A hands on kind of leader...

Friday February 28, 2020

“Hi Jim, whatcha need?” Lexi asked as she sat on the arm of the sofa in my office and gently stroked her long blonde hair.

“Oh, hi Lexi, thanks for coming in to the office. I was wondering if you could work a private party tonight?” I replied.

Lexi frowned, “I can’t Jim, I’ve already got plans tonight.” she replied.

“Oh, well, that’s ok. Can you just hang on a sec?” I said and opened my desk drawer, rummaging around in it for just a second before finding the small remote with a single button on it.

“Hey, what’s that?” Lexi asked just before I depressed the button and I watched her hand go up to her head as she wobbled from side to side slightly before finally coming to rest with her head lowered and her eyes closed.

I wasn’t sure how the technology worked, I’d inherited it along with the Bunny Club from my weird uncle a few years ago, but it did work and that was what was important. It was in the fake bunny ears, or at least the headband that held them on. I guess my uncle could have gone with cat ears or something else, but I had to admit there was something about bunny ears that just seemed to fit.

I walked over to Lexi and spoke softly to her, “What are you plans tonight?” I asked.

“Dinner… with my boyfriend.” she answered softly and slowly.

“Tsk, tsk, Lexi. What have I told you about boyfriends?” I childed her.

“Can’t… can’t have em.”

“That’s right. Now in a few minutes when you leave my office you’re going to call your boyfriend and tell him you have to work late. If he gives you even the slight problem with that your going to blow it up in to a big thing. Either way, by the end of the week, you’re going to break up with him. Got it?”

“Yes Jim.”


“Now then, as for tonights party, it’s with Mr. Bonatch.”

I watched a shiver run over Lexi’s body and her head shake side to side just slightly, “Ph… ph… please… no.” she only just managed to get out with great effort.

“Oh, come on now Lexi, you love your private parties with Mr. Bonatch. The way he plays with your tits, the sloppy blowjobs, the way he cums all over your face. You have just the best orgasms when he does that don’t you?”

“Y… ye… yes…” she almost whimpered as she nodded her head ever so slight.

“See, that’s good. Now this time, remember to thank him for coming all over your pretty little face and that you can’t wait till next time. Alright?”

“Yes Jim.” she said meekly and I moved back to my desk and pressed the remote once more.

Lexi blinked several times and shook her head of the cobwebs that had seemed to form inside of it, “Umm, is there anything else Jim?”

“Nope. The private party will be at 7pm in room number 3.”

“Ok, thanks Jim.” Lexi replied and stood up, immediately grabbing her phone and dialing a number.

I caught just part of her conversation as she walked from my office, “Hi babe, I have to cancel tonight. I have to work late. Look I’ve got to earn a living, if you can’t handle that then maybe I need to find someone else…”

I smiled as I could still hear Lexi’s raised voice but could no longer make out the words. It was a problem with the girls that worked at the club, after being under the influence of the technology for so long they tended to go along with whatever anyone wanted. So if someone asked them out or started any kind of relationship with them, the girls just kind of followed along.

That meant every once in a while he had to get them back on the straight and narrow. Lexi would probably be good for another six months, but then that meant…

I picked up my phone and typed out a text message to Bella, “Hey, could you come see me in my office? Thanks.”

The last time he’d had to straighten out the drop dead gorgeous redhead had been about six months ago, so it was probably time to re-enforce it. Well that and a quick blow job of course, Mr. Bonatch wasn’t the only one who liked to see cum all over the girl’s faces after all.

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