I have a semi-conundrum, in the sense that I’ve already decided, but wanted to post about it anyway 😉

Technically, post purge, some of the Tumblrs I follow will probably survive (they don’t feature nudity).  That means I could keep my Tumblr account and follow the survivors, or if my account gets deleted outright, create a new account to follow them with.

I’m not going to do either, I’m going to actively delete my account a few days after the purge (I’ve already removed a few private blogs I had).

I’m going to do this for a few reasons:

  • I can’t support a service that can so callously throw it’s users under a bus with a happy smile on it’s face.
  • I can’t support a service that is so blatantly opaque about it’s motives and decision making.
  • Even if they reverse their decision now, they’ve broken the trust we all had in giving them our content to host.
  • Clearly they don’t want anything but pretty balloons, cute animals and happy thoughts on their service, I have no need to see any more of those so looking for anything else would be counter productive.
  • The only protest we have, so that maybe the next service that decides this is a good idea reconsiders, is to make sure as many users as possible leave Tumblr and it becomes the next MySpace.

And why delete it a few days after the purge?  I kind of want to see what the scorched earth tactic they’ve decided to take looks like 🙂