Sydney step forward, her heels clicking against the hard stonework on the ground as she looked from side to side, where was she?

She looked down at the deep plunge of her… dress?… outfit?… whatever she was wearing and touched the brim of her cap with her fingers.

How had she gotten here?  Where was here?

Looking around, at first she thought she was in some kind of old town or something, but when she cast her eye skyward all she saw was a dark roof several stories above her.

She stepped up to the windows just beside her and saw what looked to be a small pub, but no one inside.

Looked across the “street” she saw what looked to be a restaurant of some kind and just a bit further away a small store.

It was some kind of town replica, housed inside of a large building, but there seemed to be no one around.

She lifted her foot to take a step forward but before it made contact with the stone she heard another footstep fall somewhere in the distance.  A shiver ran down her spine, she couldn’t remember how she got here or anything else, it was all a fog.  Would whoever had made the sound be a friend or a foe?  How would she know?

She shook her head and decided she needed help and the risk was worth it, “H… he… hello?”

The footsteps stopped for a moment and then started to sound closer and closer until a man stepped out from the shadows a short ways up the street, “Ah Syn, there you are!” his chipper voice called out and she caught sight of a broad smile on his face.

“Do… do I know you?” she asked hesitantly.

“Of course you do, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already?”

“I don’t know, everything is kind of a haze…” she replied truthfully.

He stepped right in front of her and she finally managed to get a good look at him.  He was older, not unpleasant to look at, but something made her uneasy about him.

“Oh poor Syn, so new to the town.” he said and reached out and touched her cheek with his palm.  Then he ran his fingers along her jaw line until they rested on her chin and his thumb made it’s way to her lips.

Something in the back of her mind clicked and she let out a moan before she even realized what was happening.

“It seems to always be the way though, new residents inevitably wander off and get lost and confused.  Here, let me help you remember.” he said and ran his thumb down her chin, across her neck and between her breasts.

Her mouth hung open as she gasped, her eyes wide and her breathing quickened as a wave of pleasure washed over her.  His fingers slide between her flesh and the tight black material of her outfit, finding her nipple and rolling it between them.

“Oh god!” she cried out as her knees nearly gave out from beneath her.

“You moved here almost two whole weeks ago.  You’ve been very popular amongst the tourists.” he said and it all came flooding back to her.

She hadn’t moved there, she’d been taken!  Stolen away in the night after going out with her friends, getting too drunk and passing out on a park bench after everything had closed for the night.

She’d woken up for just a moment when she’d felt the prick of the needle in her thigh and then again sometime later when they had her strapped in to a chair with several men standing around her.

In her semi-drugged state she had found it hard to follow what they were saying, but at some point they seemed satisfied and the next thing she knew they’d put something on her head and over her ears.  A few minutes later sounds and images filled her mind as she tried to make sense of them all.

At first it had been difficult, still partial out of it, they hadn’t made sense.  She wasn’t a doll, she wasn’t something to be played with, she had a mind of her own.

But by the time the drugs had cleared from her system, or perhaps been replaced by some other cocktail, it was harder to push back against what was being feed to her.

The images and sounds finally became clear.  Women were dolls, pretty little things to be played with, nothing more.  The images showed her how they played, cocks in all their holes, their bodies used in any way that brought pleasure to others, the orgasms that would come any time she was used.

She tried to fight the memories, it wasn’t true, it couldn’t be true, but the pleasure pulsing from her nipple drove her protests deep in to the recesses of her mind.  Then, with a hard twist he let go and her orgasm crested.

She recovered a moment later and smiled back and the man, “Thank you Sir, Syn was so confused.”

“That’s alright Syn, are you confused now?”

“No Sir.  Syn knows she is an important member of the town and must always do what is best for the town.”

“Good, now there are some tourists over in the far side of the town that are eager to meet you, why don’t you go and join them.”

“Of course Sir!” she replied, a wicked little smile on her lips as she stepped forward and swung her hips with each step.

After a short time she could just make out the sounds of voices; men grunting, women moaning and crying out in pleasure.  She stepped up her pace, she was eager to meet the new tourists and ensure they came back to visit again.