Ok, I had to admit that at some point it had just become easier to number them.

Number 11 here, or as I called her November, was the last one I picked up this year.  Don’t ask what happens when I get more than twelve in a year, it just gets messy.

I don’t recall exactly where I found her, was it at the football game?  Or was that number 7, July?  It was so hard to keep track of them all I seldom bother.

There were exceptions of course, like number 2, February, had been such a cute little thing as she got up on stage to sing karaoke that it was easy to remember.

“Hey November, go get everyone to come to the living room would you?”

She smiled at me and giggled, “Of course Master!” she said before skipping away towards the pool where I figured most of them would be working on their tans.

I wandered in to my private study and opened the safe, counting out 11 plain yellow envelopes and then closing it once more before heading to the living room.

When I walked in, all eleven beauties presented themselves to me.

January was a classic blonde bombshell.  February was a cute girl next door.  March was a stunning redhead.  April was a classic asian beauty.  May was, well, I still wasn’t sure what she was but her cold pale features seemed to be a mix of many things.  June was a raven haired vixen.  July was a spunky brunette and was definitely the one I found at the football game.  August was a stern looking woman with classic features.  September was a student I’d found on campus.  October was, well a disappointment really, but had been useful around the house none the less.  And of course there was November.

Each smiled and strutted to try and get my attention and I smiled back warmly, I was going to miss them after all.

I walked up to January and held out an envelope that she took between her fingers and a confused look crossed her face.  Then I entered her mind and undid most of what I’d done to her that first day.  Taking away layers of obedience, servitude and compulsions.

I left just enough there that she wouldn’t be damage by the experience and then pushed a few extra things in, like not to try and track down her old life, to go somewhere new that no one would know her.

January slipped her see threw numbered nighty from her body, folded it and placed it on the table as she left the living room to get her things and leave, with the envelope in her hand.  It was filled with cash of course, I wasn’t cruel after all.  They needed something to live on until they got settled in to their new lives, and most would have enough left over to treat themselves to something they wanted but otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

The other’s didn’t understand, but kept smiling anyway as I approached each one of them and repeated the process.

Finally, November left the room and I as all lone.  A few minute later I saw November walk by the doorway and out of the house, the door closing firmly behind her.

I took in a deep breath and held it for just a moment, taking in he silence, before letting it out.  The house hadn’t been this quite in a year, just like it was each new years day, and it was nice once in a while.

It was tradition, a bit of a new years cleaning if you will.  And if the tradition held up I’d have my new number 1 sometime later tonight, a new January for a new year.

I wondered what she would be like, a blonde like last year, or a dark hair asian like the year before?  

It was exciting not to know and I headed up to my master suite to find something appropriate to go hunting in, tonight was filled with possibilities and I wasn’t going to waste it.

Happy new year!