So since I’m not doing daily posts at the moment I thought I might start doing some status updates for what I’m working on so everyone doesn’t think I’m dead 😉

I figure there are three categories I’ll provide updates on:

  1. [Outline] – These are stories I have outlines complete for and will be writing in the short term.
  2. [Draft] – These are stories that I’ve complete the first draft of and need to do editing on.  A note about drafts, don’t get your hopes up that they will appear quickly, I have a bad habit of leaving first drafts for months before I get around to editing them (my record is almost a year).
  3. [Submitted] – These are stories I’ve submitted to be posted but haven’t yet appeared.  These will almost always be submitted to first with them showing up on literotica a few days later.  In the future there may be a few exceptions to this, I currently have an idea for a non-MC erotic story that obviously wouldn’t get submitted to

A quick note on titles, for an Outline or Draft I won’t include the title but instead give a quick description of the story.  This is because my titles sometimes change as I edit them 🙂

For submitted stories I’ll include my summary line.

So, here’s what I’ve been working on over the last few weeks:

  • [Outline] New Bimbo or Billionaire story.
  • [Draft] Mind control reform school for two best friends. (~7k words)
  • [Draft] A company that deals with problematic individuals, include superheroes. (~8k words)
  • [Submitted] Three Crates: Being a super villain is never easy, things always go wrong, but what do you do when you don’t find what you were expecting in the crates you just hijacked? (~12k words)

I am honestly hoping to complete the BoB story this week as it is a holiday episode (not sure if it’s x-mas or new years yet, that will depend on how much writing I get done this week 😉 ), which means the other two drafts won’t be edited until after that.