I reached out and gave Kiri’s ass a good hard slap, it jiggled magnificently as she stopped tapping on her phone and turned half way around to me, “Like, slap it again baby!” she squealed and so I obliged her, this time landing my palm on it as hard as I could.

I didn’t hurt her of course, her near invulnerable Raytonion skin would take so much more strength than my normal human arm could muster. That didn’t mean she couldn’t feel it of course, just that pain wasn’t the sensation she felt.

“Oh god babe, I love it when you smack my ass! *giggle*” she said, reaching back with one hand as I walked around the bed in front of her. She turned back to look up at me, her soft pink lips parted slightly and her wide blue vacant eyes filled with excitement as her fingers reached out to my zipper.

She quickly unzipped my pants and pulled them, and my underwear, down around my ankles. Her lips wrapping around my shaft as it stiffened and I reached forward and slapped her ass again.

I smiled down at the most powerful woman in the world, the mighty SolarGirl, now nothing more than a bubbly sex crazed bimbo sucking my cock like it was the most important thing in the universe.

And to her, it was.

Of course it hadn’t always been that way, she’d once been on the mightiest team of superhero’s every assembled, fighting the worst of the worst throughout the universe. I on the other hand had been just a low level supervillain, without any “real” powers but known for my genius. I had always avoid the A list heroes, not wanting to get entangled with them, but even a genius makes a miscalculation once in a while.

I’d agreed to team up with three other supervillians, a simple heist that would net us a few hundred million each to go towards whatever schemes we each were working on. It was supposed to be uncomplicated, but heroes always liked to derail such plans and two such heroes had shown up half way through the heist.

My first, and best, instinct was to run, which is exactly what I’d done. Heading for the back door I only caught a quick glimpse of the other three making the worst possible decision and making a stand. I knew exactly how that would go and wished them luck, it might have been better to wish myself luck. As soon as I pushed open the back door to the alley way, standing before me was SolarGirl.

Well floating really, her ability to fly giving her a huge advantage and the upper ground as well.

“Shit!” I said aloud and a smile crossed her lips.

“Well at least you know what kind of mess your in, I’ll give you that.” she said and floated just a few inches closer.

“If you give up without a fight I go easy on you.”

Thinking as quickly as I could, I inventoried my equipment and my options. The stun gun would do no good against her. The gas grenade would not stop her enhanced vision. The knock out powder… I had developed it myself to work quickly, even on strongly resistant individuals…

Well, what did I have to lose?

“Alright… alright…” I replied and slowly raised my hands, just as they reached the level of my lips, I opened my right hand and blew as hard as I could. The fine white powder blossomed in to a cloud and floated right in to SolarGirls face. I didn’t expect much, but what happened next gave me the surprise of my life.

SolarGirl chocked once, then twice, then sucked in a huge lungful of air laced with the powered. Her whole body shook as her feet touched the ground, then she fell to her knees and shook her head.

Not wanting to take any chances, I bolted down the alley way, but stopped mid stride when I heard the sounds coming from behind me. Moans. And not moans of pain or anything like that, but moans of pleasure.

Against my better judgment I turned to see what had happened. There, a few meters away, was SolarGirl. Flat on her back, one hand rubbing her pussy through her costume, the other grabbing at her breasts. She was clearly in the midst of masturbating and it didn’t look like it would be long before she orgasmed.

Already having taken too great of risk, I turned once more and resumed my escape, only to hear the superhuman scream of SolarGirl as she orgasmed behind me.

By the time I returned to my “lair”, a condo unit downtown that I’d had since college, I’d gone over the chemical formulation I’d used on the powder a dozen times but saw no earthly reason it would have affected SolarGirl in such an extreme way. Of course, that was part of the problem, her alien biology was completely foreign to me and so it could have been just about anything.

Either way, the reality was that I had a powerful weapon against SolarGirl and the question now was what was I going to do with it?

The next few days were spent coming up with genius level plans on what to do, how to ensnare SolarGirl, and they all were pointless when a knock came to my front door.

Opening it I raised an eyebrow as SolarGirl came in to view. Oh she was dressed in street clothes, a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and had a completely different set of mannerisms, but it was her.

