“Oh god not again!” Sheila thought as she grabbed her head and slid down the lockers until her ass touched the cool tiles of the change room floor.

She took in a gasp of air as the world seemed to swirl around her, her white leggings darkening and becoming transparent. Her blue top retreating from her waistline until it showed off the bottom of her breasts.

And then the thoughts started to invade her mind. Thoughts of men. And women. And men and women together. But always she was there, sucking cock, licking pussy, fucking one or more of them, a joyful smile across her face.

It finally passed and she let out a sigh, ran her hands down her face to her breasts and gave them a squeeze, sending a thrill down her spine to her pussy.

She could no longer tell how many times it had happened. She seemed to recall being a blonde, or maybe a redhead at some point. And certainly overweight, it was why she had come to the gym in the first place.

But that was long gone, after each workout the world spun and she change, changed in ways that should could never imagine before hand.

She tried to make sense of it this time. She had been a waitress, hadn’t she? But that was no longer true. Now she was a dancer, at the strip club she had been waitressing at. Or was that a new false memory too?

It didn’t matter, she knew her workout for the day was done and she had things to do before she went to work that afternoon. One of her regulars had finally agreed to her price and so she’d be going home with him after work.

They had been negotiating for a while and she was going to be his naughty step-daughter in need of a good spanking.

In all honesty she would have done it for free, just the thought of his hand coming down on her ass was getting her wet even as she sat on the floor. But she was a professional and she had standards to uphold, so she had held out.

Besides which, he could afford it and she was pretty sure he’d be a repeat customer. At least as long as the next change that was made to her didn’t make her something else entirly once more.