Sara could still feel the warmth from the jewel that laid on her neck, her fingers gently stroking her pussy as Master look down at her.

Funny, she thought, she’d never thought of him as Master before. Though in all honesty she’d barely paid the dweeb any attention at all.

She’d moved in to the condo tower a few months ago and run in to him a few days later at the mail room, to her regret. He seemed to be there almost every time she was and with that disgusting puppy dog look in his eyes to boot.

She’d had to politely listen to him spout on about this and that, she only needed to nod and grunt in agreement once in a while, he never left any space between his words for her to say anything. It almost surprised her when she realized she must have listen at least a little bit, because when her computer gave some weird error, she immediately thought of him as his job was in tech. At least she was pretty sure it was.

She’d walked downstairs to the mail room and before she left he’d appeared. Ten minutes later he was typing away at her computer keyboard and ten minutes after that it was up and running again.

It had taken longer than that to get him out of her unit of course, but at least he’d solved her problem.

That was yesterday, and so when he’d knocked on her door this morning, she’d felt just a little bit of duty to make nice. She’d opened the door and before she had said anything he’d held up the jeweled necklace in front of her. The sun from her windows glinted off of it and sparkled in her eyes as she gasped slightly and stared at it.

Before she knew what was happening it was around her neck, the jewel resting on her chest, warm and comforting. She was so focused on it she hardly heard the door close behind him.

He was saying something, it was important, she knew it was, but it was hard to focus on anything but the jewel. She heard herself grunt in agreement several times and then… then she was getting undressed.

Then she was laying on the couch, or half laying on it at least, her hand rubbing her pussy as an orgasm started to build. It crested and was followed by another one, and another, with each on the jewel became warmer and warmer. Until finally the warmth seemed to explode outward and fill her body.

She heard her own voice echo though her condo, “YES MASTER!”, as the largest orgasm of her life rocked her.

“Now Sara, what is your purpose?” Master’s voice asked and for the first time since she’d laid eyes on the jewel she managed to focus on something else. His voice was clear and commanding, she was sure that even if she had been in a room filled with people talking she would have heard it just the same.

“My purpose it to please you Master.” she replied, bitting her lower lip gently as her fingers continued to work her pussy.

“Very good. Now get on your knees and fulfill your purpose.” he said and she slipped from the couch on to her knees, her face level with his crotch where his hard cock awaited her.

Her lips wrapped around it and let it slide easily in to her mouth, the warmth from the jewel once more growing. With each stroke she knew her building orgasm would be even better than the last and that fulfilling her purpose would bring her greater joy than he had ever known before.

Minutes later, with his cum filling her belly, she only hoped that her Master would use her many more times today and in the days that followed.