A hands on kind of leader...

Sunday March 10, 2019

Jessica wobbled out of the alleyway, the bright daylight making her squint as she raised her hand to her forehead and brushed back her platinum blonde hair.

Platinum blonde? “What the fuck…” she half whispered as she took a strand of the alien locks between her fingers in disbelief. That’s when her eyes finally focused on the two large orbs attached to her chest.

“NO FUCKING WAY!” she cried out to no one in particular and cross her arms to hide as much as she could. The sensation of her forearms rubbing against her nipples sent a shiver down her spine right to her pussy and she only managed to stop herself from letting out a moan.

She looked around in near panic and went over to the dumpster where she found a slinky black top that seemed to match what she was wearing and managed to get it on. There were several dried cum stains on it but it was still better than nothing. She also found a small black clutch, inside was a driver’s license, a credit card and a few mixed bills, along with a bright pink, sparkly, cell phone.

She looked at the driver’s license and the photo matched the tangled mess of blonde hair that she imagined adorned her head now, but everything else was wrong. Her name wasn’t “Kandi Kane”, she was 24 not 19, and her address was all the way on the other side of the city.

But the credit card matched the driver’s license and the phone’s wallpaper was a photo of her clearly partying it up with several other blondes and brunettes. She swiped her finger to unlock the phone but it popped up a request for her password “for her security” and she drew a blank. Instead she stumbled out of the alley on to the busy street and hailed a cab.

When the driver asked her for a destination, her mind once more had no answer and so she gave him the address on the driver’s license and 15 minutes later they pulled up in front of an apartment building.

She was about to look over at the intercom to see if she could find her own name when a voice came up from behind her, “Oh my god, like, where have you been Kandi!”

Jessica turned to see a buxom brunette that she recognized from the cell phone background coming up to her, and without asking, slipping her arm through her own and nearly dragging her in to the building, “I… I…” she started but the brunette gave her no time to finish.

“You just have to tell me all about it! Did you hook up with that hot guy you were dancing for? Oh my god, did you go back to his place?” the brunette continued asking questions that she never waited for answers for as they rode up the elevator and finally walked in to one of the apartments.

Once inside Jessica recognized two other women from her phone, a small asian woman that had larger breasts that Jesicca could imagine her frame would support, and another blonde like herself.

But it was the man sitting on the couch that made Jessica freeze in her tracks, her mouth hung open as fear gripped every part of her mind, “I… I… I have to go!” she managed to get out just as the man looked up at her.

“Go? Go where Kandi?” the man asked in the most calming and soothing voice she’d ever heard. It almost made her want to stay, but she managed to turn around and head for the door.

“No… no… I can’t stay… I have to go…” she mumbled to herself as she closed her eyes and reached for the doorknob.

“You don’t want to go Kandi. You want to stay right here so we can have a nice little chat, don’t you?” the man said and his words seeped in to her mind, deep down until her fingers stopped turning.

“… no… please… I… go…” she let out in a hushed whimper as her hand fell away from the doorknob and returned to her side as she turned back to the surreal scene before her.

It all came flooding back, the brunette that had escorted her up to the apartment was Linda, the other blonde was Mary, and the asian was Judy. The four of them were physics majors at the university and made a major breakthrough in multiverse theory. They’d taken their work to Don, an engineering student to see if they could come up with a test of their breakthrough and he’d been quite excited about it.

A month later he’d built a device that would let them test their theory and “swap” matter between universes.

Of course what Don had failed to mention was that he’d already used the equipment to swap out the matter from his own body with that of an alternate universe where just the sound of his voice could alter another persons mind.

He’d calmly talked to all four of them, convincing them to each sit in the machine one at a time as he swapped out their body matter for matter from other universes. When he was done he had four wet dreams standing in the lab. An hour later, he’d told them how horny and slutty each of them were and how much they wanted to do everything he asked them to.

The next few months had been a haze of sex and debauchery as they hardly left his apartment. But even Don had his limits and soon he was sending them out to work at strip clubs or on the street. Or, like last night, trolling the clubs to find johns.

“There, there now Kandi, it’s going to be all right. I was so worried when the girls called me and said you didn’t come home last night.” Don said as he rose from the couch and stepped towards her.

“I… I… I’m sorry Don… please… I want… I want to go…” she said just as he stood before her and took her chin in between his fingers and titled her head upwards to meet his gaze.

The smile across his face nearly melted her, “Oh Kandi, you don’t want to go, you want to stay.” he said and all thought of leaving left her.

“I wondered how long the effect might last, I guess just about a year it seems.” Don replied and then turned to the three other girls in the room.

“You three will stay here until I’ve had a chance to speak with each and every one of you, understand?” he said and all three of the other girls nodded in unison.

“As for you, Kandi Kane, my horny little slut, let me remind you what you are. You’re my whore, my slut, my bimbo, my property. The only thought in that silly little head of yours is how you can earn more money sucking and fucking so you gave give me every penny that you earn. Got it?”

Kandi’s lower lip quivered as her eyes grew wide and her pussy grew moist. She nodded her head, “Oh god yes!”

“Good, now go cleaned up while I talk to your sisters here.” he said and gave her a slap on the ass to get her moving.

She just caught sight of him talking to Fuki as she entered the bathroom and started the shower. God she was horny, but then again she was always horny so that didn’t really surprise her. But maybe if she hurried Don would fuck her before he left.

After all, she was his horny little slut and there was nothing better than being fucked by him.

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