse to have split it out.

She’d read the box carefully, making sure to follow the directions to the letter, though when it had suggested to swallow it instead of spitting it out, she had balked.  There was something that just didn’t sit right with her to swallow mouthwash.

She finished up and headed to bed, the taste of the mouthwash still with her as she drifted off to sleep.

Jade woke up and smacked her lips, they were a little dry and fuzzy but she could still just taste a hint of the mouthwash as she got out of bed.

Without giving it much thought, she went in to the bathroom and started her morning routine, spending extra time swirling the new mouthwash around before once more spitting it out.

Jade tossed and turned in bed, her fingers between her legs as her dreams flooded her mind with thoughts of wild sex and passion.

Suddenly she sat bolt upright, awake just as her orgasm crested and she cried out as she fell back on to the bed.

She panted as the waves of pleasure receded and she stumbled out of bed and in to the bathroom.  Her eyes fixated in the bottle of mouth wash as her hand reached out and removed the cap.

Minutes later she swallowed the pink liquid and headed back to bed.

“Jade… Jade… JADE!” Mr. Turnbull said and Jade blinked several times before looking up to see her next client standing in the door way.

“Oh!  Sorry Mr. Turnbull, please come in and take a seat.” she said as she shook her head and adjusted her bra for the umpteenth time that day.

It had been a weird few days, she’d spaced out several times and hadn’t been able to find a comfortable bra either.  But to make matters worst she was having trouble sleeping too, each night her dreams were filled with erotic scenarios that woke her up just in time to have a massive orgasm.

It was playing havoc with her sleep patterns and just yesterday she’d found those same erotic thoughts slipping in to her daydreams as well.

Jade had finally broken down and went out and bought some new bra’s.  She wasn’t sure what was bringing on her swelling, maybe it was getting to be that time of the month?  But whatever it was had gotten to the point that her old bras were just plain uncomfortable.

She’d also had to go to the salon to get her hair trimmed, as it had similarly had a growth spurt and was now almost down to her shoulders.  Much longer that she normally kept it, though she had to the stylist to only give it a little trim for some reason.

She leaned in to continue cleaning Mr. Travis’ teeth when she rubbed up agsint his arm with her breasts and a shiver of pleasure washed over her.

It was something else that whatever it was was causing, her nipples had become much more sensitive, along with several other parts of her body.

It some ways it was a blessing, with the new sensitivity she was coming to orgasm much faster and was getting a lot more sleep, but it was also causing a lot of distraction at work and she’d started to have to masturbate in the washroom at lunch.

She finished up with Mr. Travis and he left just as Dr. Roberts walked by her station and she quickly got up to follow him back to his office.

“Dr. Roberts… Chris…” she said hesitantly as she leaned against the door frame and he turned to see her.

“Jade, what can I do for you?”

“I… I was wondering if you… if you had any more of that mouthwash?” she asked as he raised an eyebrow.

She’d run out the other day and tried to go back to her old brand but hadn’t even managed to swish it around in her mouth before spitting the foul tasting liquid out.

“I think I might have some around her somewhere…” he replied and started rummaging around his office, finally finding what he was looking for, “Ah, here it is.  I have to say you certainly went through that bottle quickly Jade.” he said as he handed her a new bottle of mouthwash.

“I… I did?  I guess I didn’t really notice…” she lied, she’d been almost guzzling the mouthwash at the end and knew it.

She turned and walked away from his office as quickly as she could without drawing attention and went right to the bathroom where she took the top off the bottle and took a swig right from it.

Jade let out a moan as her nipples pressed firmly up against her clients arm.

“Jade… are you alright?” he asked.

She fluttered her eyelashes a few times before answering, “Oh… oh yes, I’m sorry.”

She quickly got back to work but it was hard with the ongoing distraction of her nipples and her buzzing pussy.

Just as she was finishing up Dr. Roberts stuck his head in to her station, “Jade, can you come see me after your done?”

“Yes, of course Chirs!” she chirped back and smiled at him.  For some reason every time she did her pussy buzzed just a little more.

She flicked her head and sent her long hair back out of the way as she turned back to her patient and finished up.

“So Jade, it’s been a month since I gave you the mouthwash, do you have some feedback for the company?” Chirs asked and Jade nearly panicked.

She’d been so distracted with the changes her body had been undergoing that she’d completely forgotten to write down and comments after that first day.  She’d replaced her bra’s twice more and her hair was half way down her back, along with the continued increase in the sensitive parts.

“Well… yes… but… but… I left them at home.” she lied and hoped Chris would believe her.

“Oh, well, that’s alright.  Why don’t I drop by your place after work and we can go over them.”

Jade squeezed her legs together trying to stop the buzzing in her pussy from consuming her, “Oh… ok.” she managed to get out as she bit her lower lip.

Jade heard the knock at her apartment door and hurried over to the full length mirror to double check herself.  She’d tried so hard to put on something conservative, but each time she did the thought of Chris being in her apartment popped in to her head and she had found herself putting on something she’d just bought.

She’d finally ended up with a dark blue combo that pushed her tits together and hugged her ass tightly.

Satisfied that everything was alright, she moved quickly over to the door and opened it, “Hi Chris!” she said, maybe a little bit too enthusiastically.

“Hi Jade, how are you tonight?” he asked.

She wanted to say ‘horny’, she so desperately wanted to say it, but she managed to contain herself and instead smile, “I… I’m ok, thanks.” she replied and brushed a few strands of her hair to the side and touched her ear.

He stepped in to her apartment and she closed the door behind him, the click of it sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine and nuzzling at the base of her skull.

Before she knew it he had his arm around her waist and they were walking towards the living room.  Involuntarily she let out a little moan at his touch.

“So tell me Jade, how do you like the mouthwash?”

Her eyes sparkled and she smiled at him, “Oh I love it!  It’s amazing!” she nearly screamed out in glee.

“And the side effects?” he asked and she scruched her forehead trying to think of what he mean.

“Side effects?” she asked.

He smiled as he stood in front of her couch, guided her around in front of him and reached out and grabbed her tits.

“You know, the growth spurt?”

She closed her eyes and flung her head back as the pleasure washed over her as he fondled her right there in the middle of her living room, “Oh god yes!” she cried out.

“Increased libido…” he said and leaned over and placed his lips on to hers, she opened her mouth and darted her tongue in to his mouth as he reached around and pulled her tightly to him.

He broke off the kiss after reached around and grabbing her ass tightly, then he slipped his hand under his skirt to find her dripping wet pussy.

“And of course the increased sensitivity…” he said as he found her clit and her whole body shook with an orgasm.

“OH MY GOD YES!” she cried out and almost collapsed in to his arms.

By the time she managed to recover Chris had maneuvered her around to the side of the couch and bent her over the arm of it.

Before she could say anything she felt him slide in to her and an orgasm crash over her.  Then another, and another, and another as he continued to slide in and out.

The pleasure was overwhelming, it pushed out every other thought but one.  That one thought was that her dreams were finally coming true, Chris was using her exactly the way she was meant to be and she couldn’t be happier for it.