Jessica opened the door to the large house and stepped inside, closing it behind her. She took a step forward, confident and with purpose, each one echoing in the hallway as she slipped the long black jacket from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

The feeling of her long blonde hair on her shoulders and back brought a smile to her face as the graphics projected from her smart glasses guided her down the hallway, “Enter the third door on the left” hovered above the arrow pointing forward and to the left.

When she arrived at the door she took the handle and turned it, swinging it open. She stepped inside, letting her hips sway from side to side with each step.

The graphics on the display changed, an arrow pointing straight down and more text below it, “Arrived at next objective”.

She fell to her knees and the display changed once more, this time an animated little image of a dick and a set of puffy lips wrapping around them. She quickly focused past the glasses to see the dick in front of her and started to suck on it.

Jessica wrinkled her forehead as she took the glasses in hand, they looked very fashionable, which would be completely out of place for the shy, slightly overweight research assistant.

“Are you sure you want me to try these… they kind of look too fashionable for me.” she said, trying to hand them back.

“Oh don’t worry about that, we’re working on several different styles. These are just the first prototypes that are ready.” Andy replied and pushed them back to her.


“Just put them on and connect them to your phone, you already have the software installed that you were testing last week. Then give them a try for a week or so and let us know any feedback you have.”

“Alright… I guess.” she replied meekly and took them. She wasn’t sure about this, but it was part of her job.

Andy looked down at Jessica eagerly sucking his dick and was still amazed at how well the smart glasses had worked, or how quickly. Jessica had gone from a shy, nervous girl to a confident sexual dynamo in just a few days.

Of course the physical changes had taken longer. She’d spent the last several months in the gym and a few weeks recovering from the surgery, but there was no stopping her once she’d gotten started.

She’d quit her job at the company a few weeks ago and had been working full time in the new escort service he’d setup. Once he was sure the smart glasses were completely effective it had been easy enough to rope in a few other women in the office. He had a stable of 5 so far and he had his eye on a few others he’d have test out the glasses before he quit himself.

He reached down and grabbed hold of the back of Jessica’s head and pushed her all the way down his shaft, holding her there as he deposited yet another load of cum down her throat.

He watched her squirm under his hands, not so much as to actually be a problem, but just enough to make it sexy. Then her whole body twitched as her orgasm crested.

Removing his hands from her head she popped off his shaft, caught a breath and then drove right back down on to it.

He had to admit there was just something special about Jessica, maybe it was just that she was his first. Or maybe the fact that the other women he’d targeted at the office were all better looking than Jessica had been to begin with.

He wasn’t really sure, but whatever it was, once he had a few more escorts he was thinking of taking Jessica out of the rotation so she could be his trophy wife on a full time basis.

He saw text and images flash across the glasses and then Jessica stood upright, wiping the bit of cum from around her lips in to her mouth and then walking out of the room. Her heels clicking on the floor as she did so, pausing to pick up her jacket as she left for her next client.