Kimmy smiled and set her phone down as the two men approached, she instantly recognized Dave’s bulging cock as she’d had her lips around many times, but the other cock walking towards her was unfamiliar.

Something in the back of her head told her she should recognize his face, but she let out a giggle and the thought drifted off, as she was sure she’d never sucked *that* cock before.

Kimmy licked her lips and smiled up as the two men stood over her, “Like, hi Dave! *giggle*” she said and gave her tits a jiggled from side to side.

“Hi Kimmy, how are you today?” Dave asked.

“Horny!” Kimmy replied and bounced up and down on her ass, giving a little pout and lowering her head as well. When she looked back up the man she didn’t know had a grin on his face from ear to ear and Kimmy easily recognized the look in his eye as pure lust. Well, the look in his eye and his hardening cock!

“Of course you are Kimmy! But my friend Kevin might be able to help you out with that…” Dave said and gestured towards Kevin.

Kimmy looked up at Kevin with hope in her eyes, “Like, really?” she squealed as the nagging thought popped back in to her head that she should know Kevin.

Her eyes darted back down to his stiff member, then up at his face, then back down to his cock. Nope, she’d definitely never sucked it before so she really couldn’t have known him.

Maybe though she’d met him before she’d met Dave? Back before she was nothing more than a horny little pool slut? Back when she was still a high powered CEO?

God she’d loved being a CEO… though not nearly as much as she loved being a cock hungry bimbo of course, but still it had been fun. Ordering people around, blaming them when she had made mistakes, yelling at them for no good reason. Those had been good times.

But then Dave had shown her how much more fun it was to stop thinking so much, stop yelling so much, stop doing so much! Instead Dave had shown her how all she had to do was look pretty and suck cock to get everything she could ever want. Which was of course to suck as much cock as she could!

Kimmy let out another giggle for no reason as her hand extended out and touched Kevin’s dick, “Like, uhm, nice to meet you Kevin…” she said as she leaned forward and placed her lips on his throbbing head.

Kevin looked down at Kimberly Westford, her head bobbing back and forth on his dick, and could hardly believe what he was seeing. The terror of the office, legendary CEO, and queen bitch in any room she entered had been reduced to a giggling blonde airhead who was sucking his cock for all she was worth.

He’d known something was up when she’d agreed to sell the company to David Haselbeck, well known corporate raider and misogynist, and immediately taken on the title of “Head of Special Projects” and moved to David’s head office. But he would never have guessed this is what had become of his former boss.

Of course he’d accepted the promotion when she’d left and had been running things ever since, but he’d always thought that it would be temporary until David found someone to replace Kimberly.

“So as you can see, if you accept my offer there are certain… perks… to the position.”

Kevin focused as best he could with Kimberly… no, he mentally corrected himself, Kimberly wasn’t sucking his dick, Kimmy was.

“I… I can see that… fuck that’s good Kimmy.” Kevin said and placed a hand on the top of Kimmy’s long blond hair.

“Of course, if she’s not your type, I can provide someone who is…” David said and waved over to the other side of the pool where two more women were lounging. One was a blonde had the largest tits Kevin had every seen and the other was a gorgeous redhead with the body of a supermodel.

“But… but why me?” Kevin asked.

“Well you are qualified and you know the business, but really I could tell you were the right *man* for the job the first moment I met you. I need someone *motivated* to succeed and *guaranteed* to be loyal.”

“Fuck!” Kevin cried out and grabbed Kimmy’s head with both hands, pushing her all the way down on to his shaft as he exploded in to her mouth. Kimmy squealed and sucked even harder as he did.

Kevin turned to David and nodded.

“Good, enjoy Kimmy… or the others… for the afternoon and I’ll see you in the office tomorrow morning to sign the paperwork.”

Kevin almost felt guilty, but Kimmy’s continued sucking at his deflating cock quickly sootheed it away and he wondered if the mammoth tits on the blonde were hard or soft.