A hands on kind of leader...

It is done…

My Tumblr account has officially been deleted.

So I stayed around for a few extra days just to see what it was like, and it was pretty disappointing (in the sense it was pretty much exactly what I expected).

My blog, as it was marked as explicit, was basically inaccessible in any way unless you went to your dashboard and clicked on my profile so that it would come up on the right had side.

That’s a terrible UI that never worked very well and being the only way to access my posts, it was a complete no go.

As for the content in my timeline, well, it was about half of what it was before the announcement and definitely had a different flavour to it.  More sanitised in some way.

I’ll miss some of the accounts that are still there and aren’t moving somewhere else, but I’m not willing to support a platform that betrayed the trust of it’s users so easily.

I kind of look at the last 18 months of Tumblr like an abusive spouse, we all kept making excuses for them as they beat us down again and again.  But like any abusive relationship, the way to fix it is to get the hell out.

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