A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday January 25, 2020

Jennifer stopped mid-stride, blinking several times before stepping off the road and on to the grass as the morning sun started to rise above the horizon. She grabbed the ends of her pig tails and pulled them to the side as she looked down at her body.

“Holy fuck I’m hot!” she cried out in alarm.

It wasn’t like she’d been ugly or anything, but never, well, hot like this. Her tummy was flat and she could make out the outline of her abs, her legs were long and lean and her hair a perfect golden blonde.

She still had an image of herself in her head that was 20 pounds heavier with dark, almost black hair.

What had happened?

She tried to remember but things were blurry, at least for the last two months. Before that everything was crystal clear, she remembered going to university for her law classes, studying until late and night, having no life other than school and work, living in the small apartment with two roommates.

“Like, Jenni, whatch doin?” a chipper voice called from ahead of her.

Jennifer’s head finally looked back up and towards the owner of the voice as they came towards her.

If Jennifer had thought her body was hot, then the woman jogging towards her made her second guess herself. The redhead, who’s long hair was tied back in a pony tail, was a good six inches taller than Jennifer and had two large round globes on her chest that made Jennifer feel like she had two bee stings there.

But the thing that really surprised Jennifer was the fact that the woman was jogging in at least 4 inch heels. Jennifer looked down at her own foot wear and quickly realized that she had what looked like a 2 inch wedge runners on herself and that brought a whole other level of confusion to her.

Jennifer parted her lips to say something just as the other woman arrived right in front of her.

“Oh my god Jenni, are you totaly having another moment?” the woman asked and Jennifer didn’t know what to say, her face twisting to the side as she wrinkled her forehead.

“Like, you totally are! Dontcha worry, like Traci can totally help!” the woman, who name Jennifer assumed was Traci, didn’t let her say anything else before she grabbed Jennifer’s breasts and squeezed them.

To Jennifer’s surprise, what came out of her own mouth wasn’t a string of vulgarities, but instead a gasp followed by a low moan. The pleasure of Traci, a total stranger to Jennifer, squeezing her breasts was the most erotic thing Jennifer could remember experiencing.

Lost in the feeling, Jennifer could do nothing when Traci took her hands off, placed them on Jennifer’s hips and spun her around. Jennifer couldn’t even find the will to resist when Traci reached around and place a hand just above her pussy and the pushed Jennifer over with her other hand on her back, forcing Jennifer to bend over at the waist.

“H..he…hey… what?…” Jennifer managed to get out before Traci started to speak right over her.

“Like, here we go… 1…” Traci called out and then her hand landed squarly on Jennifer’s ass, the slap sending it jiggling.

“Oh my god!” Jennifer cried out, surprised once more at the power of the pleasure the coursed through her body from the slap on her ass.

“*slap* 2…” Traci said and the pleasure returned, but this time something in the back of Jennifer’s mind niggled at her as she moaned loudly.

“*slap* 3!” Traci exclaimed as if something was special about the number, but other than the continued pleasure Jennifer was having a hard time figuring out what it was.

“*slap* 1… *slap* 2… *slap* 3!” Traci repeated again.

“*slap* 1…”

“S… ssss…ssssssl…” Jennifer managed to get out, not sure what she was trying to say but knowning there was a word on the tip of her tongue.

“*slap* 2… *slap* 3!”

“*slap* 1…”

“S… slut!” Jennifer cried out as the pleasure from the slap doubled as she said the word.

“*slap* 2… *slap* 3!”

“*slap* 1…”

“SLUT!” Jennifer cired out with confidence this time.

“*slap* 2”

“W… wh… whore?” Jennifer said, unsure if it was right until the pleasure double again.

“*slap* 3!”

“*slap* 1…”


“*slap* 2”


“*slap* 3!”

“Fu… fuck… fuck toy…”

“*slap* 1…”


“*slap* 2”


“*slap* 3!”


“*slap* SLUT! *slap* WHORE! *slap* FUCK TOY!” Jennifer cired out as Traci spanked her over and over again, no longer counting as she did.

“*slap* JENNI SLUT! *slap* JENNI WHORE! *slap* JENNI FUCK TOY! *slap* JENNI SLUT! *slap* JENNI WHORE! *slap* JENNI FUCK TOY! *slap* JENNI SLUT! *slap* JENNI WHORE! *slap* JENNI FUCK TOY! *slap* JENNI SLUT! *slap* JENNI WHORE! *slap* JENNI FUCK TOY!”

Jenni stayed bent over for several minutes even after Traci had stopped spanking her, her eyes fixated on the giant wet spot from her orgasm between her legs that soaked her leggings.

Finally she managed to stand upright and turn around to Traci, “Like, oh my god Traci, you’re like the totally best friend ever! *giggle*”

“Like, awe, thanks baby girl!” Traci replied as Jenni titled her head back and pushed herself up on to her tippy toes with her mouth just slightly open.

Traci bend over just enough so their lips met and their tongues could probe each other’s mouths. Traci pushed her giant tits in to Jenni’s small chest as they both reached around and grabbed each other’s asses.

After a few minutes of making out, the two hotties broke off their embrace and Jenni’s head fell, her face slightly sullen.

“Like, I can’t wait for my titties to be as big as yours…” Jenni remarked.

“Oh my god, like didn’t I tell you?” Traci asked, her face alight with happiness.

“Like, no, what!?!” Jenni replied, her head popping up and her eyes glinting with excitement.

“Like, Master totally booked your appointment for Friday! You’re getting big fake tits this weekend baby girl!”

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Jenni replied, balling her fists up in to little balls and jumping up and down like an over excited school girl.

When she finally calmed down a bit, there was a mix of excitement and fear on her face, “Like, what are we doing totally standing around here? Like, we’ve totally got a run to finish!” she said and hopped back on to the road, jogging quickly once she had.

“*giggle* Like, wait up baby girl!” Traci called after her, stepping on to the pavement herself before giving chase.

Jenni didn’t let up though, Master had given her so many goals to work on and she was so close.

She could take a 12 inch dildo down her throat without gagging. Hold her breath for 5 minutes. Squeal like a stuck pig when the dildo slid in to her ass. Beg to be use lied a whore when it slid in to her pussy.

But she hadn’t been able practice her tittie fucking very well, but she would be able to soon.

Then she’d be the perfect slut, whore, fuck toy for her Master and then, if she was lucky, she’d get a whole new set of goals.

Just like Traci had.

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