“Hello, may I come in?” she asked and I blinked several times before waving her inside.

“How.. how did you…”

“Find you? It wasn’t really that difficult. I mean, I am SolarGirl after all and it’s not like your at the top of the supervillian heap or anything.”

I nodded, frowning a bit but accepting the fact, “So now what?” I asked, knowing full well she could have swooped in from outside, grabbed me and taken me in with little effort. The fact she was not doing so meant she wanted something else.

“Well, I…” she started, blushing and bowing her head slightly, “I wanted to talk… you know… about the other night?”

I raised an eyebrow, “What about it?”

“What… what was that… stuff… that you blew in to my face?”

“Nothing special… just some knock out powder I whipped up.”

“Thats… thats it?” she replied, looking crestfallen.

“Yes, though obviously it didn’t work as expected on you.” I replied.

“I… yes… do… do you have… any more?” she said sheepishly as she shuffled her feet and rubbed her upper left arm across her body.

“I might… why?”

Her cheeks flushed even more and I already knew the answer but wanted her to say it, “I.. I’ve never… you know… orgasmed… like that before.”

“Follow me…” I replied and walked in to my lab in the spare room. I’d just whipped up another batch of it the night before and handed her a small pouch of the powder.

Just as her fingers were about to take it I flicked it away, “But there is one thing…”

She scowled at me and for a moment I thought I might have make a mistake, but the scowl receded, “What?” she asked.

“Well, I didn’t have the opportunity to observe the whole thing the other night, I’d like to this time.”

All the blood drained from her face, “WHAT!?!” she cried out, knowing full well what I wanted.

“Well if you’d rather not…” I said, moving the small packet towards my pocket.

“Wait… wait… I… ok.” she replied, her shoulders slumping but her face brightening as my hand extended with the pouch once more.

“Good, perhaps you’d be more comfortable on my couch?”

“Yes… yes… that would be fine.” she said and we walked back out to my living room.

She sat on the couch and carefully opened the pouch, bringing it up to her nose and taking a small sniff of it. Her head went back immediately as she let out a moan. Then she leaned forward and snorted the entire thing, her whole body spasming as soon as she did so.

I watched in fascination as my couch was destroyed by the violent jerks of her body as the orgasm crested and she stiffened like a board, arching her back drastically and then slumping completely once it passed.

When she came around, she hurriedly left my condo without a word and never seeing the broad smile on my face.

It didn’t take long after that to break her, it was obvious that the powder would be highly addictive to her. Well, not so much the powder, but the orgasms that it brought. Each time she showed up after that I simply started adding conditions before I’d give her a fix.

Get undressed, masturbate a bit first, let me play with your breasts, suck my dick, let me fuck that pretty little pussy of yours.

Al the while I had the perfect opportunity to examine her alien biology. I didn’t take too long to figure out the exact interaction that was causing her orgasmic reaction to the powder, which let me to re-formulate it to be even more potent.

By the end of the first month she was willing to do anything I wanted to get a fix. By the end of the second month she’d “retired” for being a superhero. By the end of the third month she’d moved in to my condo. By the end of the fourth she was happily walking around half naked and acting like a complete bimbo.

Now, after six months, I’d replaced the powder completely, altering my own body chemistry so that the key components of the powder were now including in my own cum.

Pushing deep in to Kiri’s throat, I let myself explode in to her. As soon as my cum entered her I watched her body spasm as the powerful orgasm rocked her.

I pulled out of her mouth and slapped her face with my softening dick several times, her glazed eyes looked up at me as she giggled, “More baby, more.” she said softly.

I was looking forward to the next few months, I was planning on weening her off of the drug entirely, though leaving the pleasure/reward cycle firmly in place. If my plan worked, and they usually did, she’d cum just as hard from anyone’s cum as she did from mine.

After that, well, I was interested to see how much money I would earn off of the other supervillians to spend some “quality” time with SolarGirl.

After all, I still had schemes to pay for and SolarGirl had cost me quite a bit already, it was only fair that she repay me in the only what she could now.