Lindsay listened to the poppy music coming across the headphones as she sat for the photo shoot, at first it had been really annoying, but now it wasn’t so bad. If she was honest, she’d even caught herself bobbing her head along with the beat once ore two.

At first she’d wondered why it was playing at all, or why she had to wear them, but like most photographers Henry had waved off her concerns with a simple reply, “For the art baby!”

She’d rolled her eyes and accepted that it was just going to have to be one of those things she put up with. After all Henry was a famous photographer and a photo shoot with him would really kick start her modeling career in the fashion industry.

Without noticing her head started to bob once more as she only half listened to Henry’s instructions and half to the music. She just let it happen and let Henry guide her along the way.

Stand up.

Turn around.

Bend over.

Grab your ass.

Pull your panties off.

Stand up again.

Turn back around.

Take your top off.

Face the chair.

Bend over at the wast.

Suck the cock.

She hadn’t noticed the man sit the the chair after she’d left it, but her lips quickly found his shaft and her head bobbed up and down in time with the music.

Likewise she wasn’t sure when a second cock had started sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy, but she was glad it had.

Suck that cock.

Rock those hips.

Grab those tits.

Spank that ass.

Get on your knees.

Work those cocks with your hands.

Cum like a whore when they shoot all over your face and tits.

Thank them for using your body for their pleasure.

Two orgasms rocked her as each man unloaded on to her face and tits, when they subsided she looked up and smiled at the men, “Thank you for using me for your please!”

She smiled as they walked away, the flash of the camera still going off as she scooped up some of the cum from her face with her finger and licked it and then sucked on it.

She felt her pussy tingle as the music continued to play, the only though going through her mind was how much this photoshoot was going to help her get started in the porn industry.