A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday March 07, 2020

“Oh my god Jason! What’s going on!” Bethany almost screamed as her eyes widened and she looked over at the camera.

“Oh don’t worry honey, I’m just documenting the final change, that’s all.”

“Final change?!?” she replied, this time definitely screaming it.

“Ha ha ha… yes, though only mentally. I mean we still have to work on those tits of course.”

Bethany was stunned, she looked down at her breasts, half exposed in the skimpy one piece outfit and that’s when it hit her. She should be running away by now.

Instead her body remained posed on the furry white throw cover of their bed and as hard as she tried, she could not get it to move.

Jason stepped out from behind the camera and stepped over to the bed, in his hand was a pair of headphones. He gentle spread them apart and placed them on her head. She tried to shake them off but her slow movements were ineffective to say the least.

“Now, now, don’t fight it honey. It’s for the best, well the best for me at least… ha ha ha!” he laughed as he walked back to the camera and started recording. Then he turned to the laptop beside it and clicked something that started a hissing noise in her ears.

She scrunched her forehead as the sounds seemed to bury itself deep in to her mind.

“Bebe, can you hear me Bebe?” Jason asked and Bethany didn’t know how to respond, but something else in her mind did and her lips moved without her consent.

“Like, yeah *giggle*” Bethany heard a voice respond that came from her own lips but was definitely not hers.

The sound coming from the headphones confused her even more as the waves of noise crashed over her.

“That good Bebe, how are you feeling.”

“Like, that bitchy woman is totally in my head again!” Bebe replied with a pout.

“Oh don’t worry about her Bebe, she’ll be gone soon.”

“Really? That’s totally great… but like, she’s really bitchy today…” Bebe replied and Bethany fought the confusion as hard as she could, desperate to regain control of herself.

“I tell you what Bebe, why don’t you turn around and face the mirror and masturbate for a bit while you say those things I told you to earlier. I bet that will get rid of that bitchy Bethany in no time.”

Bethany watched in horror as her body turned to the mirror, spread her legs and pulled both thin black straps from her breasts. Then her fingers slipped between her legs and started to play with her clit. Bethany’s eyes were locked on her own reflection as she watched her body starte to react to the ministrations of her fingers.

“Bebe is a total slut!” the voice that wasn’t Bethany’s said.

“Bebe loves to play with her pussy!”

“Bebe sucks any cock she can!”

“Bebe is a silly little girl that does what she’s told!”

“Bebe loves obeying Jason!”

“Bebe belongs to Jason!”

Bethany fought as hard as she could, but the confusion in her head and the pleasure coming from her pussy was making it harder and harder.

She was a hight powered executive, not some silly little slut! She didn’t masturbate did she? But the image she saw in front of her countered that thought. Her half open eyes, parted lips, heavy breathing and pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her all screamed that she loved masturbating.

Then the words came again and again. Each time she found it harder and harder to disgree with them, until finally she was repeating them in her own head.

“Like, oh my god Jason! Like the bitch is finally gone! *giggle*”

“That’s great Bebe, now get that ass in the air so we can celebrate properly.”

“*giggle* Like totally!” Bebe squealed as she flip around and stuck her ass as far up as she could. Jason had been so right, repeating those amazing words had really put that bitch in her place and now she was gone for good.

Bebe giggled again as Jason came up on to the bed and slide his cock in to her pussy and started to fuck her. God she loved his cock so much she just couldn’t wait until he came inside of her. Maybe, if she was lucky, he’d be up for seconds and she could suck him off and swallow his cum and savour the taste all night!

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