Bambi stood in front of the SUV, a stupid grin plastered on her face as her tits stuck out almost as far as her ass did from the heels. By all outward appearances she was just another dumb piece of arm candy of one of the guests, but inside Bailey was fuming with righteous indignation.

Derek had left her standing there, outside the most important business gathering of the year, with the other dumb bunnies that the misogynist assholes always brought with them to try and one up each other. She’d finally had enough of them and managed to walk over to Derek’s SUV to be by herself for a while.

Last year she’d crashed the meeting when they’d failed to realize that the rising star of the local startup crowd was, in fact, a woman. Her invite had been addressed to “Mr. Bailey Holtz” as she’d seen no reason to correct it.

To say the crowd was flabbergasted was an understatement, but she enjoyed strutting around the meeting in her perfectly tailored business suit and had even gotten a few leads out of it. Of course she’d gotten far more dirty looks, but she was used to it.

She’d noticed Derek, along with a half-dozen others, talking that night, casting sidelong glances at her, seeming very serious, but they’d not approached her and so she really didn’t pay them much mind. That had been a mistake.

A month later Derek had been sitting in her office with paperwork that would sign over her company to him for a fraction of what it was worth. And she’d signed it!

She still didn’t know how he did it; was it something in his voice? Or maybe in his eyes? Or they way he touched her hand? Or that little tingle she thought she felt in the back of her mind?

Whatever it was, each time it happened she’d found herself agreeing to something she’d never have rationally done.

To make it even worse, once she’d agreed to something, her mouth was 100% in. Not her mind though, only her mouth. If someone had asked her if she signed those papers willingly, her mouth would have formed the words “Yes, of course.”, but inwardly she’d be screaming at the top of her lungs, “FUCK NO!”

And that made each and every step she’d agreed to after that infinitely worse that she could have imagined.

Signing her own resignation letter a few weeks after the deal and closed.

Signing the sale of her house and other property.

Signing the rental agreement on her new one bedroom apartment.

Signing up to the gym and going 7 days a week.

Signing the medical release for her new tits, ass and lips.

Signing the change of name for from “Bailey Holtz” to “Bambi Hotz”.

Each and every time a silly grin was plastered across the face like it was what she want more than anything else in the world while she screamed away inside of her own head.

Then she heard the doors opened to the building and she looked over as men streamed out, picking up their arm candy as they did. Derek was with several other men and was walking over to her.

She turned to him as he approached and when he arrived her lips parted and the ditzy voice she had no control over spoke, “Hiya baby!” she cried out and threw her arms around his shoulders and kissed him.

He broke off the kiss after a moment and turned to the other men, “Gentlemen, I think you all recognize ‘Bambi’ here.” he said as he waved his hand up and down in front of her.

The men chuckled in response and she let out a giggle, “Like, wow, I just love men in suits!” she said and gave her tits and ass a wiggle.

Derek took a step back and pulled out his phone, holding it up and starting the video camera app, “Ok Bambi, time for your first scene.”

She railed against it, but another giggle escaped her lips as she turned to Derek and pushed her tits together with her arms, raising one of them in a ridiculous wave, “Hiya everyone! I’m Bambi Hotz!”

The last thing she’d signed, just a few hours ago, was the personal services contract with one of Derek’s “adult entertainment” companies. It was a 10 year contract that spelled out in excruciating detail everything that she was expected to do. This would be one of the least humiliating scenes she’d have to do, but it made it no better.

Unable to stop herself, her body turned to the men who had formed a semi-circle and started to remove their dicks from their pants. She stepped in to the middle of it and lowered herself to her knees, her eyes locking on to the closest dick that was out, followed by her lips as she started sucking like it was what she was born to do.

Twenty minutes later she was splayed out on the sidewalk, her naked body covered in cum and the same stupid grin plastered on her face as Derek knelt down for a closeup. He placed a small placard against her tits and then pulled back once more to make sure it was in the shot as well, “Party crashers always welcome!”