“Look at what I found Master!” Nikki said as she walked towards me, the clearly confused dirty blonde on her arm.

“Wha… what’s going on?” the dirty blonde managed to stutter out as she rubbed her head and squinted even more.

“And who is this Nikki?” I asked as Nikki as she stroked the dirty blonde’s hair which seemed to calm her down.

“Like, this is… ugh… Carmen?” Nikki replied, not completely sure of the answer.

“Carmen is it?” I asked as I stepped over to her and the dirty blonde nodded.

“And how many pills did you give her Nikki?”

“Ummm, like just one… in her first drink and like… maybe two in her second? *giggle*”

“Oh my, no wonder she looks a little spaced out.” I said and placed my thumb on her chin and my finger under it, tilting her face up slightly so she was looking directly in to my eyes.

“Carmen, listen to me carefully and everything will become clear, ok?” I said and Carmen nodded slightly.

“Now then, Nikki probably found you in some bar or club and she’s probably been playing with you all night hasn’t she?”

Once more Carmen nodded slightly as I continued, “And that’s perfectly alright with you, after all you love Nikki like a sister. But not those boring sister that are all platonic and supportive, but the kind of sexy, slutty sisters that love to fuck and suck together. The kind of sisters that just can’t help by try and out do each other every time they see a cock.”

I watched Carmen’s eyes glaze over a little more as her nipples hardened through the semi-transparent material of her dress. This was always my favorite part, watching it sink in as the drugs that had opened her mind up to suggestion left her no resistance to what I was saying.

“You’ve been competing with Nikki to be the dumbest, sluttiest bimbo for as long as you can remember. And let’s face it, that isn’t really all that long is it? I mean you can hardly remember the last cock you sucked let alone what you were doing yesterday now can you?”

Carmen’s eyes widened as her past drained away and a smile of blissful ignorance crossed her lips.

“Of course the one thing that you always remember, that’s always at the top of your mind, is how much you need to please me. I’m the most important person in your life and you owe everything you are to me. That’s why the only time you aren’t competing with Nikki is when your sucking and fucking me. You give every bit of yourself to making sure you work with Nikki to bring me the most pleasure possible. And in return you get the biggest orgasms of your life when Nikki or you finally get my cum.”

I pushed my thumb up between her lips and Carmen took it in to her mouth and gently sucked on it, for her part Nikki pouted and looked at me with her big doe eyes.

“Hey, you’re the one that brought her here, you can’t really complain can you?” said and Nikki lowered her head.

“Like, no… I guess not.”

I pulled my thumb from Carmen’s mouth and wiggled my way between the two of them wrapping my arms around each of them and grabbing their asses.

Carmen leaned in and put her head on my chest, looking up longingly as Nikki reached over and grabbed Carmen’s ass as well.

I shook my head as we walked back to the house, I was really going to have to have a talk with Nikki, this was the third one this month she’d brought home. And while I wasn’t complaining, per say, it was getting more and more difficult to find them good homes after I’d had my fun with them.