Bambi flipped open the little pink device and read the screen for a moment before titling her head up and to the left as she tried to think of the answer.

“Level 3 complete! Do you want to advance to level 4? [ Yes ] [ No ]” it said, the two buttons causing her to scrunch her forehead in thought.

Level one had been a lot of fun, even if at first when Danny had given her the device she’d nearly chucked it at his head. It was pink and girly and at the time she’d definitely neither of those things.

Level one had shown her how her dark clothes, dark hair and pale skin had been all wrong for her and with each passing day the idea of making some changes had seeped in to her head.

She’d completely ignored the thing for the first few days, though she’d been unable to throw it out for some reason. By the third day she’d actually opened it up to that cute little song that it made each time she did. By the end of the first week she’d actually thanked Danny for giving it to her.

It had taken nearly a month for her to complete level one. Time at the gym, in the tanning bed and at the salon had given her a real new outlook on life.

Level 2 hadn’t take as long, only a couple of weeks for her to throw out every piece of clothing she owned and replace them with pastel colours and cute shoes.

Level 3 had taken longer, learning how to completely redo her makeup was hard enough but having to do it every day? Before she left the house? She’d had to start getting up an hour earlier each day and that had been a real challenge.

But now her she was, finally through level 3, her face and hair and nails done up perfectly and it was still before 7am! ON A SUNDAY OF ALL DAYS!

She turned back to the device and giggled. Danny had been so nice to give the device to her, could she really say no?

She raised her hand up to it and extended her long fingernail, tapping the “Yes” button on the screen. The music played and a shiver ran down her spine right to her pussy and a little orgasm crested.

“Congratulations! Level 4 starts right now!” the screen said and then flashed breifly before displaying the title card for the next level. On it was a picture of a woman, or at least the breasts of a woman. They were large and round.

“Level 4 – Physical Upgrade – Estimated time to complete: 3 months”

Oh god! She was getting new tits! Another shiver of pleasure ran down her spine. She’d wanted new tits since level 2, after all she hardly had any cleavage to show off in her new outfits and she’d had to resort to push up bras. And that was cheating.

She let out a squeal and fell back on to the bed, rolled over to her nightstand and grabbed her phone. She couldn’t wait to tell Danny she was getting new titties! Maybe he’d come over later and try and fuck her tiny little titties one last time before she got her new ones. They’d been trying for weeks with little luck, but she knew once she had her new titties he be fucking them all the time.

As she set the device on her nightstand she failed to see the next page displayed, “Level 4/10 started. You are now 30% complete.”