Kendra stood on top of the coffee table, hiking her skirt up high so that Mr. Hendrickson could get a clear view of her bare pussy. He smiled and leaned back on to the couch in his office and chuckled.

There had been a time when she was sure that it was going to be her office. She’d been a rising star in the company, taking on projects that everyone else thought were losers and making them winners with what seemed like ease. But then Fienstien had retired and his VP position had opened up.

Mr. Hendrickson, god she hated the fact she couldn’t even think of him by his first name any more, and herself had made short work of any of the other’s that were interested in the position. Leaving a trail of shattered dreams in their wake, they then turned their attention to each other.

Kendra had attacked him in the same way she had torpedoed so many other men that stood in her way, looking for dirt that she could use to pressure him to step aside. She’d gone after the obvious dirt first, a mistress or other indiscretion, but the problem was that he wasn’t married and even flaunted the fact that he never got involved in a long term relationship.

When that had failed, she’d gone after his work. No one got to where they were without leaving some incriminating evidence behind and so she’d stayed late one night to rummage around his office. He had a bad habit of leaving his laptop at the office and she’d even noticed he never locked it when he left. She’d had to time it just right, but she’d managed to get in to his office before the screen saver kick in and locked her out.

She’d looked through several folders in his e-mail and on his desktop, but hadn’t found anything worth while until she came across a folder named “Project Dominance”. She’d opened it up and ran the single application that was inside and the screen came to life with a swirling pattern as low humming sounds came from the laptop’s speakers.

She’d wrinkled her forehead as she’d tried to understand what it could be, what kind of project it was, but couldn’t figure it out. She’d wanted to close it and move on, but her hand seemed to be unwilling to move the mouse and it was only then that she’d realized something was wrong.

She’d fought hard to try and break the grip of whatever it was on her, but soon her face had relaxed as she fell back in to the comfortable chair behind Mr. Hendrickson’s desk.

She’d felt the click of the mouse more than heard it when the program was closed and she’d blinked several times. The bright morning light had been streaming in to Mr. Hendrickson office and he was standing there beside his desk with a smile on his face.

“So Kendra, did you find what you were looking for?” he’d asked.

“Oh yes sir Mr. Hendrickson!” she’d replied, a wide smile on her face.

“Very good Kendra, why don’t you call in sick today and then you know what you need to do tomorrow, don’t you?”

“Oh thank you very much Mr. Hendrickson, that’s a great idea!” she’d replied and shot bolt upright, quickly leaving the his office and going straight to her car.

When she’d returned to the office the next day she’d gone right in to the CEO’s office and revoked her application for the VP’s position.

A week later Mr. Hendrickson was moving in to his new office.

A month later she was starting her new job as his personal assistant, with a long list of requirements that she had to fulfill. How much time she had to spend at the gym, how much makeup she had to wear, how long her hair needed to be, what kind of dresses she had to wear, how tall her heels had to be.

Last week he’d added a new one to the list, her pussy had to bare at all times.

He’d been inspecting it each day since, having her stand on the coffee table just like she was now.

“Good girl Kendra.” he said as he pushed himself back in to the couch, opening his jacket and reaching down to unzip his pants.

“Thank you Mr. Hendrickson!” she replied, a rush of pleasure coursing though her at his praise.

“Now, don’t you think it’s time for our morning dictation?”

“Oh yes sir Mr. Hendrickson!” she almost squealed as she stepped off the coffee table, knelt down in front of him and leaned forward, wrapping her bright pink lips around his shaft.

Her pussy pulsed in time as she bobbed up and down Mr. Hendrickson dick. She’d fought it so hard for those first few weeks, but the pleasure had been too great and she now looked forward to morning dictation as one of the highlights of her day.

Of course it paled in comparison to her afternoon one on one with him, the pleasure of having his dick in one of her holes was almost too much to bare but she always managed to hold off until he came for her own release.

“God your getting good at that Kendra. Have we talked about your tits yet?” he asked.

She popped off the top of his dick and smiled, “Thank you sir! No we haven’t sir.” she replied as she moved down to the base of his dick and then licked her way to the top before sliding it back in to her mouth.

“Look up Dr. Morrison in my contacts. He’s one of the best tit men in the business. Make an appointment with him and make sure to get them big enough so I can fuck them properly, understand?”

Keeping him deep inside of her mouth she looked up and nodded.

A few moments later she tasted his cum flow in to her mouth and she orgasmed as well. Then she cleaned up every last drop from him and fixed her makeup before returning to her desk outside of his office.

As soon as she unlocked her computer, she looked up Dr. Morrison’s number and dialed it. As she waited for an answer she wondered how much larger she should go. She wasn’t small to begin with, a large C maybe, but Mr. Hendrickson was larger than most and so she figured she’d have to go up at least two cup sizes… maybe three.

Her pussy buzzed as she imagined Mr. Hendrickson big hard dick sliding between the two large globes that would soon protrude from her chest.

“Hello, Dr. Morrison’s office.” the chipper voice came across the phone.

“Ah, hello. This is Kendra from Mr. Hendrickson office. I’d like to book an appointment with Dr. Morrison.”

“Oh, no problem… let me check when we have an opening… how’s Friday at 4?”

“That’s fine, thank you.”

“Alright, see you on Friday at 4pm.” the voice said across the line and then hung up.

Kendra set her phone down and only then realized her free hand had slipped up under her dress and had been stroking her pussy during the entire conversation.

She quickly looked around the office, mortified at what the other people might think, but no one seemed to be paying her any attention.

Maybe… maybe if she moaned a little… she thought as she leaned back and moaned softly as her fingers continued to do their work and her other hand squeezed one of her small tits.

God, she had never thought of them as small before, but now that she knew she’d be getting big fake implants, it was all that was on her mind. Well that and how great it was going to be when she was Mr. Hendrickson big titted, slutty little secretary.