“One… oh fuck!” Cindy cried out as her nipples touched the mat and a small orgasm coursed through her body.

“Two… Ugggghhhhh!”

“Three… FUCK!”

Each repetition brought a stronger and stronger orgasm until after the third she collapsed on to the mat and whimpered.

She took a deep breath, steeled herself once more and pushed herself up from the mat.

“One… God damn it!”

“Two… Ooooohhhhh!”



Her nose touched the mat once more, it was progress at least. She’d spent the last two days stuck at three and it had taken a week to get past two before that.

Her arms felt like jello though and she knew she wouldn’t get any farther in this session. She spun around and crossed her legs, sitting by the pool and soaking in the sun for a few minutes before standing up and walked over to Tom who was under an umbrella sipping a drink.

She sat down in his lap, twisted her body towards him and pulled her top up over her tits, her hard nipples standing at full attention.

“And how did you make out today?” he asked.

She squealed and bounced up and down in his lap with her hands balled up and at the sides of her tits, “Like, I got to four!”

He smiled and reached out and took one of her nipples between his finger and thumb, giving it a squeeze, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out as she bit her lower lip and pushed her tits towards him.

He relesed her nipples and then took it between his lips, sucking and lightly nibbling on it.

“Oh my god! Oh my GOD! OH MY GOD!” she cried out as another orgasm crashed over her and Tom released her nipple from his lips, letting her fall on to his chest.

“Not bad Cindy, not bad at all.” he said, patting her head as she signed and let out a giggle.

She didn’t know how he’d done it, a two months ago she was just another resident of the building, working to put herself through school. Then, Tom had walked up to her at the mailboxes and without saying a word grabbed her tits and squeezed. At first she’d been shocked and even managed to part her lips with the intention of crying out for help, but the only sound that had escaped them was the moans as her nipples hardened and an orgasm came over her.

Tom had been gone when she got a hold of herself once more and for a moment she thought it might have been some kind of vivid day dream, but the instant she touch her nipples another orgasm came over her and she knew it was real.

She’d gone to the emergency room, but they could find nothing wrong, saying it must be an allergic reaction. But nothing they prescribed her helped.

She’d finally seen Tom in the mail room again and confronted him. He’d let her vent for several minutes and then had simply reached out and twisted her nipple. The orgasm had been instantaneous.

As she recovered from it he’d simply said “If you want my help with your… problem… you’re going to do exactly as I say from now on. I’m in 502.”, and then walked away.

She’d tried to resist going to him at first, but even putting on a top reduced her to a quivering mess and god forbid she had to put on a jacket!

She’d broken down and went to him, his smiling face like a dagger to her heart.

Within a week she’d moved in to his place, and every time he told her to do something and she obeyed, he’d reach out and pinch her nipple, causing another orgasm to crest.

It didn’t take long for her mind to link the two things together, obeying Tom brought please. And her body liked the pleasure no matter now much her mind didn’t want her to be a walking orgasm machine with two bit buttons on the front of it.

And so Tom had told her how to talk, and walk, and act, and each time she did she was rewarded.

By the time Tom had started her real “training”, the deep lunge push ups on the mat, she was a walking talking little sex bunny. Eager to comply with whatever Tom wanted.

He had at least been true to his word, he had helped her with her problem. She could get a top on without orgasming, even wear a tight coat for a little while. And he was still helping her, she was up to four! Of course Tom had set her a goal of twenty, which seemed impossible at the moment, but she was trying her hardest none the less.

The tingling in her nipple pushed up against Tom’s chest started to draw her attention and so she pulled back up from his chest and giggled at him.

“Getting antsy again babe?” he asked.

“Uh hun.” she replied, nodding her head.

“Well, why don’t you go make lunch for us.” he replied as he pulled her top down over her tits and she let out a moan, but managed to keep from orgasming.

“Like, ok baby!” she said, bouncing up and down a few times before standing up and heading back to Tom’s apartment.

Tom watched Cindy wiggle her ass away from him and smiled. He’d spent nearly a decade perfecting the drug he’d used on her and the results had been beyond his expectations. It had to be applied directly to the skin that was to be effected, but even the tiniest bit that came in contact would suffice. He’d had to run dozens of experiments on dummies to make sure that he could apply it through clothing, but once he was sure, he’d waited for the perfect time to approach her.

Of course it only latest a few days, maybe a week, without being re-applied. He’d grown concerned when Cindy hadn’t shown up to his place right away, but she finally had and he’d let out a huge sigh of relief at the time.

He’d re-applied the drug right away and several more times over the coming weeks, but he’d stopped doing so almost two weeks ago and Cindy was still acting like she was on it.

He’d have to confirm that with another subject, but he assumed that her mind had grown so accustomed to the orgasms from even the slightest stimulation of her nipples, that it now just accepted that to be true.

Whatever the case was though, at her current rate, she’d be months before she arrived at her goal and he was quite sure that her total compliance to his every request would continue on no matter what.